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pear shape + CoolSculpting

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Coolsculpting - 28 year old pear shape - reducing annoying fat on thighs

My results are beyond what I thought they would be. My thighs have ALWAYS been an area of concern for me since I was a little girl, post puberty, and I am so happy to have room down there now. I have big legs and I have come to terms with that but the fat was my main concern. I lift weights A... READ MORE

68 Year Old Grandmother - Finally Have a Small Waiste. New Britain, PA

I have always been pear shaped even when I was 20 at ideal weight. Now thanks to coolsculpting i no longer have the big fat tires around my waist.. It is amazing - I now can buy clothes based on my overall shape not a size bigger due to my fat waist I went to Skinsmart dermatology - Marylou gave... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, Female, Absolutely Wonderful Results. Vienna, VA

I am 5' 7", 155lbs, size 6/8, pear shaped. This was my second round with coolsculpting. I had the lower abs and flanks done. It has been 40 days and I already see a significant reduction in the lower belly "bump". Flanks are not as noticeable but I can tell it made a difference because I no... READ MORE

No Difference So Far, 2 Months Already - New York

I am Asian and I am a pear-shaped girl. I work out everyday and keep diet everyday.And I can't still get rid of the fat on my thigh.My thigh borders me for such a long time so I decided to have cool-sculpting on my inner thigh. I gave a great expectation on cool-sculpting and this clinic.The... READ MORE

Mid 40s, Pear Shape, Inner and Outer Thighs

Im in my 40s 5'8" and weigh 175 lbs. My body is a pear shape. When I lose weight I lose it from my chest and stomach first. It seems impossible to lose weight from my hips and thighs. Finding pants to fit is a nightmare. I wear a size med/large in shirts, but in jeans I wear a 16/18. I can... READ MORE

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