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CoolSculpting gone wrong

This procedure ruined my mid-section. I felt I had stubborn belly fat going into the procedure but I now have actual lumps that are painful and flab on my hips. I realize all plastic surgery comes with no guarantees- skip this one ladies- it's worse than when I started. READ MORE

Lost Weight but my Arms Weren't Changing! - Perth, AU

I have always had bigger arms, ever since I was young! Not necessarily fat just big and strong. I didn't take much notice of them until I gained a little weight. When that happened my arms seemed to be get even bigger in comparison to the rest of me the largest part measuring 36cm. I decided to... READ MORE

45 Yrs Old, 1 Child, C-section Scar with Xtra Skin - Jacksonville, FL

I am a fitness instructor who works out 6 days a week. I did cool sculpting on the abdomen (love it) but at my c section scar was 2 lumps or pouches.. I didn't need lipo or a full tummy tuck. I did procedure awake with just local anesthetic. It was super easy I was in and out within... READ MORE

2 Months and Still No Results and Plus a Lump Formed. Philadelphia, PA

I am 2 months out and have no results. I have a huge lump the size of a ping pong ball above my belly button. I saw a dr. and he said it was fibrcystic lump that formed from coolsculpting. I had a small applicator on my belly, and one on each of my flanks. I have NO RESULTS. And the office keeps... READ MORE

Avoid her if you want any type of after care

Horrible. Any doctor who says, "well, we don't always get the result we want" when a procedure makes you look worse than when you went in, should be avoided. I had Coolsculpting done on my stomach last year. My stomach was flabby at the time but could be flattened using Spanx. Now, I have a... READ MORE

Back Fat and Thigh Flab - Burlington, WI

I'm in my mid-40s so there are more lumps and sags than there used to be. So why not take some low-risk measures to minimize all of it? In this first round I had my back and inner thighs done. I'll be coming back for one more treatment on my back (six areas total). I just had the procedure... READ MORE

Stubborn Midsection Lumps and Bulged - Jacksonville, FL

I had never heard of cool sculpting until Dr Basile suggested he thought Cool Scultping would give me the Results I was looking for. It is very difficult for me to take time off from work, so the fact there is no downtime after the procedure was very Importwnt to me,. The procedure is... READ MORE

CoolSculpting - Can't Recommend This. Left with Lumps & Dents. Summerville, SC

I researched CoolSculpting and really had high hopes. I'm a fit 5'3" that was simply looking for some slightly thinner thighs. I had the flat applicator on both outer thighs and the suction device on both inner thighs. I am almost a full 4 months post procedure and I can tell you that I have... READ MORE

Not Going Well So Far - Atlanta, GA

I couldn't get lipo because my iron levels are really low. I received coolsculpting on my lower and upper abs. the 1st 3 days was fine. on the 4th day i was experiencing extreme pains. for 2 weeks straight i could not have anything touch my stomach. I tried norco's and I had to take 3 just to go... READ MORE

My Zeltiq Experience - Tucson, AZ

I went in for a consult on Dec 2, 2010. I am 5-10lbs within my target weight, but I've always had a muffin top and love handles. After chatting, I decided to go forward with treatment. There was an immediate opening, so I had my lower abs treated with the small hand piece (large one was too big... READ MORE

If You Really Want the Fat Gone Have the Lipo Suction - California

It has know been three week since I had a lipo treatment to remove the two large lumps on my back from a coolsculping treatment in Feburary. The Left side developed first then the right side developed. The Doctors office that preformed the coolsculpting has heard of this from the maker of the... READ MORE

Fantastic Staff! -Santa Barbara, CA

6 days post - procedure: The first few days were almost unbearable. I don't know how people go back to regular exercise. I have felt like a hard lump sits in my belly pooch, which was swollen basically up until today. The first few days I looked pregnant! Not ok! My belly still doesn't "ripple... READ MORE

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