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Minimal bruising + CoolSculpting

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39yr Old Dad W/ a Spare Tire

Well, I am about to turn 40 and felt this would the year to make a change. I am naturally thin but am plagued with excess fat around my lower abdomen. I was initially quoted $7,000 for full lipo but felt that was over kill. A coworker suggested the cool sculpting and with the lower price... READ MORE

Time to Do Something About my Arms - Edmonton, AB

I run, work out regularly and am a healthy 55 year old woman. CoolSculpting was a way of treating myself to further refinement. My experience was first rate. Kim at Serene Radiance was patient and thorough in regard to measurements and photos. Discussion was held regarding potential results... READ MORE

40's Very Active ,but Had Stubborn Belly Insulation - Saint Louis, MO

I log in over 100,000 steps per week, bike ride, run,weight train, eat mostly sensible...and have a belly that won't budge ! I got cool sculpting on my belly, flanks and under my arms,wear I had a bra roll. I'm 5'6" and weigh 148 lbs. I saw Dr Nasif, Botched recommend it for a double chin, and... READ MORE

51 Years Old, Lower Abs Needed Help! - Pewaukee, WI

Writing this review since I was so scared by all the horror stories on this site. My experience has been positive. I wanted to wait until I knew if I was seeing results before I posted. I'm at 7 weeks post. My abs have never been flat, even at 118 pounds people used to ask me when the baby... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Experience - Burlington, VT

I had my lower abs and mid section done today . The only part that was uncomfortable was when they placed the "vacuum" piece on. It sucks...hard . It pinched a little and then got cold , but after about 6 minutes , I didn't feel any more pain . I will keep you updated on progress . So far , no... READ MORE

Mini Cool Sculpting on Neck - Alexandria, VA

I had the mini cool sculpting under my chin (neck). The procedure itself did not hurt. It was uncomfortable for the 45 minutes I had to sit totally still without moving head or opening mouth. It does put pressure on your throat but you can swallow. Like others have said, the painful part was... READ MORE

Coolsculpting to Abdomen/34 Y.o Mother of One - Virginia Beach, VA

I first learned about Coolsculpting when I got a promotional e-mail from my plastic surgeon's office (Dr. Thomas Hubbard of Hubbard Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach). I've had several surgical procedures there with great results, and I see his nurse injector and esthetician regularly for... READ MORE

Amazing Results - Stubborn Tummy Fat Gone! - Vancouver, BC

Incredibly happy with the results - I went down a whole dress size! My stubborn fat around my midsection has been greatly reduced and I now have a flat stomach! It's a weird sensation and I felt it tug a bit in the beginning, but then went numb. I got minimal bruising, but it went away within a... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Coolsculpting on Hereditary Double Chin. New York, NY

I've never been overweight but starting in high school I developed a slight double chin that will not go away no matter how thin I am. I found out about Coolsculpting a few weeks ago and decided it looked like a good option, particularly with the minimal recovery time. I went in for a... READ MORE

Slim, Active 47 Year Old, 121 lbs, Looking for a Little Help - San Ramon, CA

A few years ago I got serious about my fitness - I work out 3-5 days a week, eat healthy 80% of the time but I just could not get my stomach flatter or my thighs better! I've done squats, crunches, step ups - I joined a gym, have a personal trainer and yet.... so I went to see a doctor about... READ MORE

Had My First Cool Sculpt Today. Los Angeles, CA

After much research I decided to go ahead and get started with my first cool scuplting treatment. I did my left love handle area and this is how it went. First she applied a wet slippery pad onto the area after outlining where she was going to suction with a marker. Then she applied the device.... READ MORE

55 Year Old Male With Belly and Love Handles - San Francisco, CA

I've tried to stay in relatively good shape most of my adult life after being overweight throughout my childhood and teen years. My whole family is very overweight and we've all battled our weight most of our lives. Over the years, no matter how much I exercise or maintain a good eating... READ MORE

CoolSculpting on High-hips Love Handles/flanks

I'm 5'4" and have always been curvy (that's why I got the BA, to balance out my hips!) - however - my hips have always bothered me, ever since college-age. I know I have "high hips" (or violin hips, or shelf hips... the few of us who have them have a lot of names for them) which means you can... READ MORE

31 Year Old, 5'2 1/2 118lbs No Kids, Coolsculpting on Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks.

I'm very concerned and confused as to why there were so many horrific experiences with cool sculpting on here. My experience was very positive. I had the procedure done on Dec 29th, 7 days ago. I went to the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Golden, CO. I've been getting botox and juvederm at... READ MORE

30 year old heavy exerciser 5'3 125 lbs inner thighs have always bothered!!!

I got coolsculpting today on my inner thighs and lower abdomen. Andrea who works at the Newport Beach office actually performed my procedure. She is also a representative for coolsculpting which really made me feel confident that she really knows the machine and the process. From start to finish... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - Auburn, AL

I am an active 49 yr old with life long haunches no matter how much I exercised or dieted. Research has led me to believe that they are hereditary. Rosemary made sure to target those areas and I had fabulous results within weeks. No pain or discomfort. I also tend to bruise easily but had... READ MORE

My Love Handles Had to Go! - Cartersville, GA

First off the ladies who performed my procedure were fantastic! They explained everything to me in great detail so I that I would be very prepared. They took me back on time and took before pictures. We then moved across the hall to the Coolsculpting room where they marked me with the... READ MORE

52 Yr Old Female, who did cool sculpt Philadelphia, PA

Went to Ideal Image to have coolsculpt done 4 days ago. Very nice staff as well as the nurse who did the procedure. The nurse told me I have good fat around my abdomen and waist And wasn't a good candidate for under my bra straps back fat because the fat was under my muscle it works with fat on... READ MORE

30 Something with Back Fat That Wouldnt Quit - Westwood, CA

I attended the "cool event" at LA Laser Center in Westwood, and there was a live demo of someone doing Coolsculpting. It looked simple and it totally made sense.I decided to sign up for 4 treatments, as I wanted to lose some extra back flab and the speaker said that that area was a great place... READ MORE

Stomach Was Painful, but Love Handles Didn't Hurt at All - Atlanta, GA

I am a 40 year old mother of two boys aged 9 and 5 1/2. We are finished having kids, so I decided to remove the "Baby" fat around my belly and love handles that came after my two pregnancies. At the end of the day, the procedure(s) were worth it, but let me tell you - the stomach one hurt like... READ MORE

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