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34 Year Old with Double Chin and Terrible Looking Profile - Birmingham, AL

Today I saw my PS and initially I wanted lipo and possible chin implant but she said I would end up with even looser skin after lipo so we opted for cool sculpting and kybella. Had my first session today. Will post updates. I posted that I am unsure if it was worth it bc it's too early to tell.... READ MORE

47 Yr Old, Three Kids, Regular Exercise, but Very Stubborn Belly Fat and Loose Skin. Manchester, GB

I'm seven days in so can't see results yet, but will post at three months and if there's a result in the meantime, I'll post between. I had three small applicators over three hours and while it pinched at the time, the procedure was not painful. My tummy has been sore since, but nothing too bad... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom of 2 - Marlton, NJ

I had lost a significant amount of weight but still had that mom pouch that I was just unhappy with. I had planned on still continuing my weight loss journey but needed a boost. I decided to give CoolSculpting a try after talking about it for a few weeks with Dr. Pinto and the staff at Vive. I... READ MORE

31 Years Old Mom with One Delivery - Kuwait

I never been fat but my abdomen was freaking me since I had my delivery 9 years ago and got lots of stretch marks and loose skin. I was looking not bad in the morning dresses but only if I could skip the dinner on last evening. I did 2 areas on my abdomen and now I'm feeling confident! New... READ MORE

CoolsSculpting on Flanks and Lower Tummy. Melbourne, FL

I tried CoolSculpting because I didn't want to have surgery or have any downtime. I was told it was a pain free procedure and that I could back to working immediately after. I was able to go back to working out the next day but it wasn't a pain free procedure. Immediately after the procedure... READ MORE

46 with Flabby Tummy, Not Overweight. Birmingham, AL

A month ago I went for a consult for SmartLipo at a prominent plastic surgeons office and was told my skin was bad and would be hanging after the process and that I really needed a full tummy tuck. Seeing as I really only have about 3 inches of fat in the center of my tummy, I just couldn't... READ MORE

What to Expect During CoolSculpting and Afterwards: my Honest, Detailed and Impartial Account. - Santa Barbara, CA

I lost 100 lbs about 15 years ago. For the past two years I've been on a health kick: weightlifting, aerobic exercise, and a diet of 1,500-2,000 calories per day. (I'm a male with a muscular frame, so this is a fairly strict diet.) My health kick has given me more muscular definition, made me... READ MORE

Quick precise solution from doctor

Thank you doctor for seems to be a depth answer with broad knowledge & humility of such a short question details regarding loose sagging skin. Not to mention that you are also a very good looking doctor READ MORE

Not the Cheapest, but the Best! - Chapel Hill, NC

Had Coolsculpting in November at my Dermatologist's office in NC. They are a top provider according to coolsculpting's website (do your research people). I couldn't be happier! I always hated my outer thighs and love handles. The office had 2 machines so I was able to do both legs and both love... READ MORE

Love Dr Leoni and his AMAZING staff!!

I heard about CoolSculpting, set up a consultation and there were nothing but pros on having it done. My neck had a lot of loose skin and with this procedure it has tightened and the results are AMAZING!! I highly recommend Dr Leoni, he was very informative, attentive and professional, his... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Flatter Belly - Sterling Heights, MI

I had coolsculpting done on my belly about 4 years ago, I liked the results of it helping me to flatten my stomach, along with going to the gym and staying active, but it was time for my upper area of my belly to get flat. I choose coolsculpting because there is really no down time, however... READ MORE

What They Don't Tell You! - Bucks, GB

I have had a lot of cool sculpting done over the past year. Flanks (twice) lower abdomen (3 times) inner and outer thighs (twice) below buttocks (once) and above knees (once) ! The practitioner I went to is very experienced and has top quality equipment but my results were a huge disappointment... READ MORE

Already Seeing a Difference in the Mirror After CoolSculpting - Boise, ID

My stomach and love handles have always been such a bother since I had my 4 kids. Loose skin and a large pooch caused me to always buy loose tops and try to hide my mid section. After getting my treatment with 35 Medical Spa, I'm already seeing a less of a pooch and feeling better in my clothes.... READ MORE

Lower Tummy Bulge - Calgary, AB

My lower tummy bulge has always bothered me, but I did not want to have invasive surgery. Cool sculpting was the best option for me with great results. I had 2 hrs of treatment the first time, which gave me a noticeably subtle difference. Two months later I repeated the same treatment, which has... READ MORE

62 Years Old and the Neck Needed Some Tightening - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Heard about coolsculpting and the outcome and there were only pros of having it done. My neck had a lot of loose skin and with this procedure it has tightened and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend coolsculpting I would recommend Perfect Image in Rancho Cucamongs. The staff was... READ MORE

50 Year Old Post-tummy Tuck - Hunt Valley, MD

I had a tummy tuck in March of 2015. By November, I was healed and happy with my tummy tuck results except that a bit of the fat seemed to have traveled to my flanks. I decided to try coolsculptin on those very isolated areas. I had two treatments on month apart. I am happy with the results.... READ MORE

Time to Correct What Mother Nature Has Wrought - Cherry Hill, NJ

I have in the past considered liposuction, but cost, down time, and worry about the side effects of an elective surgical procedure, stopped me from going through with liposuction. I came across Coolsculpting and though it was a convenient, and low impact, way, to tweak what Middle Age and even... READ MORE

Tried Cool Scuplting on my Belly - Avon, CT

I'm fairly slim, yet had a little bit in the belly to lose so I tried cool sculpting. For me, it was EXCRUTIATING! To the point where I, literally, did not think I was going to make it through the first session. They told me that "most" people, after 12 minutes, don't feel a thing because... READ MORE

Sculpting my Tummy - New York

So I previously went to Dr Clark for kybella. They convinced me to get some cool sculpting. I had a tummy tuck previously and I had another baby. Ugh I know. So I had that pouch again on my lower abdomen. They said cool sculpting can help reduce the pouch and since they were right about the... READ MORE

Still Numb- Still Looking - Miami, FL

I tried to read all of the reviews (good and bad) before deciding to drive all the way down to Miami to get this done by a very well known Doctor. 8 months out- the results are mixed. I have been able to keep some of the fat off, but I can easily say at least 50% of it has already come back. I'd... READ MORE

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