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33 Y/o Male. Trying to Get Rid of Love Handles - New York City, NY

Always had trouble with the love handles. I guess it genetic. I figured why not be more efficient and try coolsculpting in conjunction with diet and exercise. The procedure was not real uncomfortable to a little bit of pins and needles sensation but goes numb after 2 minutes. I had upper... READ MORE

Hate my Outer Thights Since I Was an Adolescent. Argentina, AR

As all woman i have always hate a part of my body... for me was the outer thights ... even when i was very skinni they still there. I excercise my body taking classes of spinnig... walking 40 min a day and other things.... and discover what! The fat in the outer thights still there... that is... READ MORE

28 Year Old, No Kids, Stubborn Belly After 30lb Weight Loss - Peabody, MA

I saw Dr Shanthala's reviews on yelp and RealSelf and had a consultation with her. She's very personable and has excellent bed-side manner. She decided on two small treatments for the upper abdomen, 2 small on the lower abdomen, and the flanks as well (6 total treatments) rather than the large... READ MORE

Wanted to Feel Better About Myself - Coral Gables, FL

I have always been slim and worked out on the treadmill occasionally, but just been having a hard time loosing the extra belly. As of day 9 I'm feeling extremely better!! No pain at all. Just some itching. I'm still numb, but swelling has definitely gone down!! I am continuing putting ice packs... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Coolsculpting on Hereditary Double Chin. New York, NY

I've never been overweight but starting in high school I developed a slight double chin that will not go away no matter how thin I am. I found out about Coolsculpting a few weeks ago and decided it looked like a good option, particularly with the minimal recovery time. I went in for a... READ MORE

47 Yr Old Mom..Day 1 - Anchorage, AK

After careful research by reading several reviews, as well as my thorough consult, I decided to try the CoolSculpting procedure. It was somewhat uncomfortable when they put the applicators on and I then waited comfortably after going numb while the procedure did its thing. I had a total of four... READ MORE

CoolScupting in Miami, FL

I am 5'3 125 lbs 35 years old. I do work out moderately. I jog 3 times a week in the morning for about 30 minutes, do yoga or pilates twice a week and lift free weights in the evenings. I eat well but do enjoy a glass of wine or two in the evening. I have had plastic surgery previously Lipo... READ MORE

51 Year Old Male - CoolSculpting

I just had my abs done yesterday and will update this at 30, 60 and 90 days. I will be posting before/after pics. Ok had my abs done yesterday afternoon 2/22/12. The techician (I did't see a doctor) explained everything to me then I was propped up on a bed while she connected the Zilteq... READ MORE

Not Painful - Bridgewater, NJ

Everything went fine. The most uncomfortable part was the machine sucking my stomach in..but it was totally bearable. It's 7 days after now and there is light pins and needles..a slight numb feeling and tenderness but in no way shape or form stopped me from doing anything. I work hard..I... READ MORE

Same Experience - Virginia

I had the cool coolsculpt procedure done on my stomach 9 days ago. The day of procedure no problem til day three...the pins and needles and bee stings were VERY uncomfortable! I had the handle bars done as well and no pain but tenderness and soreness like I worked out to much. A little... READ MORE

54 yr old 5'6" 175# belly big no matter what weight-lower abs

One day post. These pictures are after the procedure. I did not take any prior. Was frustrated to not see more reviews in my age thought I would share my story good or bad.....I will post pics as time goes...54 yr old no kids, firm skin. Weight at time of consult was supposedly 181... READ MORE

The Skinny on my Coolsculpting with Rebecca Weston! - New York, NY

She is AMAZING! Rebecca started out by explaining all the ins and outs of the procedure. We then took a round of pre-procedure pictures, followed by her marking my stomach for where the device would be placed. She then hooked the first paddle of the machine up to me. It felt really weird at... READ MORE

Not Sure About This Procedure - Swelling and Pain Post Treatment

I had the procedue almost a week ago, after having treatment a couple of hours after treatment I started to feel very "odd" as in on edge and panic stricken, this was after having a small healthy meal. The next day I could not move properly without pain, could not go to gym either. As days go... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, Female, Absolutely Wonderful Results. Vienna, VA

I am 5' 7", 155lbs, size 6/8, pear shaped. This was my second round with coolsculpting. I had the lower abs and flanks done. It has been 40 days and I already see a significant reduction in the lower belly "bump". Flanks are not as noticeable but I can tell it made a difference because I no... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old, FEMALE - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Nazarian and Alexis were amazing. I noticed a drastic change on my stomach from the cool sculpting after just one treatment. However, no noticeable changes on flanks or arms until after two treatments, where flanks had the least noticeable difference. Pain was tolerable during and after... READ MORE

Ouch! - Eugene, OR

First minute that device is suctioned on is a bit scary. First 5-10 minutes extremely uncomfortable, I kept wondering if I had made a mistake. Then it goes numb and the rest of the hour is tolerable. After procedure belly was numb and felt strange. Immediately huge swollen. Looked pregnant again... READ MORE

52 in Good Shape with Flabby Upper Arms and Some Back Fat - Manhattan, NY

Day 1: Very sore after the cool sculpting machine was taken off and the technician massaged the area! Really painful when the numbing sensation ceased and feeling came back. The upper arms were tough, too. After about 10 minutes it felt fine. Although I did take two Advil at the end. There us... READ MORE

20 Years Old 5'2" 112 Lbs Getting Rid of Lower Belly Pouch - Washington, DC

I decided to do coolsclutping because I'm thin and in good shape, but have always been insecure about my lower "pouch." Even when I lose weight, the pouch stays. I scheduled 3 different consultations before getting it done and they all said the same thing. They said I'm the perfect candidate... READ MORE

Seeing Results - Stockton, CA

The procedure itself is pretty easy. I had my flanks done. The first grab of the paddles when she places them on your sides and it closes in- is sort of shocking. It took my breath away for a second. But I would not call it painful. Probably the worst part is lying in one position for an hour.... READ MORE

Much More Painful Than I Expected: There is Downtime - Illinois

I had my procedure done on November 27, 2012. I did the lower abdomen. I must say I was very naive as to what the side effects of this procedure would be. I thought I would go in and have a some kind of cold pad placed on me and then in 2 months or so I would see a difference. No where in the... READ MORE

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