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42yr Old, No Kids, 112lbs "Skinny Fat"

I've always been petite. At most maybe 115lbs but when I gain weight it's in my belly. I want to gain weight in my arms and legs but they just always go to my mid section. My friend did coolsculpting in Nov and when I checked with her a couple wwwks ago, she said she saw a difference. I was... READ MORE

43 Years Old 3 Kids Active Runner. Athens, GA

I had 8 cycles: (2) on the lower abdomen; (2) on inner thighs; (2) on outer thighs & (2) on flanks "love handles". The procedure was completely painless on inner thighs, outer thighs, and flanks. However when doing my lower abdomen I did get nauseous both times and even threw up once. Right... READ MORE

44 Yrs Old, Mother of Two... Son 20 and Daughter 4... - Suffern, NY

I will be having the coolsculpting procedure done on my flanks!! N hoping it makes a difference and that it doesn't hurt afterwards lol .. Never been a fan of those areas on my body, just want a more girly shape, I'm currently weighting in at 145, I run 4 days a wk and go to the gym as well... READ MORE

Decided to give Coolsculpting a try

I saw some great reviews for Skinney Medspa and decided to book a free consultation. While there I was impressed with the facility, and everyone seems so nice. In particular the physician I met with there was really easy to talk to and I felt like I was having a great conversation with a... READ MORE

Mom of 4 - Denver, CO

I could never lose the extra side pockets of fat before I met Trina Barr at Dr Stewart's office. It is now all done and now you can tell I run 50K runs and ride my bike 100+ miles . Thank you Trina and Adrienne Stewart. I would highly recommend this procedure and the staff at Dr Stewarts... READ MORE

Worth It! 45 Year Old Woman; 1 Child; Physically Fit - Haddon Heights, NJ

I am a physically fit 45 year old woman. I lift weights and run 5 days a week but still had some stubborn fat in my abs and thighs from years of poor diet. I had two sessions on my abs over a year ago and one session on my inner thighs. My results have been amazing! My abs have never looked... READ MORE


I have 6 attachments (Lowe, upper abs and flanks) The procedure took about 5 hour and it was little painful when the attachments were remove and the tissue was massage. I was not prepare for the pain that came the evening off the appointment. My stomach swell very bad and I could not walk... READ MORE

Loved It - Bay Area, CA

I am 56 year old male. I run 5.0 miles 4 days a week. I had love handles that would not go away no matter how I altered my diet or increased my exercise routine . After two hours of treatment per love handle they are gone. It was painless, comfortable a completely enjoyable experience. I... READ MORE

Waste of Money - Camarillo, CA

Had lower and upper abdomen done. After two months there was no reduction - after 1 yr. no reduction - not even a 1/4 inch in any area (and I had no weight gain). I have pics and data to prove it. Dr. did not even call me to see if I was satisfied or okay after procedure. I am a runner and... READ MORE

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