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40 yr old, active mom of 3 who can't rid of sagging skin.

I'm a 42 year old mom of 3. I've actively been doing Crossfit for 7 years and eat about 90% Paleo. Unfortunately age, hormones, and genes are working against me and I can't seem to look as 'fit' as I would like. I have stubborn love handles and belly sag skin from just life. Decided it was time... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting for Arms

Arm lipo done back in 11.2014 done by Dr. Moise Salama in Miami Florida , did nothing for me instead left me with uneven results and saggy skin. I consulted Dr. armando Soto in orlando florida couple of weeks ago for revision for arm lipo and instead he recommended to do few sessions of Cool... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 2 Year Old Twins, Saggy Belly Button - Wichita Falls, TX

I had two treatments (one on each size of my abdomen) focusing on the area around my belly button. The total treatment time was about 2 1/2 hours. It was not painful at all. During the first 20 minutes there was an all over stinging/freezing sensation that was barely uncomfortable, then after... READ MORE

41 and I Have a 3yr Old - Oklahoma City, OK

I could not get rid of the baby bulge. I love the results I am achieving. . I had no down time but I did have numbness for 3 weeks. Which I was told I would. It really motivates you to eat right and drinking all of water to keep flushing out all the fat. I also had my neck done. I was starting... READ MORE

Coolscupting Worked for Me - Lebanon, NH

I got it done June 11th 2013. Today is my 5weeks. I already see the difference. I took a picture everyday. I couldn't see much difference in front view,but when I saw side view . I see a big difference !! Less sagging .. I have been eating same way as before,but I have been drinking Japanese... READ MORE

50+ and desesperate! Coolsculpting to undo lipo mess?

Not sure what to think YET! Don't expect me to post pictures, they aren't pretty. You see, I'm 50+/menopause 2 years now. For YEARS I was fit and trim, then aging and sagging happened. Active Senior that looks like a Senior. I am NOT a hot mama jama and I watch what I eat and do. Fit bit... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Slim with Some Tummy Fat - Saggy Tummy After Cool Sculpting

I had three sessions done a year ago. I had one large strip for lower ab and two small strip for upper ab. I was already pretty fit 110 lbs 5'5", but I have a little tummy fat that I wanted to get rid off. It was really painful to go through the procedure and the pain lasted for a few weeks.... READ MORE

Very Happy - Columbus, OH

I am very satisfied with results on my upper abdominal. The procedure itself was very easy and I never had any pain as many have described. I was swollen for 3+ weeks but nothing you cannot hide with comfortable dress. You have to be careful selecting your areas, and have conversation with... READ MORE

Back Fat and Thigh Flab - Burlington, WI

I'm in my mid-40s so there are more lumps and sags than there used to be. So why not take some low-risk measures to minimize all of it? In this first round I had my back and inner thighs done. I'll be coming back for one more treatment on my back (six areas total). I just had the procedure... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Riverside, CA

I am 42 years old post 2 years hysterectomy and 2 c-sections. I am not happy with my sagging fat skin but did not want to have another surgery. I decided to try coolsculpting. The procedure itself is uncomfortable until the freezing begins. The fourth and fifth day were the most painful for the... READ MORE

59 Years Old, Saggy Chin - Longview, Texas

Dawn did two procedures on my neck at Aesthetica Med Spa in Longview, Texas. She is so sweet & gently guided me through the process. It only took an hour & was painless. I am extremely pleased with the results. I will be going back for more treatments on my abdomen. The treatment has motivated... READ MORE

Stuborn Inner Thigh Fat - Independence, OH

First let me say that I am so happy with my cool sculpting results. I am a healthy person that enjoys working out and staying fit, however no matter how hard I tried I could not get my inner thigh to shape up. I read about coolsculping in New Beauty magazine and it sounded too good to be true. I... READ MORE

I'm 67 Will Be 68 in August - Grand Rapids, MI

I had a hysterectomy many years ago; which started the lower stomach to loose muscle strength, so it started to sag. It's been hard to feel good in clothes ever since. I decided to do the Cool Sculpting since it was the least invasive, but very expensive for what I had done. I had 6 procedures... READ MORE

CoolSculpting at It's BEST - Reno, NV

I was not happy with the liposuction treatment to my inner thighs, and the dimpling it created. And the skin on my underarms was sagging & unsightly at best. My abdomen was old looking and droopy, I wanted that changed without going under the knife again. I looked into Coolsculpting and it's... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mum of One - United Kingdom

I had Coolsculpt about 18 months ago and it has left my skin sagging. I had radio frequency as they said would sort any problems with loose skin, it did not work. I lost no fat and the sagging is due to the quite brutal suction. I had inner thighs and arms done with the worse being on inner... READ MORE

I Would Do It Again - Birmingham, MI

I have always had a tummy bulge, even as a teenager. I am 52, 5' 4", 138 pounds with an athletic build. I did my belly - lower and just above belly button area and my sides in the back just below my waist line. I see a really nice difference with one treatment on my belly; the back side is... READ MORE

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