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29 Yo Soon-to-be Bride, Coolsculpting on Lower Stomach and Arms

Hello, I decided to try out Coolsculpting to improve some problem areas before my upcoming wedding in three months. I did my lower stomach on July 29 and my arms on August 1. JULY 29: A few moments after the applicator was attached to my lower abdomen, I felt a sudden wave of nausea and cold... READ MORE

63 YO, 5'8" 155 Lbs. Curvy, but Had a "Pooch" Wanted Gone.

I have a pilates reformer and a pilates bench at home. Take a class each Saturday. I don't smoke, only drink wine a couple of times per week. I'm relatively healthy and have been active all my life. But I couldn't shake this lower ab "poochie". Where I have my Dysport treatments also offers... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Wanted a Tiny Bit of Abdominal Fat Gone -- Starting to see results!

I'm 30, 5'4 and 110 pounds. I've always been fairly thin, especially arms and legs, but always had a little fat lingering in the lower abdominal area, even at my skinniest. I always envied my friends who could eat a burrito and still have a flat stomach. My stomach would stick out at anything,... READ MORE

Need to Get Rid of Pouch - Billings, MT

I workout, eat great. No matter how hard i try my stomach is not getting thinner or flatter. I was very excited for my cool sculpting session today. Plus got 25% off .... Yay!! I read tons of reviews, looked at before and after photos. Felt like I knew what to except. The applicator suction... READ MORE

29 Year Old After Substantial Weight Loss - Tulsa, OK

I am 4'11 and currently weight 120 lbs. Four years ago I stepped on the scale at a pre-employment physical and almost had a heart attack. It said 176 lbs! At the time I was in a healthcare professional school and working full time so I used diet alone to lose my weight. After losing 53 lbs I... READ MORE

26, No Children, Always Had Stubborn Fat

Areas of treatment session 1: abdomen,one lower stomach fat, two small upper abdomen fat The process was simple. It's basically a vacuum sucking your fat and freezing it. Yes, it's cold and uncomfortable. The most uncomfortable part is the first 1-2 minutes of your fat being sucked into the... READ MORE

40 Years, This Was my Bday Gift...HGC TOO - Jacksonville, FL

So, I went in to actually have lipo. Was talked into coolsculpt. I Had it done on Thursday. 3 sections, large on lower and 2 small on upper abs. I am so bloated!!! Pretty decent pain. I also am one the HGC diet. I'm 11 days in and doing 3 weeks. I thought the double process would help. I... READ MORE

43 Years Old 3 Kids Active Runner. Athens, GA

I had 8 cycles: (2) on the lower abdomen; (2) on inner thighs; (2) on outer thighs & (2) on flanks "love handles". The procedure was completely painless on inner thighs, outer thighs, and flanks. However when doing my lower abdomen I did get nauseous both times and even threw up once. Right... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Abdomen Area 40 Years Old 105 Lbs. Los Angeles, CA

I have read so much about this procedure in the past few years. I decided to give it a try after hearing from a friend who had just tried it and got good results. So this week when i had a little bit of free time from work, i called Cool Med Spa which i found on yelp. I learned that it costed... READ MORE

Wanted to Lose Some Fat in Lower Abdomen - Pittsburgh, PA

I read alot of reviews before I came to the decision to get coolsculpting. I went for a consultation and was measures and told 2 applications at 1 session was best suited for me. They determine this by pinching your fat and measuring you with a curved plastic pieces that is like a replica of the... READ MORE

Decided to give Coolsculpting a try

I saw some great reviews for Skinney Medspa and decided to book a free consultation. While there I was impressed with the facility, and everyone seems so nice. In particular the physician I met with there was really easy to talk to and I felt like I was having a great conversation with a... READ MORE

Buyer B e w a r e

This "man" is an atrocity to the practice of medicine. He professes his devotion to religion, human compassion and his practice however he literally almost killed me and couldn't have been more disingenuous nor discourteous. During my cool sculpting procedure I was shaking violently and... READ MORE

44 year old coolsculpting

Day One: Woke up very excited to have my one out of two coolsculpting procedures done. My abdomen was frozen today. It was not as bad as I was anticipating. During the first 15 min, I became a little sweaty and nauseaous but I think that was from anxiety. I was able to sip on some water that I... READ MORE

35 y.o.

OMG. BAD side affects!!!!!! Like hundreds of bees stinging my belly from the inside!!!!!! The first few days was swollen, had regular pain - from pinching and the procedure itself. Did it on Jan 2nd, now is Jan 7th and I cannot stand this pain! Like hundreds of bees keep stinging my belly from... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Louisville, KY

I had coolsculpting done yesterday afternoon. I am so excited to see what happens to my body in the next month. Okay, so I have to be honest. I read hundreds of reviews before getting this procedure done and I really didn't consider that the "no downtime" claim doesn't exactly indicate "no pain"... READ MORE

Coolsculpting-My Experience - Exton, PA

Immediately after the machine (Cool Max-largest applicator) was placed and turned on, took my breath away. I actually was not sure this was normal since it was quite uncomfortable the entire 1 hour procedure. The doctor was doing each side of my abdomen in two separate stages that morning. I... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Lost 50#, Small Amount of Fat on Lower Abdomen

I was that this was totally painless....for me IT WAS NOT!!! During the first few minutes of the procedure I felt like I was holding my breath and was getting anxious from the intense suction. This part was bearable.....the massage after WAS AWFUL. I started sweating & felt dizzy and... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Abs Area- Side Effects - Colombia, CO

Had my first coolscultping treatment on the abs area. On the 3rd day after the treatment, I have been feeling terrible, nauseas, chills, soreness and stiffness on the abs area, cero appetite, cero energy. I have not been able to sleep well. I have been taking Aleve for the pain... It has helped... READ MORE

Horrible Experience - Ottawa, ON

Although I read many reviews about anything and everything online (restaurants, movies, vehicles, proceedure!), this is my first time reviewing myself. Reading Dr. Nodwell's reviews is what prompted me to chose him to for my coolsculpting proceedure in the first place. That is why I feel the... READ MORE

21 Yr/o, Always Been Chubby, Stubborn Tummy! - North Andover, MA

Just had this procedure done today, and I am paying $4,500 in total for 8 cycles. They were on both sides of my abdomen, and both sides of my midriff. I am doing a deferred monthly plan, where I am paying $188/mo for 2 years, no interest until AFTER the 2 years, but you must pay LATE fees if you... READ MORE

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