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39 Year Old Male - 1 CoolSculpting Treatment on Lower Abs

Felt obligated to write this review since I referenced this sight so much when deciding whether to have this procedure. I'm a 39 year old male. I am very health conscious, active and, objectively speaking, in above average shape for my age. My lower abs have always bothered me. I've always felt... READ MORE

50 Years Old and Love Handles Would NOT Go Away with Dieting

Tried everything to get rid of stubborn love handles. Ate clean for years and have been going to the gym on and off forever! Play tennis 3 to 4 times a week as well. I got great results from this and will be going back in 3 weeks to do one more treatment on my handles and one treatment on my... READ MORE

37 Year Old Male 252lbs

I'm a bigger guy and wasn't happy with the size of my mid section and decided to give coolsculpting a try they say it takes up to 3 months for full results. It's only been about 6 weeks and I am already seeing tons of results. I can't wait for 3 months to be over and see how much it has done for... READ MORE

Double Chin (Man)

In my 40's now and the double chin is slowly increasing in size. figured I should do something about it now before it gets worse. I dont like getting pictures taken of me because its always noticeable. The applicator didnt suction that well and lost suction after 15 minutes (after swallowing)... READ MORE

Great experience, great procedure, great office!

Getting my CoolSculpting procedure done was extremely simple and seamless. Dr. Allenby explained everything about the procedure in detail and told me exactly what to expect. She also did a great job of accurately marking me up in order to get the results that I was looking for. In addition,... READ MORE

39yr Old Dad W/ a Spare Tire

Well, I am about to turn 40 and felt this would the year to make a change. I am naturally thin but am plagued with excess fat around my lower abdomen. I was initially quoted $7,000 for full lipo but felt that was over kill. A coworker suggested the cool sculpting and with the lower price... READ MORE

35 Year Old Male, 6'5 Coolsculpting of Abdomen and Flanks

I was always thin but gained weight my freshman year in college, 40 pounds, then I lost it all back and was thinner and in better shape than when I was in highschool. I was a 32 waist in highschool and am a 31 now. But the weight gain and subsequent loss had left me with muffin top fat deposits... READ MORE

28-Year Old Male Cool Sculpting of Flanks

Had CoolSculpting performed on both left and right flank. Never saw any improvement. Save your money and get liposuction. Procedure itself was fairly easy and painless. They attach the cooling device and turn it on for about an hour then they switch sides. Afterwards the area is sensitive for a... READ MORE

33 Y/o Male. Trying to Get Rid of Love Handles - New York City, NY

Always had trouble with the love handles. I guess it genetic. I figured why not be more efficient and try coolsculpting in conjunction with diet and exercise. The procedure was not real uncomfortable to a little bit of pins and needles sensation but goes numb after 2 minutes. I had upper... READ MORE

51 Year Old Male Getting Flabby..... - Bethlehem, PA

After doing some research on-line (maybe not enough?) I decided to go for an evaluation (2-19) to see if I qualified for CoolSculpting. The first place I went to checked me over, and after getting a second opinion from the nurse who actually does the procedure, said I did not have enough fat to... READ MORE

34 Year Male with Trouble Areas - Raleigh, NC

So I workout daily, I'm on a very strict diet, and I work on a treadmill all day.... I was a fat kid and I work hard now to stay in shape ?? I found I could diet down and get very lean but I struggled maintaining muscular size by getting very lean. I had my lower abdomen/flank area treated and... READ MORE

30 Year Old Male, Just Wanted my T-shirts to Fit Better - Rochester, MN

I hate how I look in pictures. My shirts never fit right. If I wear large, they're too baggy and I'm swimming in them. If I wear medium, they fit nicely everywhere except they're stretched tight on my belly and people comment about how I should go up a size. I looked into CoolSculpting and... READ MORE

32 Year Old Male // A+++ Results! - Birmingham, AL

Sometimes I'm a skeptic when it comes to 'quick fix' anything. There's always a catch, right? Not this time. I'm 110% impressed & very pleased with my results. I had 'real tumunescent Lipo' in 2010. Yes that worked well but not remotely like Coolsculpt. This time I wanted sculpted. That's Coolsculpt READ MORE

Fit Guy, Love Handles Are Gone - Orem, UT

Fit guy with love handles that always bugged me. My pictures may or may not show it, but it knocked out my love handles. Pretty much pain free EXCEPT when they massaged my frozen fat. I thought that was painful, but went away fast. Spa Trouve was nice and they didn't charge me for my consult,... READ MORE

38 Year Old Male - Stonybrook, NY

My motivation was to lose my "gut". I had my flanks and abdomen done. My flanks shrunk considerably, however, my stomach did not. I did not expect to get "ripped" but for the price and all the hype I expected much better results. The only time I saw results in my stomach area was after I... READ MORE

Wow It Just Happened...

Okay so I have a PS appointment next Thursday. My first consult. I guess I will have to cancel. I was on my way to do an errand and happened by Yaletown Laser Clinic in Vancouver BC. They happened to be having a sale! I went in to check it out. Always get more than one opinion right? So I wen in... READ MORE

Works, But Don't Expect Miracles - New York

After much research, I decided to give Zeltiq Coolscultpting a try. I desperately wanted to get rid of my lovehandles and I wanted a procedure that was fairly painless and non-invasive, so Coolsculpting seemed perfect. Add in a 50% off groupon coupon, and I was sold! A little background on... READ MORE

35 Yo Skinny/fat Male. Washington, DC

I have just passed three months on having my flanks done. As you can see from the photos below it actually worked for me. The bottom photo is from May 20, 2015 and the top photo is from August 30, 2015. I'm actually a little shocked that it worked this well because I have not been going to the... READ MORE

33 Y/o Dad Cool Sculpt Flank Removal - Danville, CA

I'm an avid athlete and was also a college athlete, but I've never been able to drop my love handles. As a 33 year old dad of two, it's become impossible. I went to the Chill Lipo clinic in Danville and was in and out in 4 hours. 6 weeks later my love handles were gone forever! It was a... READ MORE

36yr Old Male - Active - Abdominal Area - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ok - first off I am a fairly active 36yr old male who due to life (work, children etc) haven't been to the gym or playing sports as much as I'd like to. Right now I'm playing ball (softball/basketball) two nights week. I try to do something another day whether it's a quick run or just playing... READ MORE

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