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39yr Old Dad W/ a Spare Tire

Well, I am about to turn 40 and felt this would the year to make a change. I am naturally thin but am plagued with excess fat around my lower abdomen. I was initially quoted $7,000 for full lipo but felt that was over kill. A coworker suggested the cool sculpting and with the lower price... READ MORE

40 Year Old, Just a Little off the Sides Please! - Toronto, ON

I'm 40, and have 2 kids, and although I'm very active (part-time personal trainer), I have a couple of little pockets on my flanks and lower belly that make me nuts. I didn't want to remove a lot, just enough to feel like I have the same level of body fat all over. My family tends to gain it... READ MORE

CoolSculpting-Chin (Cool-mini)

I have always been a bit chubby, but proportionate. One thing that has always bothered be both at my thinnest or heaviest has been my double chin. I've had it ever since I can remember and I decided to try CoolSculpting to reduce it. I met with a cosmetic dermatologist to discuss Kybella and he... READ MORE

Worst Money Ever Spent. New York, NY

I am 35 years old. No children. 5'5 138 lbs. wanted coolsculpting because I have stubborn fat on my lower abs. During my consultation I was told I would need the large applicator on my lower abdominal area, and the small applicator on my upper ab area. The quote was $1800 and I chose a payment... READ MORE

24 No Kids 5'1 135lbs - Scottsdale, AZ

After three years of doing my best with working out and changing my eating habits my lower stomach has always bothered me! I did research on Lipo but was scared because of my age and not having any kids yet and didn't want to waste money haha! So I looked into CS which seemed legit after reading... READ MORE

23 Year Old CoolSculpting Chin, NJ - West Orange, NJ

I went to Dr. Sanjay Lalla's office in west orange to get cool sculpting on my chin. The price was perfect ($500 per treatment) and Gina the nurse practitioner was very nice and personable over the phone. The procedure was only 40 minutes and the consultation only took a minute. Gina said I only... READ MORE

I Have Not Seen ANY RESULTS - Did Not Gain a Single Ounce of Weigh OR LOSE Any Pound! - Arlington, TX

I had my procedure done at Ideal Image in Arlington, TEXAS. The office staff is really nice. The office itself is really clean. I was quick to be approved to do a 10 session procedures upper, lower abdomen and love handles, I did not see a doctor, there is no Doctors at the location. I spoke... READ MORE

I Finally Did It - California, CA

People describe me as slim but I have a hidden pooch of a stomach that has been bothering me for years. No matter how much I lost, it is always there. I saw a sign for CS at my dermatologist office and got a quote. They wanted me to do 4 procedures for a cost of I believe $2700. I got a... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Inner Thighs. - Grand Rapids, MI

Fat on the insides of thighs for years. I went to a cool sculpting seminar and they hooked me. 1400 dollars later I'm going in a 1/2 hour. All my friends are using me a experiment to see how it goes before they do their own. I've heard mixed reviews and so I have to see for myself. I'm pretty... READ MORE

45 Yo Needed Lower Back Love Handles Tweaked - Indiana

Over the last couple of years despite eating less and exercising more, I've gained about 8-10 pounds that has settled in my middle. It's not a lot, but I am 5' 4", have a large chest and short torso so the extra weight makes me look very thick. I debated over and over on doing this and decided... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Investment

My review will be spread out more than typical treatments as I need to approach this for personal scheduling reasons over a 4-week period for the initial 6 treatments, 2 at a time. My treatment area is the back flanks and bra line. I was told that I would need 6 areas and was a good candidate... READ MORE

CoolScuplting Small Problem GREW Into a Much Larger and Costly Problem - Pennsylvania, PA

Please read about PAH( Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia) after Coolsculpting. It is real and it is NOT as rare as they are saying. It is a costly problem that can only be fixed with liposuction. I went in with a small belly pooch and ended up spending over $10,000 to get my belly fixed. My... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, Two Kids, Needed Fat Reduction and Toning.

I'm a 35 year old single mom, who really needed some help in shedding the much hated mommy pooch that most moms have. I was having trouble toning and losing the remainder of the fat which just seemed to be a permanent part of me. I always thought that I would go the tummy tuck route, which seems... READ MORE

42 Year Old Mom, Happy to Have the Pooch Gone. - Provo, UT

Really happy with my results. Just like many reviews on here, I am a mom of 3 that has struggled to get rid of the baby stomach. All-in-all, I am happy with my results. I will be doing a second round this summer. But it is expensive. I was deciding between liposuction or cool sculpting. ... READ MORE

Coolsculpting, It Aint Worth It! - Sugar Land, TX

I wanted to get cool sculpting to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. I believed the hype after seeing how it worked on the Dr.Oz show. They said that it would not hurt and you could go back to work that same day "no down time". That was not true. It hurt like hell for about 2 weeks. The... READ MORE

25th Anniversary Present. Disappointed. - La Grange, IL

This date was my 2nd cool sculpting 4 grab session. The first was about 3 months prior and was also a 4 grab session. The total price was just over $4000.00. I was 124 pounds before the first session but had a big blob of stomach fat. I noticed a reduction and was pleased by my 2nd session. I... READ MORE

Didn't Work for Me - Greenwood Village, CO

I got my sides, lower abdomen and upper abdomen done in June 2015. I carefully measured myself the morning I went in, and didn't measure myself until 4 months later since they say it takes 4 months to see the whole effect. During this time I was also working out twice a week with a personal... READ MORE

CoolSculpting...A WASTE of Money?!? - Miami, FL

Was my CoolSculpting procedure a waste of money? I had the procedure done exactly "20" days ago (large applicator on my abdomen and small applicators on my flanks) and I haven't seen any results at all. As a matter of fact, I still have the bloated/swollen look! It seems like I only have the... READ MORE

I'm Slim but Had Fat Belly After Menopause. - London, GB

It's two months since I had Coolsculpting and so far I'm totally disappointed. Doesn't look any different. Stomach was swollen and painful after treatment and had stabbing nerve pains for about a week which started a week or so after treatment. Swelling went down after about three weeks but... READ MORE

First Time AWESOME - 2 Years Later BAD - Naples, FL

Two years ago, I did my tummy in South Africa because my parents live there and it's very cheap to do there (900 US dollars). The procedure went really well, it hurt but wasn't bad at all. I was sore for a few days but I walked for 30 minutes a day and drank tons of water like they advised, and... READ MORE

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