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58 Years Old; Always Had a Great Figure but Menopause a Pooch and a Little Weight Gain - Denver, CO

I've watched my weight my entire life and kept it in tack through diet and exercise. Once I went through menopause, I have a belly that just sort of hangs there. Unbelievable. Not to mention a few other things but thats the biggest issue. I will post more. Six days in and a piece of cake;... READ MORE

42yo Mom of Two. 2 C-sections. I Want my Tummy Back!

I have been obsessing about weather to do this. After seeing my best friends results and also my providers, I decided to go for it. I am a fitness and spinning instructor and lead a very active lifestyle but couldn't shake the belly fat. I felt I was a good candidate because I am within five... READ MORE

53 Year Old Post-menopausal

I usually don't write reviews but thought this might help somebody else make decision. It was kind of an impulse decision. I paid $200 deposit then started looking at reviews. I cancelled once after reading all the complaints about pain and swelling and almost cancelled the second. Didn't take... READ MORE

57 years old trying to get rid of "meno-pooch"

57 years old, mother of 2. I was always blessed with a flat stomach, even after having my 2 kids. Then menopause happened. I gained 7 - 10 pounds, but no matter how much I diet or exercise, I can't lose this spare tire. I thought about it for a year and finally decided to do something about... READ MORE

46 Yr Old with 2 Kids and Currently Going Thru the Dreaded Menopause - Saint Louis, MO

I am a 46 year old mother of 2 grown sons who had a hysterectomy at the age of 23 and has had a belly roll over my incision since then. No matter how much I weigh ( thin or heavier) I have always had this belly roll. I finally have decided to do something for me and hopefully get rid of it... READ MORE

Can't Exercise Away This Upper Body Fat - Austin, TX

I'm 49, in menopause and no matter how much I diet and exercise, I keep gaining weight in my stomach and back :( The doctor I see for my HRT recently suggested I have liposuction. Wow, I was shocked! Not ready for that, so I decided to keep exercising and try CoolSculpting. First treatment was... READ MORE

60 Year Old Grandma - Burnsville, MN

I am fortunate that I have always had a high metabolism and never had to worry about my weight. Going through menopause my metabolism slowed down. I tried numerous ways to get rid of the inner tube around my waist. I decided to check out cool sculpting at Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic... READ MORE

54 and Tired of Love Handles! Appleton, WI

I kind of got talked into this by a friend who wanted CoolSculpting. My daughter is getting married in early June and diet and exercise alone were not getting me where I wanted to be! We went in for a consultation, and at first I was leaning towards Laser Liposuction. (I am 5'4" and 148 lb., so... READ MORE

52 Years Old 3 C-sections Post Menopause. Boise, ID

Since going thru menopause having more difficulty dropping weight. Thought this would be a great way to help get some shaping without surgery. I am now 8 days out from the procedure. I had 5 areas done on my abdomen, and planned on doing back, love handles and inner thighs. These pic's are from... READ MORE

50yr Old-- Menopause Belly, Ugh - Denver, CO

Have always been of normal weight (5'5" 125-130s) until menopause hit and I ballooned up to 150#. Diet and exercise did not budge my newly acquired belly fat. Researched my options and decided on coolsculpting... hopefully it will work to get rid of the pudge! Had my appt. this morning... no... READ MORE

45 Years Old Post Menopausal. Marina Del Rey, CA

I have always had a shapely, but "soft" physique. I went into menopause at an early age and started to accumulate more weight around my middle. Though I exercise and eat well (most of the time!) I gained weight and I have not been able to take it off. I am 5'6'' and weigh 158, my pre menopause... READ MORE

39 Yo, No Children, Post -cancer Menopause Belly - Rehoboth Beach, DE

I have researched ways to get rid of stubborn belly fat since exercise, diet changes and hormone regulation has not helped me lose the belly I gained due to being hurtled into early menopause as a result of chemotherapy for cancer treatment 4.5 years ago. I will be receiving Coolsculpt on my... READ MORE

Skeptical but Taking the Plunge - Alabama, AL

I have decided to go ahead and get the cool sculpting procedure done. I am getting one large one in my lower abs. I am 44 years old. I am 5'9. I have weighed bw 135-140 my whole life. Within last 5 years I have begun going through perimenopause and I have gained almost 10 pounds- and it seems... READ MORE

68 Years Young - Reduce Menopause Spread - Fresno, CA

In my opinion after 8 sessions, I think this procedure is cost-effective only for small areas. Each session costs $750 and reduces the area only 25%. The attachments treat such a small area that it would take two or more treatments on each area to produce noticeable results. My focus was on the... READ MORE

50+ and desesperate! Coolsculpting to undo lipo mess?

Not sure what to think YET! Don't expect me to post pictures, they aren't pretty. You see, I'm 50+/menopause 2 years now. For YEARS I was fit and trim, then aging and sagging happened. Active Senior that looks like a Senior. I am NOT a hot mama jama and I watch what I eat and do. Fit bit... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Was the Right Decision for Me - Duluth, GA

CoolSculpting has been the most positive thing I have done for myself in many years. It has provided me with the body I have worked to so hard and so long to try to obtain. I am a post menopausal medium built woman who has continually watched my body form expand in my midriff and back flanks. I... READ MORE

54 Active - NO DOWNTIME! Hooray! - Annapolis, MD

54 years old, post menopause and using a hormone patch (add 10-15 pounds but well worth it!). I read some horrible and frightening reviews here on the pain and downside of the procedure itself. I had 6 areas sculpted, flank, hip and lower abdomen. All odd, strange and the abdomen was painful... READ MORE

58 Yr Old Women - Ideal Weight with Menopausal Belly - Des Moines, IA

I am a Fit 58 year old woman. I work out 4 or 5 times a week; eat healthy most of the time. But I could never get rid of my belly. In the past few years, I think my waist increased 5 inches. Menopause was not my friend. I was tired of hiding my belly, my muffin top or just being miserable.... READ MORE

Best Investment Ever! Eugene, OR

I am a professional woman in my 50's who eats well, works out with a trainer regularly and still was struggling with extra body fat around my torso--hello menopause!! I could not be more enthusiastically pleased about the ease of the procedure, the affordability and the outstanding outcome! I... READ MORE

Totally Not Worth It for Me

Was 52 at the time and getting pudgy. Had lost 5kg a few years previously to get to my goal weight of 55 kg but still didn't really lose the belly so thought I would give this a go. Had probably put back on a few kilos since then though. Very disappointed to not even see a shred of difference.... READ MORE

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