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Doing This for Me!!

I have been reading tons of reviews , even before scheduling my consolation. I wrote down any questions/concerns i had and got all of them answered example - How do i know if i qualify for the procedure to make a difference? She advised as long as there is pinchable fat i can get it. How many... READ MORE

Stubborn Arm Fat Needs to GO! 5'3"/115 lbs

For as long as I can remember, I felt my arms were always disproportionate to the rest of my body. And no matter how thin I got (I got down to 102 lbs with extreme dieting and exercise), if I left my arms up the fat was still hanging there. I had been considering lipo for the longest time, but I... READ MORE

53 Years Old - Two Kids Getting Lower Abdomen Done - Bedford, NS

I am getting the lower abdomen done tomorrow. I'm a litter nervous. They will be using two coolcore machines on my lower abdomen as I was told the coolmax machine wouldn't work because my belly button wouldn't stretch enough to use that machine. I am going to post two pics I took today. I... READ MORE

Cool Sculpt Flanks - Yonkers, NY

Amazing procedure! I had my love handles treated at McLean Medical in Yonkers NY. I didn't have very much fat but had a little bit of love handles. The actual treatment was a little uncomfortable. I felt the machine was heavy and awkward on my body. The actual treatment didn't hurt. The... READ MORE

Coolsculpting So I Can Wear Tank Tops - Spring, TX

I've just started my coolsculpting procedures so that I can wear tank tops again. I have done three on each arm so far at integrated plastic surgery. They have been pretty painless. Dr. Cho came up with a personalized plan for me and we decided doing three on each arm was the best option. I... READ MORE

53 Years Old and 4 Children , Coolsculpting - Atlanta, GA

I went today to have my procedure done. I had 6 areas. 2 upper belly 2 lower belly and my 2 bra back area. The overall experience was a pleasent one. I read some reviews saying how painful it was . For me I had very little discomfort. The most discomfort I had was when they had to message and... READ MORE

48, Lifelong Fitness Enthusiast, 3 Kids

I've always been thin, but have extra fat in lower abdomen. Enough so I never have worn a bikini. I went to a reputable doctor, not a medspa, chain-type/franchise place. Got one machine on lower abdomen. Felt numb, then nothing, area was sore for two weeks and numb for a month- nothing major.... READ MORE

CoolSculpting of Outer Thigh

40 year old woman here. At my lowest adult weight of 112 or my current highest weight 176, I have had a fat bulge under my butt on the right leg. It is a fat saddle bag area and I hate it. So I went for coolsculpting. The doctor took pictures from all angles. Then they put a foam border around... READ MORE

That Muffin Top is Going!

I have just completed my 4 Coolsculpt session and am so excited to see the results. I was apprehensive about possible pain, but it just felt like a slight pressure and I slept through both sessions yesterday. Dr. Cook. At Centre d' Elle goes a step further after she removes the device and... READ MORE

CoolSculpting with the New CoolAdvantage - New Orleans, LA

I have to tell you I was a little hesitant because I initially went to see if Dr. Velargo would be able to fix a prior liposuction issue and boy was I nicely surprised! The evaluation was comfortable and most importantly they were honest. One area could be fixed and the other would require... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Bellaire, TX

Love my cool-sculpting results with Bellaire Dermatology. I'm was close to my ideal size but had some stubborn areas. My results are amazing. I plan to treat additional areas in the next month. The actually procedure was fast because Dr. Teller has 2 machines so I was able to have both areas... READ MORE

48 Year Old Female, Cool Sculpting in 12 Places One Day! - United Kingdom

I am day 3 post procedure. I had cool sculpting on 12 spots. 6 on flanks, two on upper abs. And 2 of the large applicator on lower abs, which were counted (and charged) as 2 each. It was a long day, I was at the clinic from 9 am to nearly 7 pm. I 5'6" 155lb with lots of loose fat located... READ MORE

51 Years Old Coosculpting on my Tummy - Sugar Land, TX

I had my Coolsculpting on Thursday December 31st. She put the machine on me and I thought I was going to die. Took everything I had to not cry. She told me in 5 minutes that the pain would go away. It did and I actually took a nap. After an hour she took the machine off and a big blob of... READ MORE

Twin Mom - Bensalem, PA

Okay so today I got cool sculpting done. I was very hesitant being that I have read so many reviews saying that the procedure was painful. I have to say that the procedure is different for everyone. I did not experience any pain during the procedure just discomfort. Is there pain to come? Maybe... READ MORE

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