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41 w Kids CoolSculpt Consult and Possibly Procedure Scheduled

I have been stalking procedures on RS for years now. Finally broke down and scheduled Coolsculpt for this Monday. Have lost about 20 lbs but still struggle w the tummy pads that Ive had even at my leanest in HS. After 2 kids I may need a TT to deal w skin lax but want to see if Coolsculpt and... READ MORE

63 YO, 5'8" 155 Lbs. Curvy, but Had a "Pooch" Wanted Gone.

I have a pilates reformer and a pilates bench at home. Take a class each Saturday. I don't smoke, only drink wine a couple of times per week. I'm relatively healthy and have been active all my life. But I couldn't shake this lower ab "poochie". Where I have my Dysport treatments also offers... READ MORE

26 Years Old, No Kids, Frequent Goer to Gym

I finally decided to do cool sculpting. I have pretty flabby arms, and also jiggly fat on my back and stomach (both upper and lower). Currently I weigh 137lb and I'm 5'6. I used to weigh over 175lb 4 years ago but lost alot of weight through diet and exercise. My arm did not get smaller despite... READ MORE

Nobody Warned Me About the Pain

I'm only three days post-procedure and the pain is nearly debilitating. There's nothing quite like nerve pain. There's nothing quite like this procedure. The only word I can really come up with is "barbaric." I don't think I'd do it if I had it to do over again. It feels like a punishment for... READ MORE

51 Yrs of 2 Children and Had a Hysterectomy Incision Going Across Lower Ab

Well my appointment is this Thursday. They are doing ten areas. 2 flanks , 2 muffin tops and are using 6 different treatments on upper and lower abs. I'm hopeful to see some type of results after reeding a lot of posts here. So counting down days. They said I may need two rounds , but i... READ MORE

28 Years Old 2 C-sections Stubborn Upper Abdomen and Flanks

I am currently getting my CoolSculpting as I write this. I got four of the treatments on my upper abdomen and 1 on each of my flanks making 6 total. All together it takes 5 hours counting the massage in between and the markings before hand. 1st hr: (L)mid Ab- smaller butter-stick & (R)flank-... READ MORE

46 Year Old, 2 Children, 2 C-sections Previous Tummy Tuck with Continued Stubborn Stomach Fat - New York, NY

I exercise regularly and no matter how much I've tried, I could not get rid of my belly fat (it would get smaller but I would always have a muffin top and love handles). I had a tummy tuck in 2003 after my last child. I believe tummy tuck gives help with my permanent muffin top (fat pulled to... READ MORE

47 Year Old Mother Feeling Beautiful Because of Ethos Spa - Summit, NJ

I recently had cool sculpting done I franks and upper abdomen. The office talk before and after photos I couldn't believe my eyes six weeks after my photos were taken. My flanks work on upper abdomen was gone and I felt beautiful. I decided to have work done on my lower abdomen the results are... READ MORE

45 Year Old - Colts Neck, NJ

I am a 45 year old mother of 2. I had breast reduction surgery and some lypo done May 2015. Still had areas I was not happy with and didn't want to go though a tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Thompson suggested I try this and I am so excited with the results. I had 9 areas done on Jan 27, 2016... READ MORE

Day 98- Turning 40, Losing 20 Pounds then Cool Sculpting, IPL and Laser Hair Removal on Back - San Francisco, CA

I have wanted IPL for some time and from I have researched I think it will work for me; however, I do not see the need in putting in the money for my face unless the rest of me is in shape. I started goals today: losing 20 pounds then I will cool sculpt my love handles and get the IPL and hair... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 5'2 Height, 95 Lbs; 17 Months After Giving Birth to my Daughter - Henderson, NV

Had an appointment yesterday to explore my options. Medical assistant recommended non-surigical combination of Coolsculpt in 3 areas of lower abdomen and Liposonix on the thighs (4 areas outer thighs; 2 inner thights) for a total of $2,400. Additional Thermage for 1 area in outer thigh next week... READ MORE

Visit Several Doctors Prior Having the Procedure! - Columbia, MD

I highly recommend that you check out the recommendations of several different doctors/nurses before deciding on the office that will do the procedure. I went first to the doctor’s office that came up as the most “distinguished” on the CoolSculpting site. I called the California office becau... READ MORE

dont waste your money!!!

Save your money. I had 6 treatments and wasted 4 hours for the "procedure". I am now 12 weeks post procedure ZERO results other than my bank account $3,800 lighter. Seeking a full refund. Complete rip off!! I have taken measurements before the "procedure" and photos, absolutely ZERO change.... READ MORE

One CoolSculpting Treatment- Recommend More.

I had coolsculpting done about 7 years ago, 3 treatments, definitely gave good results on my abdomen. I just did one treatment again on abdomen and inner thighs. Maybe a slight slimming, but I would definitely recommend more treatments for more dramatic results. It is worth it in my opinion. A... READ MORE

50 year old not pleased

I've had 11 coolsculpting done and not pleased with the results...don't look like those pictures you see ...I've tried diets and thought I would do this and did 11 times but was not worth the money ... READ MORE

Love Coolsculpting

I have had Voluma, Kybella, Botox, Coolsculpting done in Dr. Rajani's office and have been pleased with everything. Dr. Rajani listens and provides highly educated feedback which allows the patient to set realistic and obtainable goals. He explains how Voluma (a type of filler) can add a more... READ MORE

31 Year Old, 5'2 1/2 118lbs No Kids, Coolsculpting on Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks.

I'm very concerned and confused as to why there were so many horrific experiences with cool sculpting on here. My experience was very positive. I had the procedure done on Dec 29th, 7 days ago. I went to the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Golden, CO. I've been getting botox and juvederm at... READ MORE


I went to KP Aesthetics. I had a great experience and I am happy with my results. I look forward to other treatments and services they have in the near future. I had cool Sculpting on my thighs and my lower abdominal area. I went on two different days. I also had Botox on my far head and love it... READ MORE

Amazing Procedure

I had a few rounds of coolsculpting done at The Larrabee Center on Capitol Hill this past summer and I am so so glad I did. Even after working myself to the point of exhaustion at bootcamp 5-6 times per week, I still had a stubborn pooch of fat on my stomach and flanks that just would not go... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting on Sides and Stomach

I went to a Doctor's office who had previously done my Ultherapy. With that, I had great results so I trusted that this office knew what they were doing. I had the exact same nurse do the cool sculpting. She said she thought I would have great results. I just went for my follow up and she agrees... READ MORE

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