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CoolSculpting @ Marina Plastic Surgery no results at all!

I paid 14,000 for coolsculpting on my back (bra bulge and flanks) and stomach (lower stomach). Cons: ZERO RESULTS; I WASTED $14,000.00; Pain & Discomfort for months; Marina Plastic Surgery refuses to reimburse a reasonable amount or offer another procedure. After 2 sessions (3 on some... READ MORE

Pleasant, Easy and Fairly Painless Experience! - Oceanside, CA

Pros: Fast, effective, natural and permanent! Cons: Slightly painful and fairly expensive. Also, not a solution for obese people. My Motivation: Spot fat reduction to reveal my six-pack that I've been working for for over 4 years! The Outcome: TBD - results to follow! How Has It Changed... READ MORE

Really glad I did 4 months after my procedure

Cons: 1. Procedure was VERY PAINFUL. Felt like the fascia in my abdomen tore due to suction. After 2 weeks, still hurts. 2. Pricey ($1,400). 3. Slow to see any results (it takes 3 to 4 months to see any results, so while you are dealing with the pain, it doesn't feel worth it). Pros:... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 0 Kids, Perfect Candidate for Coolsculpting

I'm a 36 year old female who is active, works out daily, eats healthy, but maintains a steady size 10 body. I've considered smart-lipo for a while, but after weighing the pros/cons of smart-lipo versus coolsculpting, I decided to go with coolsculpting. I had my lower abs, mid abs, and chin... READ MORE

Motivated by Coolsculpting! - Clifton Park, NY

I have struggled with a belly my entire life. No matter what, I've always had belly fat that just won't go away. Even when I was at my smallest (size 0-2) I still had what I felt was a "gut". Then I got to my heaviest weight and was so depressed I needed to do something. I decided to check out... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Lower Stomach Area - New York, NY

Pro: the surgical coordinator is nice. Mei cons: No post operative sheet given to me, I was explained that I would have discomfort, some pain, cramping and numbness, and let it subside. I wasnt walked downstairs with assistance. I think they are more concerned with getting paid than with the... READ MORE

Easy, Convenient, and Private - Richmond, VA

Pros: non-invasive procedure; minimal pain and discomfort; private - don't need a driver to get home; can easily read, use an iPad or laptop, or watch TV during the procedure Cons: uncomfortable when plates are first put on; numbness for a few days afterward, intense itching when the numbness... READ MORE

Disappointed in Zeltiq Procedure for Abdomen - Chicago

Zeltiq procedure for lower abdomen. Pros: No wait time, pleasant office atmosphere, friendly doctor and staff. No pain; mild discomfort. Cons: Treatment not successful. Doctor/staff did not follow-thru. Disappointed that I spent $2,000 and had no visual or measurable improvement.... READ MORE

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