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Coolsculpting , Fat Freezing, Chryo Etc

Had it done about 4 months ago,spent a whole bunch of money doing flanks,lower abs, chest, i cannot see any change what so ever, i done everything said, drink plenty lemon water, went on a vibration plate many times, even drank apple cider vinegar to get the lymphatic glands to cleanse out the... READ MORE

28-Year Old Male Cool Sculpting of Flanks

Had CoolSculpting performed on both left and right flank. Never saw any improvement. Save your money and get liposuction. Procedure itself was fairly easy and painless. They attach the cooling device and turn it on for about an hour then they switch sides. Afterwards the area is sensitive for a... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Did Not Work... Ideal Image - Edina, MN

I had a baby 7/25/2014... August 2015 an Ideal Image commercial aired and I was HOOKED... I made an appointment immediately. When I went in we discussed what areas I would treat... Upper abdomen and inner thighs. Paid for the procedure and went in a few days later to start. That day the tech... READ MORE

30 Year Old Male, Just Wanted my T-shirts to Fit Better - Rochester, MN

I hate how I look in pictures. My shirts never fit right. If I wear large, they're too baggy and I'm swimming in them. If I wear medium, they fit nicely everywhere except they're stretched tight on my belly and people comment about how I should go up a size. I looked into CoolSculpting and... READ MORE

Young, Health Conscious, Exercise- No Results with Coolsculpting - Toronto, ON

Please see Photos below. Did a v-shape (one small piece treatment on each side of Lower abdomen). I followed all the after care and post care an experienced pain with the after effects of coolsculpting. I was very disappointed in the technology and not the spa. It's the company coolsculpting... READ MORE

10 Treatments and Not Worth It - Idaho Falls, ID

Had 10 treatments of coolsculping and it made no difference at all. Please everyone, save your money. It is a scam that doctors are making a lot of money on. I think my after looks even worse and I exercise faithfully. This fad will eventually fade away after everyone has made their money. Use... READ MORE

Devastated It Didn't Work. - Reinbeck, IA

I wish I had done more research before having the procedures. I am about 15lbs overweight . My legs are ALWAYS larger than a person my weight. My biggest issue is inside the knee and of course at top of inside thigh. The first procedure she used a small sucking device. She assured me that... READ MORE

Coolscupting Worked for Me - Lebanon, NH

I got it done June 11th 2013. Today is my 5weeks. I already see the difference. I took a picture everyday. I couldn't see much difference in front view,but when I saw side view . I see a big difference !! Less sagging .. I have been eating same way as before,but I have been drinking Japanese... READ MORE

It Has Been 5 Weeks No Change at All - Alta Vista, KS

I am petite, less than 100 lbs and 5 ft2. I had coolsculpting by a board certified plastic surgeon. It has been almost 5 weeks, with no difference, it was done to my belly. I am disappointed. And yes I eat well and do yoga. Idon't know if it will work later and maybe it is too soon, but I feel... READ MORE

26 Year Old Female

I wanted to get rid of my pooch and excess back fat. Needless to say coolsculpting did absolutely nothing for me. I saw no difference in my stomach or back after 3 months. I would advise you to spend your money on a personal trainer instead. The staff were very friendly but that doesn't... READ MORE

dont waste your money!!!

Save your money. I had 6 treatments and wasted 4 hours for the "procedure". I am now 12 weeks post procedure ZERO results other than my bank account $3,800 lighter. Seeking a full refund. Complete rip off!! I have taken measurements before the "procedure" and photos, absolutely ZERO change.... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old 2 Kids

I work out everyday I eat very healthy and still had the baby fat from my youngest so I got cool sculpting done and nothing has changed to my stomach I am 131lbs and still the same weight lost no inchs very displeased they said I was a great candidate for cool sculpting but no nothing happened... READ MORE

Turned 50 and Trying to Shed Stubborn Belly Fat

I read lots of reviews and was very hopeful this would work. I had 5 areas done at around 30 minutes an area which should have been around 3 hours. My appointment was at 1230 and I walked out after they closed at 6. The next two weeks I would describe as feeling as if I had been in a car wreck.... READ MORE

44 Years Old

Very painful after sugery for up to a month could only take Tylenol for pain. Very disappointed with results even after an aggressive workout regiments and strict diet Pure scam in my opionion. Nurse was not friendly at all after first visit. Not worth the pain nor money. Before agreeing to... READ MORE

Blue Water Spa Coolsculpting on Upper Arms Ineffective

I regret having this procedure done because after four months my upper arms are the same size as before Coolsculpting. I am not seeing even a subtle change because it doesn't work on arm fat which is why most medi spas do not perform Coolsculpting on this area of the body. Those who are still... READ MORE

Recently Divorced 54 Year Old Mother of 3 Just Wasted $5,250.00!

Spent the whole day getting inner thighs, arms, and abdomen done in June. Almost 5 months later I see no results, no loss of inches, nothing except a big loss in my savings. I'm 5'4" and 175 lbs. my problem areas were inner thighs, upper arms and my tummy. No matter what I did those areas... READ MORE

What You Should Know About Zeltiq's Policies Before You Commit...Draper, UT

After going in for a consult with Clarity Skin in Draper, Utah, I was SO excited about this procedure, so I purchased a single session. The total amount paid was $2,100. The procedure was performed on July 12, 2016 and entailed having 6 applicators (2 at a time) applied to targeted areas in the... READ MORE

A Lot of Money, No Results Whatsoever

I am 56yrs old. my stomach is pretty bulky (size 18). I went for a consult after doing much research. the cost was going to be way more than I expected, even with the discount offered. cost is decided by the size of the cups used. I needed 4 large cups over my abdomen. 2 sessions, 2 hours. ... READ MORE

Don't Do It - Bettendorf, IA

Both my husband and I had this done. I had my lower stomach done for $1000, he had his stomach and sides done for $3000. All I can say your money!! Do not do this!! Neither of us were expecting a miracle, but for 4 grand something would have been nice!! His is exactly the READ MORE

A Waste of Money. Columbia, MD

If it had been my absolute goal to throw a few thousand dollars down the drain, then I could not have found a better way to do it than to have these malarkey "cool sculpting" threatments on my belly and thighs. Actually, it makes me feel better to read some of these more positive reviews and see... READ MORE

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