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35 Years Old, Want a More Seamless Body

I find the lumpiness of my body very off putting. I had lower abdomen and inner thighs done. it is the inner thighs that bother me the most, the fat pockets are so discrete and I would like my legs to be more streamlined. The positioning of the suxtuon cups on my thighs seemed strange, it was... READ MORE

FROM BAD TO WORSE! - Arlington, TX

Only a few months after having Lipo on my abs,I startedto gain a ton of weight from the Depo shot. Being discouraged about the weight gain but not wanting to undergo surgery again, I decided to give cool sculpting a try. THIS IS NOT A PAIN FREE PROCEDURE. A week after having my abdomen treated... READ MORE

COOLSCULPTING WORKS!!!! Mississauga ON, 45 Year Old, No Kids Treating Upper Hips and Flanks - Mississauga, ON

For the past 5 years or so, I have been on a quest to find an alternative to Liposuction in order to even out my genetic curse, AKA hip/flank fat pockets! I have tried Ultra Cavitation (ultrasound + RF), the Alma Accent RF, Venus Freeze and numerous creams and potions in an effort to flatten out... READ MORE

Left my Stomach Lumpy - Canada

I had this done to remove some extra fat around my lower abs and did my upper as wee, 4 applicators in a diamond shape. I'm 5'1 113 lbs and had a fairly flat tummy to begin with. However, it's been 3 months and I've seen some fat reduction but it's very uneven. I did my post 60 day follow up and... READ MORE

Coolsculping Works BUT It's Not Perfect - Orange County, CA

I had my coolsculpting done on 5/16 and although it has not been exactly 3 months yet, I see results. I had it done on my flanks on each side and now they appear to be lumpy where the fat was coolsculpted. Let me give you a background on me. I am 5/7 138lbs not unhappy with my body just those... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 2 Kids, Saved Up for for over a Year, Disappointed, Big Time.

So, I heard about coolsculpting and saved up for over a year the 3 grand to do the areas that I wanted to do. I had about 10 pounds to lose, but the C sections I had made it hard to lose in my belly. I had 2 treatments on my upper and lower abs, one on my inner thighs. NOT WORTH IT. I eat... READ MORE

Cool Sculpt and Skin Laxity - Gulf Breeze, FL

I had a cool sculpt procedure for my hips and thighs and as a result, my skin elasticity has changed for the worse. I am a very fit exercise instructor and had a never ending battle with a few localized areas. Do not do this procedure if you are concerned about lumpy and flaccid skin!!!! In... READ MORE

41 Female, 45 Lbs Overweight

I dont have pictures yet as they are at the clinic. I will update this review in 8, and again in 12 weeks as it is supposed to be all finished by the 12th week, with full results in by then. I am hopefull this will work to flatten my tummy and as shaping, as its gotten harder for me to lose... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mum of One - United Kingdom

I had Coolsculpt about 18 months ago and it has left my skin sagging. I had radio frequency as they said would sort any problems with loose skin, it did not work. I lost no fat and the sagging is due to the quite brutal suction. I had inner thighs and arms done with the worse being on inner... READ MORE

41 Years Old, Two Kids, Little Lumpy Pouchy Muffin Top Left After Second Baby - Bedford, NS

I was always skinny, and my best part was my incredibly flat belly, after my first baby i went back (almost) like i was before, but my second baby was soooo big, he stretched my tummy at bit more and under the belly button i gained that horrible stubborn lumpy fat that just wont go no matter how... READ MORE

52 Yrs Old, Did Both Upper Arms - Destin, FL

After losing over 100 lbs, I still had a lot of fat in my upper arms, and I wanted to reduce the lumpy appearance as well, This is not painless. I cannot imagine doing this on my belly or upper back, in those more sensitive areas. The swelling is extreme and I had bruises all over my arms, then... READ MORE

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