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35 Year Old Male, 6'5 Coolsculpting of Abdomen and Flanks

I was always thin but gained weight my freshman year in college, 40 pounds, then I lost it all back and was thinner and in better shape than when I was in highschool. I was a 32 waist in highschool and am a 31 now. But the weight gain and subsequent loss had left me with muffin top fat deposits... READ MORE

28 Yr Old, 1 Child, 5'2", 170lbs - Lower Ab Coolsculpting - Colorado, CO

I had my very first coolsculpting session today. It wasnt nearly as bad as i was expecting after reading some of the reviews on here. I feels like what it is. Your fat is sucked into a vacuum and chilled. I felt light pressure the whole hour but it was tolerable. The massage after was... READ MORE

28 Years Old Woman, with Genetic Tendency for Abdominal Fat - Germany, DE

Hi you all! I am a 28 years old woman, and last week I did my first coolsculpting treatment on my lower abdomen. Two years ago I moved to Germany for work reasons and (shame on me) got 10 kg that have been really hard to get rid off. Unfortunately I was never a sporty person but always kept a... READ MORE

Almost 40 with Hawaii Trip Coming Up - Knoxville, TN

So I had coolsculpting done yesterday on my upper and lower bra line. Didn't hurt as much as I expected, but was uncomfortable. My husband and I are going to track my progress over the next month to see if I need another treatment (I'm thinking I will). I had a tummy tuck one year ago--done... READ MORE

Mini Cool Sculpting on Neck - Alexandria, VA

I had the mini cool sculpting under my chin (neck). The procedure itself did not hurt. It was uncomfortable for the 45 minutes I had to sit totally still without moving head or opening mouth. It does put pressure on your throat but you can swallow. Like others have said, the painful part was... READ MORE

54 Year Old Wanted to Look Great for my Daughters Wedding. Calabasas, CA

I had about 6 months to look my best for my daughter’s wedding. I really hated my bra area and the rolls it made on my back. I went on a diet, but it didn’t seem to help with that area on my back. I had CoolSculpting done on the bulges around my bra. The fat rolls were sucked inside a lar... READ MORE

41year Old, 2 Kids, Time to Take Care of Myself. Costa Mesa, CA

For the last 20 years, I have been 30+ lbs. overweight. After 2 kids (5 & 7), I had gained another 30 lbs. because I ignored myself to take care of my precious boys. Well, being 65 lbs over weight was preventing me from being the best Mom I could be. So, in May, 2015, I made the decision and... READ MORE

I Had my CoolSculpting Procedure Today on my Lower Belly !! (28 Year Old, 5'2, 120lbs , No Kids. Orlando, FL

Hi ! After months of online research and 2 consultations I decided to have done CS on my lower abdomen. It took a lot of consideration since there are some really scary reviews out there. I got 2 CoolCore applicators on a V shape on my lower belly and I'm happy to say it did not hurt! I only... READ MORE

Female 30 Years Old, Ready to Get Rid of the Stubborn Belly Fat! - Bryn Mawr, PA

About 3 years ago I met my weight loss goal of -65 lbs to get to a normal healthy weight :-) This was done over a year and a half and was really through diet/exercise and I'll be honest, a ton of hard work changing habits and thought patterns. No magic there.So finally at my 'ideal weight'... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Rocks! - West Hollywood, CA

4/17/14 I had my first treatment of "Cool Sculpting" today!, Yes! I am so excited! Until very recently I hadn't heard of a way that I could have effectively and permanently reduced the amount of that super hard to lose fat around my lower abdomen without having to go through and invasive and... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on my Love Handles - Shreveport, LA

My consultation was feb 15, last friday, and my procedure was done today. I was a little nervous about the suction cup and what pain to expect but now that its done I would not say it is painful its more like a lot of pressure or someone grabbing a bi pinch of skin and holding it. After five... READ MORE

Flat Belly

I visited ThinSculpting to find out more about CoolSculpting because I always wanted a flat belly, especially after having kids. I was hesitant about the procedure and how well it would work. The ladies patiently answered all my questions without any pressure. They were very friendly and... READ MORE

That Muffin Top is Going!

I have just completed my 4 Coolsculpt session and am so excited to see the results. I was apprehensive about possible pain, but it just felt like a slight pressure and I slept through both sessions yesterday. Dr. Cook. At Centre d' Elle goes a step further after she removes the device and... READ MORE

Procedure Went Well - Anxious for Results - Reading, PA

Today I had CoolSculpting on my tummy. I had an idea what to expect so I wasn't clueless. Set up was quick and procedure took 1 hr. It didn't hurt, just a bit uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes. More like pressure until it became numb. When it was finished, the tech massaged the tender... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Worked For Me. Plantation, FL

I am a 25 year old female with no children. I am 5'1 about 115 lbs and in decent shape. I always had a bulge in my lower stomach that bothered me. I had my cool sculpting procedure done on my lower stomach just over a month ago and I feel it was totally worth the cost. I read a lot of mixed... READ MORE

Young Adult Needing a Little Push - Calgary, AB

I had a consultation about a year ago and treated my Lower Abdomen shortly after. I found the procedure a bit uncomfortable but not painful at all! I mostly felt just the pressure of the applicator the whole time. Afterwards I didn't have to change my normal routine. It was very easy. I was... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Review---So Pleased with the Results. Beverly Hills, CA

I have always had a tummy pooch in my lower stomach area and have not been able to wear form fitting dresses. I am slender, but that area has bothered me forever. I had a consultation with Dr. Chiu to discuss CoolSculpting and he found me to be an ideal candidate for the procedure. He fully... READ MORE

50 Yr Old Mother of 2 - Atlanta, GA

I have managed to stay slim and in pretty good shape but have always disliked the fact that my upper inner thighs touch. Skinny jeans and leggings just didn't look good so I decided that it was time to do something about it. I had seen ads for Coolsculpting and decided to check it out. I called... READ MORE

My Experience with CoolSculpting: Not Painful, and I'm Happy with the Results. Charleston, SC

I originally contacted the medical university in my city to ask about liposuction. I'm in my early 40s, and tall and thin - an ectomorph by body type. One would think someone tall and thin would not need liposuction, but what one does not consider is that if you're tall and thin and you have a... READ MORE

Weigh 145 and Needed a Little Help - Coral Gables, FL

The cool sculpt brochure shows a lady sitting with the device on her abdomen, looking very relaxed, smiling, like she is enjoying it. Not my experience at all. I did my lower abdomen, starting just below belly button. I guess they set the machine on a "strong setting" for best results. When the... READ MORE

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