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Needing a Little Help with my Tummy - Clearwater, FL

Hours in the gym and a good diet was not good enough to get rid of the unwanted fat on my tummy. After much research I knew that liposuction and/or a tummy tuck was not an option for me. I researched my options and realized Cool Sculpting was right for me. My outcomes speak for themself and I... READ MORE

No Kids...though my Stomach Thinks I Have Had Some...Fat Freezing! I'm Doing This for Myself!

**N.B. I'm going to be very thorough and open and use this as my diary! ** So...having read so many reviews on RS I have finally decided to contribute. My overall journey is a long one! I decided last year to work on start to love my self and to not just feel great but look great! I... READ MORE

Painful, Painful, Painful.

It's incredibly early days yet but the pain in the first 24 hours after my abdominal CoolSculpting but I can safely say that regardless of whatever the results are, the fact that I can't do anything without being in an incredible amount of pain. I really didn't appreciate how debilitating that... READ MORE

50 Yrs Old, Had 2 C Sections and Wanted Tummy Gone

Loved the outcome, had liposuction done in the past and left me with a lot of pockets of fat, and had a hanging stomach from c sections. This Procedure Did Not hurt! only took minutes to freeze and the outcome was awesome! There is No down time! And took away my pockets of fat! Will recommend ... READ MORE

Best Investment Ever! Eugene, OR

I am a professional woman in my 50's who eats well, works out with a trainer regularly and still was struggling with extra body fat around my torso--hello menopause!! I could not be more enthusiastically pleased about the ease of the procedure, the affordability and the outstanding outcome! I... READ MORE

Getting my Figure Back at 53. Campbell, CA

I spent several months researching the CoolSculpting procedure and shopping around before finding Dr Hoffmans office and getting the procedure. I got treated in March so I could look good in time for summer. I was told I wouldn't see results right away but am already seeing a reduction in my... READ MORE

I Can't Pinch an Inch Anymore - Redondo Beach, CA

I am a male in my late 40s. I work out all the time and eat fairly well and do not drink a huge amount. Even though I am feel I am above normal in the take care of myself department, I could not loose that fat around my gut. Well Cool Sculpting helped. I did have noticeable loss and it was... READ MORE

I Don't Recognize my Body - Whittier, CA

After much research I decided to have the procedure done at Skin Perfect Medical. Dr Gideon Kwok and Jeremy Romaine PA were the determining factors. Jeremy looks at the area(s) of concern as a part of the body as a whole body which allows for more sculpting and a great outcome. Easy, simple and... READ MORE

69 Years Old and Wanted to Reduce Fat in Flanks, Stomach and Sides - Galloway, NJ

My outcome is still developing. I have done 6 areas and plans to do 2 more this month. The initial placing of the device was slightly uncomfortable but the practitioner made sure I was comfortable. The only part that is difficult for me is the massaging after the device is removed, Just do not... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Not Consistent. Charlotte, NC

Fairly tall and thin and very active but needed some small fat removed on torso and love handles. I was told I was he excellent candidate but treatments were not consistent and some ineffective. I was disappointed in the outcome from the treatment that was done ineffectivly by an seemingly... READ MORE

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