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CoolSculpting Mini on Chin/neck Area - 52 year old - Burnaby, BC

I’ve always had a recessive chin but I had been a slim person my whole life so it was never an issue. I learned to stick my chin out in photos but always hated the sneaky candids people would take of me. This issue has become worse over the years as I’ve gained weight with menopause and my ... READ MORE

58 Year Old Hoping to Improve Profile and Remove Fat from the Neck Area Under the Jawline. Oakbrook, IL

After consulting with 5 plastic surgeons for facelift/necklift and investigating Kybella and Thermi RF, I decided on coolsculpting to remove residual fat from a 2011 liposuction of the neck/jowls. The doctor's assistant will be applying 2 coolsculpting neck applicators to the area. I am excited... READ MORE

Cool Mini (Coolsculpting) Ruined my Lovely Neck - Irvine, CA

Only get it done one time! Do not let them talk you into doing it twice. My neck looks deflated and horrible. I used to have a beautiful neck with a double chin. Now I look 10 years older than when I walked into that place. They actually have the nerve to smile at you and tell you how good it... READ MORE

CoolSculpting-Chin (Cool-mini)

I have always been a bit chubby, but proportionate. One thing that has always bothered be both at my thinnest or heaviest has been my double chin. I've had it ever since I can remember and I decided to try CoolSculpting to reduce it. I met with a cosmetic dermatologist to discuss Kybella and he... READ MORE

Mini Cool Sculpting on Neck - Alexandria, VA

I had the mini cool sculpting under my chin (neck). The procedure itself did not hurt. It was uncomfortable for the 45 minutes I had to sit totally still without moving head or opening mouth. It does put pressure on your throat but you can swallow. Like others have said, the painful part was... READ MORE

35, Double Chin/Neck Didn't Match Body - Bay Area, CA

Originally went to Dermatologist for a consultation for Kybella. She recomended two treatments of the cool mini once I explained I had zero time for hiding out at home (heard awful swelling with Kybella. Last year I lost nearly 30 lbs by eating healthy and working out, but my chin/neck area... READ MORE

41 and I Have a 3yr Old - Oklahoma City, OK

I could not get rid of the baby bulge. I love the results I am achieving. . I had no down time but I did have numbness for 3 weeks. Which I was told I would. It really motivates you to eat right and drinking all of water to keep flushing out all the fat. I also had my neck done. I was starting... READ MORE

Just Done Today - North Field, NJ

I had my Cool Sculpt Mini treatment on my neck today! It was not to painful until the end when they massage the ice crystals which form! Omg that was the worst. I only had the one treatment so far, hope I get good results cause Idont think I would do it again! It's been 12 hours and I am... READ MORE

57 Yrs Old. I Have a Fatty Scist on my Neck That Looks Like a Double Chin, I Also Wanted to Get Rid of my Stomach - Alabama

My motivation to do the Coolsculpting was the fatty scist on my neck. I couldn't help but do my stomach while I was there. To me there was no cons. There was very little that was uncomfortable. 48 hrs after the treatment and all I have had is a little swelling in my stomach and very little... READ MORE

Great Value 10 Treatments Included 10 Complimentary Laser Tightening - Scottsdale, AZ

I had an Absolutely fabulous experience with Coolbodycontours Contours performed by both Kim and Aja. They both took great care to explain the procedure so I knew what to expect and took Photos so in a couple of months I will b able to asses the final results. I sat in a comfy chair with... READ MORE

Mature Woman - Montecito, CA

My motivation was very high to have this yreatment. The area I had treatment for was my neck area. The surroundings were very clean and staff were very friendly and explained the procedure at length. For me there was no pain involved; more importantly no invasive surgery. I did notice an improvement READ MORE

62 Years Old and the Neck Needed Some Tightening - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Heard about coolsculpting and the outcome and there were only pros of having it done. My neck had a lot of loose skin and with this procedure it has tightened and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend coolsculpting I would recommend Perfect Image in Rancho Cucamongs. The staff was... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Rocks - The Woodlands, TX

My neck has been bothering me for a few years really self concience for pictures. This proceedure was not invasive which is very appealing . The process took 1 hour and was painless. After one week I could tell a difference and now a month later it is a real transformation. One more treatment... READ MORE

55 YrOld with an AverageSize Figure inGood Physical ShapeSeeking toRemove theHard to ToneAreas of the Back&Flank. Scottsdale, AZ

After carefully looking in to the cool sculpting technique, I choose Dr. Desvigne in Scottsdale because of his stupendous reputation, detailed approach, and kind bed-side manner. I have seen some of his work and believe me, I plan to have him do my neck, chin and forehead once I complete my... READ MORE

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