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44 Years Old, No Kids, Active, Person of Color

I have been researching CS for awhile and finally decided to take the plunge. I have lost about 50 pounds and kept it off for 2 years. I have always been active, doing cross training for 7-8 years, but when my trainer closed his gym, I started to look for targeted toning of my abs primarily. I... READ MORE


I'm 42 years old and had my son at 23, 95lbs. I gained 50lbs during pregnancy and was left with a permanent pouch. I consulted about coolsculpting and was given nothing but positive encouragement that in the least, it would remove the lower belly fat but not so much tighten the area. I read... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience at Dr Ciaravino Bella Rinova MedSpa - Houston, TX

Goodbye my love handles(flanks) I can't say enough that coolsculping really does work! here is my story, I've always been on the slender side, working out and doing my exercise but love handles aways been a problem for me. Finally i got rid of them, how? COOLSCULPTING! the procedure took... READ MORE

Great Experience with CoolSculpting

I had CoolSculpting on my chin and my lower abdomen and both turned out well. Louise was informative prior to the procedure and answered any questions upfront. The chin was more uncomfortable because it numbs your throat and you feel like it's closing up: it's not! Keep a drink with a straw... READ MORE

Horrible experience! Permanently scarred!

Beware! I received cool sculpting here from Robert, who supposedly has worked for cool sculpting themselves prior to working under Dr. Stuart. I received my first treatment in 2016. After seeing no results from Robert, I received a second treatment a few months later. Following my second... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 2 Kids, Saved Up for for over a Year, Disappointed, Big Time.

So, I heard about coolsculpting and saved up for over a year the 3 grand to do the areas that I wanted to do. I had about 10 pounds to lose, but the C sections I had made it hard to lose in my belly. I had 2 treatments on my upper and lower abs, one on my inner thighs. NOT WORTH IT. I eat... READ MORE

Not Going Well So Far - Atlanta, GA

I couldn't get lipo because my iron levels are really low. I received coolsculpting on my lower and upper abs. the 1st 3 days was fine. on the 4th day i was experiencing extreme pains. for 2 weeks straight i could not have anything touch my stomach. I tried norco's and I had to take 3 just to go... READ MORE

It Comes Back - Philadelphia

I had three cool sculpting session last year. I saw immediate results. A friend of mine monitored the loss with a skin fold caliber. We saw, within three weeks, a 3mm loss on the waist line. However, within months, the fat came back. This is NOT a permanent solution to fat loss. In hind sight,... READ MORE

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