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10 Treatments and Not Worth It - Idaho Falls, ID

Had 10 treatments of coolsculping and it made no difference at all. Please everyone, save your money. It is a scam that doctors are making a lot of money on. I think my after looks even worse and I exercise faithfully. This fad will eventually fade away after everyone has made their money. Use... READ MORE

dont do it

I received 2 sessions on my abdomen. Hurt At the beginning of the session then it was ok but no one tells you about the nerve pain after for about 2 weeks...absolutely horrible. I went back in to see my before and after...0 results none.... the nurse there told me that she promise that if I get... READ MORE

scam procedure of sculpting

There is no any visible improvement after 12 weeks at all. I have disputed this cool sculpting applications to my abdomen with the Columbus Aesthetics center and requested to stop payments of the Care Credit Synchrony bank. I have been promised that resault will be visible after 8 - 12 weeks,... READ MORE

TOTAL Scam and Waist of Time and Money - Severna Park, MD

I'm male, 6ft, 200 and 10% bodyfat (or less). I've always been able to see a six pack but have had a bit of fat around my belly button as most guys do. Being able to slightly reduce fat in this location would allow me to see my lower abdominal muscle. I decided to give Cool Sculpting a try... READ MORE

don't do it!! - Boca Raton, FL

I had 4 areas treated last February at Ideal Image in Boca Raton, FL. Those areas included my left lower abdominal, right lower abdominal, left flank and right flank. That was a total of 4 cycles which cost me $2520.00. The procedure was long (3-4 hours), uncomfortable and at times painful. ... READ MORE

Arm ,inner Thigh and Outer Thigh - Mississauga, ON

The procedure is a total scam and fraud, and did not even shed an inch or a pound out of my body. When After the procedure, and the results time committed by them, nothing happened, I called the authorized clinic/ spa where I had the procedure, to complain, they started to give false reasons... READ MORE

Wanted Inner Thighs Treated, Was Told They Can't Do That Area and Made Me Treat Back of Legs - Edmonton, AB

Soooo I went in to dr lyckas office did the consult (which btw is frickin expensive wow) 250-300 just to have a consult. It went well and I booked my apt weeks to a month later. When I went in there for my apt the lady surprised me with saying they can't treat between the legs and have to aim... READ MORE

Male 47 Years Old-Money Waist - New York, NY

Big time scam and money waist. After 3 months following all instructions and keeping a serious diet nothing have changed. I was told that I was the perfect case for this treatment...they show me fancy pictures from other cases which can`t be sure if they were real people or cases. I thought... READ MORE

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