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Coolsculpting to Abdomen/34 Y.o Mother of One - Virginia Beach, VA

I first learned about Coolsculpting when I got a promotional e-mail from my plastic surgeon's office (Dr. Thomas Hubbard of Hubbard Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach). I've had several surgical procedures there with great results, and I see his nurse injector and esthetician regularly for... READ MORE

Active 40 Years Old, 2 Kids, 140 Pounds, 4 Applicator on Abdomen

My belly is flabby even when I'm at my thinnest. I decided to get Coolsculpting with z-wave to treat myself to a better me. As a very busy mom, I did not want down time and was not interested in surgery so I thought this would be a good alternative. I got 4 areas treated in my abdomen with the... READ MORE

I Did Not Want a Tummy Tuck

Love handles that I could not diet and exercise away, now are so much better. the treatment was so easy, actually I fell asleep. I also did the large applicator on my abdomen because I did not want surgery. I feel so much better about my self, I would recommend this to anyone who does not want... READ MORE

Flat Belly

I visited ThinSculpting to find out more about CoolSculpting because I always wanted a flat belly, especially after having kids. I was hesitant about the procedure and how well it would work. The ladies patiently answered all my questions without any pressure. They were very friendly and... READ MORE

Non Surgical Fat Reduction Procedure 34 Yrs Old - Des Moines, IA

I saw an ad in the paper. Kept debating on going in. Decided to go in for a consultation. The girl was really friendly and helpful. She quoted me for 2 procedures on the lower stomach and 2 on the upper stomach. Was so excited to see my results to see if it was worth it. It took 3 months for my... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Mona Foad had the best bedside manner. She made me feel at ease considering I have MS and was really interested in a non-surgical procedure. I highly recommend this product and Doctor. My abdominals separated 1" after giving birth. I had though that my only option was a tummy tuck and boy... READ MORE

CoolSculpting at It's BEST - Reno, NV

I was not happy with the liposuction treatment to my inner thighs, and the dimpling it created. And the skin on my underarms was sagging & unsightly at best. My abdomen was old looking and droopy, I wanted that changed without going under the knife again. I looked into Coolsculpting and it's... READ MORE

I Am a 55 Year Old Woman - Trumbull, CT

I have always been someone that has worked out on a regular basis. As I aged my stomach became my problem area. Sit ups and crunches would not do the trick. Not wanting surgery I looked into this as an option. I had the procedure done twice over a six month period. I am so happy with the... READ MORE

Nothing Cool About It - Houston, TX

I work out and watch my calories but some stubborn fat in my lower belly and back led me to CoolSculpting. Pure vanity. I allowed myself to be sucked in by the simply-stated procedure in the brochure and buzz words of "non-surgical, " "FDA Approved, " and "patients return to their normal... READ MORE

Had 58% Reduction!! - Richmond, VA

I am pretty fit, as fit as I can be for self employed mother at age 40. My baby fat even with cardio and ab work would not go...explored tummy tuck and that was just out of the question after hearing what it does to the body. This was a non surgical way, and turned a skeptic into a believer! ... READ MORE

Body Makeover- Laguna Niguel, CA

I started my total body make over about 4 months ago. I decided to go to Natural Image OC to get a consultation (which are FREE). Michelle gave me the options to either have, Coolsculpting which is non surgical or Liposuction which is surgical. She explained I was a candidate for both. I... READ MORE

Flanks That Never Go Away - Salinas, CA

Pros: Non-surgical, short time for procedure, Minimal discomfort. Cons: When they slap that gel pad on-COLD, initial suction uncomfortable but that only lasted a minute then I took a nap. Why: My weight has never determined my love handles/flanks; they never go away. We will see. Three... READ MORE

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