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Need to Get Rid of Pouch - Billings, MT

I workout, eat great. No matter how hard i try my stomach is not getting thinner or flatter. I was very excited for my cool sculpting session today. Plus got 25% off .... Yay!! I read tons of reviews, looked at before and after photos. Felt like I knew what to except. The applicator suction... READ MORE

41 Year Old Mum of 3, Looking to Eliminate Lower Belly Fat and More! - London, GB

For a very long time now I have been thinking about doing something about my bulging tummy, inner thighs and underarms. I have a fairly active lifestyle. I go to the gym 5 times a week, eat heathy ( most of the time!) and very conscious of weight management but these areas do not seem to... READ MORE

Worst Money Ever Spent. New York, NY

I am 35 years old. No children. 5'5 138 lbs. wanted coolsculpting because I have stubborn fat on my lower abs. During my consultation I was told I would need the large applicator on my lower abdominal area, and the small applicator on my upper ab area. The quote was $1800 and I chose a payment... READ MORE

38 Y Old.. Coolsculpting on Bra Fat and Love Handles - Salt Lake City, UT

So today is the day of the procedure. I am 30 min in, and it so far hasn't really hurt at all.. The initial suck in process was surprising but no pain when the freezing part started. I was told I will need pain pills tonight but I'll see...I weigh 130 pounds and I am 5-4.. I just have a very... READ MORE

44 2 Kids, and Needed to Do Something About Abdominal Fat! - Alpharetta, GA

It's been a month since I got it done and I M pretty sure I am seeing the results as my pants fit me better and I am less round around the middle. Reason I am writing is because I was worried about the pain of the procedure. For me it really wasn't bad. What was HELL was the pain afterwards.... READ MORE

35 Years Old, One Child Age 6 - Saint Louis, MO

I've been going to the gym and I've been eating healthy, but I still have a jiggle in the middle. I blame it on my new desk job and my new long-term birth control. This roll of fatty tissue would hang over my waist band 8 hours a day/40 hours a week! I am very content with the rest of my body.... READ MORE

53 Years Old, Slender but with Tummy - New York

I've always been active and slender (5'7", 124#), but had put on an innertube of flab around my middle after menopause. I'd have been sort of ok with that, but my work clothes didn't fit anymore. Even more disconcerting - I could feel the fat shaking when I walked. I decided to give... READ MORE

37 with Two Babies - Sherman Oaks, CA

I felt really puffy after my second baby. I went in for my lower stomach but dr Zadeh educated me on the importance of doing my upper stomach as well. I'm really happy I did both. Since the change in weather I feel more comfortable wearing tank tops again. The whole procedure took 4 hours. I... READ MORE

More Painful Downtime Than Expected; results did not last - London, GB

30 y/o, no children, 5'7, 140 or so pounds, clothes size 10UK/US 6 (I don't weigh myself and usually just look at how my clothes fits). I am definitely no stranger to cosmetic treatments. I have fillers and botox on a regular basis, had rhinoplasty in April 2014 and am a firm believer in "no... READ MORE

28 Years Old 57KG 165cm Height Fit No Kid. London, GB

After lots of research, I've decided to do coolsculpting as going to the gym 3-4 times a week doesn't help reduce some stubborn fat I have under the arms, on my thighs, lower abs and love holders. I went to Dr Mario Luca Russo who has 2 clinics, had a consultation in Canary wharf London,... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - Long Island

Bra Line CoolSculpting - I had both of my "bra lines" done. Haven't read too many reviews on that area so far - I see a lot of flanks, muffin tops and belly - so was nervous about doing this area. I had lipo done on it in March -- and the results weren't 100% what I was expecting. My doctors... READ MORE

Ouch! High Pain Tolerance - Wasn't Expecting This.

I'm 38 and I've always hated my saddlebags. I can't wear skinny jeans. They make me look bigger than I am. My right side is bigger than my left, so I decided to do this cool sculpting on just that side first. I figured I'd see how the procedure worked and go back to do both sides again if it... READ MORE

68 Years Young - Reduce Menopause Spread - Fresno, CA

In my opinion after 8 sessions, I think this procedure is cost-effective only for small areas. Each session costs $750 and reduces the area only 25%. The attachments treat such a small area that it would take two or more treatments on each area to produce noticeable results. My focus was on the... READ MORE

The Pain is Terrible. The Woodlands, TX

I had the cool sculpture procedure done on my abdomen, Tuesday, November 1. They told me the side effects, bUT never said how much pain I would be in. My pain actually started on Saturday, November 5. It is terrible. The stinging, tingling, burning and stabbing get pain is unbearable. I have... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting on Sides and Stomach

I went to a Doctor's office who had previously done my Ultherapy. With that, I had great results so I trusted that this office knew what they were doing. I had the exact same nurse do the cool sculpting. She said she thought I would have great results. I just went for my follow up and she agrees... READ MORE

Pain is Not Worth Enduring

Ironically, I did my research and bought I knew all there was to know about cool sculpting. I was told I would get good results. I have to wait 12 weeks to see them and its only been a week, but this past week has been agony. Like most the comments on PAIN AND COOL SCULPTING, I only searched... READ MORE

The Pain is UNREAL! - Bordentown, NJ

I had coolsculpting done to my midsection. It's a week after I've had this procedure and I'm in the worst pain ever on my lower abdomen! The doctor gave me a nerve pain killer but it doesn't help. Nothing helps. I want to go to the emergency room to help get rid of this pain. I would not... READ MORE

That Pesky Tummy That Won't Go Away - Encino, CA

It took about 4 hours for the treatment on my upper and lower abdomen. It was like a big pinch at first but went numb shortly afterward. The hardest part of the treatment was the massage afterward. There was soreness for about 2 weeks or so after the treatment. I used cold packs and some... READ MORE

37 Yrs Old/ Cool Sculpture Arms for Sculpting - Mandeville, LA

It's been a little over a week and I feel as if I made one of the worst decisions of my life. I've had 2 c-secetions, complete mommy make over and I did not experience this pain at all!! I feel as if I constantly have hot metal rods jabbing me in the arms. I could have done regular lipo and... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, Female, Absolutely Wonderful Results. Vienna, VA

I am 5' 7", 155lbs, size 6/8, pear shaped. This was my second round with coolsculpting. I had the lower abs and flanks done. It has been 40 days and I already see a significant reduction in the lower belly "bump". Flanks are not as noticeable but I can tell it made a difference because I no... READ MORE

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