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saddle bags + CoolSculpting

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Thunder Thighs

I have disliked my thighs since childhood. I have never been comfortable in shorts, and they always seem to ride up on my due to my small waist and big rear end. I decided to give coolsculpting a try because liposuction seemed to invasive. I started out with my saddlebag area and flank area... READ MORE

Saddle Bags Run in my Family - Atlanta, GA

I am 40 years old I work out and eat relatively healthy. I have never been able to get rid of my saddlebags UNTIL I tried CoolSculpt (see pic) I am thrilled with my results. I visited Sculpted Contours Medical Aesthetics. The facility was luxurious and I received the royal treatment. The owner... READ MORE

So Excited by my Results! - New York, NY

I have a fairly athletic body and do all the right things--eat a healthy, low-calorie diet, exercise five days a week, etc. But ever since high school, I've had saddle bags, and they never responded to diet or exercise. It seemed like I would lose weight everywhere BUT my thighs, which then made... READ MORE

Have Hated My Outer Thighs Since Age 13 - Let's See If This Helps! - Scottsdale, AZ

Yesterday I had Coolsculpting done on my outer thighs with the new head devised for that large area. I have always had misshapen upper thighs (saddlebags) even when I was very thin and with lipo in that area hit or miss, I wanted to try an alternative. There was no pain in the procedure at... READ MORE

46 and READY for a Body Pick Me Up!! Los Angeles, CA

I had my procedure at DMH Aesthetics in Los Angeles and the staff so far has been extremly helpful and when I went into my consultation Athena was my Nurse for the consult. She answered all of my questions (because let me tell you ...I had a ton) SO I decided to finally try get rid of... READ MORE

32 Years, Saddlebag Coolsculpting - Charlotte, NC

I had cool sculpting on 2/11/16. The procedure itself was easy, about 2 hours, both outer thighs at the same time. I just had a little tightness on the affected area until day 4. On the night of day 4 the nerve pain came on and honestly it totally freaked me out. I have never had nerve pain... READ MORE

52 Year Old Not Overweight but Have Fat Thighs - Franklin, TN

I am going in for Cool Sculpting today at 1:00 pm. I am really getting nervous. I am having four places done. Both top inner thighs and then inner thighs to the knee and then outside saddlebags. I'm 5'3" and weight 120lbs. They said it was going to take between 4-5 hours. Wish me luck. I'll... READ MORE

Hoping Bikinis and Jeans Will Fit Better. Sugarland, TX

I have always had saddlebags and love handles, even when I was a teenager with knobby knees. I was looking into surgical lipo but the price, anesthesia, risks and recovery didn't sound appealing. Plus, the result I am seeking is subtle and surgical lipo seemed like overkill. So here I am, Cool... READ MORE

Saddlebags and Inner Thighs - Chesapeake, VA

For the longest time I have ran worked out,and squatted until my legs couldnt take anymore. I am built thicker on my bottom half and its as if my thighs are un impenetrable always stay the same size. Despite the decreased calories and increased cardio. So I have done my research on the... READ MORE

5'2, 34, No Baby, 108 Lbs. Virginia Beach, VA

I had coolsculpting 4 days ago on my abdomen and inner thighs. I got a small pooch and saddle bag that never go away so I decided to try this. Right now, the outside is numb and some sort of painful, itchy feeling inside but I am currently using a Compression Garment so I could barely feel the... READ MORE

Saddlebags Suck - Saint Louis, MO

Years ago had Velasmooth I think and it left me uneven. I am very fit aside from this area, body fat percentage is normally 10 to 15 percent. Had just the big side done to try to even. They said wait 12 full weeks and then we will decide what if any other treatments are needed on both or... READ MORE

Ouch! High Pain Tolerance - Wasn't Expecting This.

I'm 38 and I've always hated my saddlebags. I can't wear skinny jeans. They make me look bigger than I am. My right side is bigger than my left, so I decided to do this cool sculpting on just that side first. I figured I'd see how the procedure worked and go back to do both sides again if it... READ MORE

CoolSculpting of Outer Thigh

40 year old woman here. At my lowest adult weight of 112 or my current highest weight 176, I have had a fat bulge under my butt on the right leg. It is a fat saddle bag area and I hate it. So I went for coolsculpting. The doctor took pictures from all angles. Then they put a foam border around... READ MORE

Inner and Outer Thighs

I am 5ft 9, about 146 lbs. pretty fit, but with stubborn saddlebags. I did inner and outer thighs. The procedure was pretty annoying, but not painful! Just laying in a weird position not being able to move an inch while treating outer thighs (1 hr15 min each side, was very uncomfortable! I also... READ MORE

Flanks and Saddlebags

I've had issues with saddlebags for what feels like forever. I'm not overweight, but those spots wouldn't go away. I had avoided CoolSculpting for a long time, thinking if I would spend a lot of money, I would spend it on lipo. Plus, a 30% reduction didn't sound like enough of a change to make... READ MORE

Coolsculpt for Saddlebags and Inner Thighs

I have been plagued with saddlebags no matter how thin I would get, still I would have this area that really bothered me so much because the saddlebags made me look wide. Runs in my family. Also had upper inner thighs done and am very happy with the results. More so with the saddlebags since... READ MORE

Saddle Bags, Inner Thigh, and Lower Stomach - Auburn, AL

I had cool sculpting on my saddlebags March 7. That treatment was easy, didn't hurt at all, and results started showing 6weeks later. It seems to have helped with the cellulite in the area as well. April 21 I went back and had my inner thigh fat pockets done. That treatment was easy as well!! I... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - Lutherville Timonium, MD

I have had cool sculpting done on my knees previously and had fair results. This time I had outer thighs (saddle bags) and inner thighs done in three separate sessions. The inner thighs worked wonderfully; lost a good inch on each inner thigh. Outer thighs also had good results. Both sides lost... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Saddle Bags - Little Rock, AR

As soon as I heard there was a new Coolsculpting piece for the thighs, I knew I had to try it. I had always hated the way my thighs poked out like "saddle bags." I had both my thighs done in one appointment, and was able to get back to work the same day. I had little to no discomfort after the... READ MORE

Grandma of 7 Said "Let's Do This" - Creve Coeur, MO

I am a 61 year old grandmother of 7, and decided that I was not going to go down without a fight! So, I decided to have Cool Sculpting done to take care of the "saddlebags" on my thighs. I had the procedure on Feb 23, 2016 and have been EXTREMELY happy with the results! This procedure did what... READ MORE

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