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Painless Procedure, Now Waiting on Results

Got the procedure done today. Even though I'm pretty skinny, I've always had this annoying fat pouch on my lower abdomen. Even when I was underweight, it was still there, so I hope this gets rid of it once and for all. It was a pretty old system but the technician said it was still effective.... READ MORE

34 Y.o., No Kids, First Time Coolsculpting

Let me start by saying that in spite of the pain, I would still do this all over again, and will continue my treatments in the future. The MedSpa did warn me before I started that I may experience this kind of pain. It’s just that now I know I need a prescription. I've been meaning to get l... READ MORE

41 Year Old with Serious Tummy Pooch - CoolScultping WORKS!! - Destin, FL

Hi all. So I'm writing this review 8 weeks after my 1st (and only as of now) CoolSculpting procedure to my lower stomach area. I had 2 core applicators (small applicators) applied in an over-lapping way across my lower tummy area. With Dr. Bawa (Destin, FL) they are $600 each (I didn't want... READ MORE

First Day Coolsculpting - Malaysia, MY

I have done my first coolsculpting treatment. It took about 45 mints. At first I felt a very cold sensation but no feeling after that. Removing the device was not felt either as the area was really cold and numb. I feel no pain or discomfort at all and the redness of the skin went away in half... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting for Double Chin - Baltimore, MD

Have had a double chin no matter how much I weighed all my life, so decided to try this. I had two mini cool sculpting applications to get fat at the sides of my chin as well as in the middle (which was covered by both applications). Had to sit very still for 45 minutes for each application,... READ MORE

Day 5

Following my procedure, I had redness for the first few hours but the days after went nothing of what I was expecting. The swelling and constant cramping were totally uncomfortable. Neither ice or heat helped me and actually made it worse. I'm hoping these next passing days, I'll start to feel... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Coolsculpting on Hereditary Double Chin. New York, NY

I've never been overweight but starting in high school I developed a slight double chin that will not go away no matter how thin I am. I found out about Coolsculpting a few weeks ago and decided it looked like a good option, particularly with the minimal recovery time. I went in for a... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Does Work on a 44 Year Old After Having Two Kids! - Little York, NY

I work out 3-4 times a week but I could not get rid of this pouch in my mid-section. I tried CoolSculpting for my abs and flanks and it works. The procedure is not painful, it is cold and slightly uncomfortable at first but the uncomfortably goes away. You sit there for one hour and read a book... READ MORE

22 Yr Old, No Kids, Healthy Diet and Exercise 4 Times a Week

I've been trying to lose this extra body fat for the past 2 years and although the scale has gone down, the fat in my tummie won't seem to go away. Also, the handles on the bra strap on my middle back. So I got my lower tummie, upper tummie, and middle back done yesterday. Before Measurements:... READ MORE

34 Mom of 3. Healthy and Thin.

I am only At Day 7...but a nightmare for me! The procedure itself was quite painful for me. I have a past history of umbilical hernia ( repaired 7 years ago) and so in order to " safely" proceed we stuffed the umbilical with a cotton ball for insulation and used the Coolsmooth applicator so that... READ MORE

58 Yrs Old, Wanted a No Surgery Solution to Back Flank Fat Deposits - Fleming Island, FL

Friend told me about CoolSculpting! A less invasive, no needles/no surgery alternative to liposuction. It freezes and crystallizes fat cells in targeted areas such as back bra line, inner thighs, tummy rolls, back flank rolls, and under arms! I scheduled a free consultation, and right away knew... READ MORE

CoolSculpting in Adelaide, Australia - Australia, AU

This is a relatively new treatment in Adelaide. I am 49 years 5' 9" and weigh 65.5 kilos. I have always been relatively thin but recently noticed a tummy pooch that did not improve no matter how many tummy cruches I did. A well known clinic in Adelaide got this machine 12 months ago so I decided... READ MORE

Back Hip Area - San Antonio, TX

After reding reports here I went ahead and decided to have my back hip area where I had the biggest fat deposits. I am 5"4" and weight 135 (shocked at that number so calorie counting will be starting !). The applicator is quite uncomfortable when applied with much pulling going on. After 5 min... READ MORE

Just Had the Procedure Today...- Walnut Creek, CA

My motivation to try CoolSculpting came from a stubborn area on my lower abs that would not go away. I saw my dermatologist who said I was a candidate for the procedure. During the consult, I also decided to address my flank areas. I am 28 years old, 5'10" and about 150lbs. I am not trying... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Upper/Lowers Abs and Inner Thighs - Atlanta, GA

I had the procedure today. I was a little nervous after reading of the reviews; but all in all it wasn't bad at all. The upper and lower abs was uncomfortable for the first 8 minutes. After that I read and surfed the Internet for an hour. The inner thighs were a breeze. After about 2 minutes I... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Abdomen - Bedford, Nova Scotia

I'm 5'2" and swing in the low-to-mid 120s. I hit the gym 6 times a week for a combo of spinning and serious toning workouts and eat a very good diet (with treats on weekends). Nothing has taken away my muffin top. I've had it all my life and hate it beyond words. Even when I was a skinny-minny... READ MORE

Marginal Improvement, Very Subtle - Phoenix, AZ

I found it to be very subtle, I had my "love handles" done. I wanted to just try it out there first and then do my abdomen if I thought the results were worthwhile. After several months, I'm undecided I'm a man near my mid 30's, relatively fit, I work out regularly, and just have the... READ MORE

getting more - Buffalo, NY

Not to bad...I was red only for 2 hrs. I am still a little sore and swallon in the mid section. This seems like a normal response to the treatment. I will keep you updated. I had 4 sections abs and flanks. It is now week 3. All the numbness is about gone. My pants are loser so I think it is... READ MORE


I purchased a Groupon after doing a lot of research online. Had it done last night on the section below my belly button and liken it to a mammogram on my belly. The first 7-10 minutes are the most uncomfortable (until it gets cold enough) and it will pinch if you move around a lot. I had the... READ MORE

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