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28, Petite/at Ideal Weight, No Kids, Impossible Belly Fat - Tallahassee, FL

I am 5'2" and weigh about 108 lbs. I recently got down to about 102 lbs for my wedding and still didn't love my stomach so I decided to try out coolsculpting. I'm happy with my body other than a crease across my stomach and some minor belly fat. I had this procedure today. I had two small... READ MORE

29 Year Old After Substantial Weight Loss - Tulsa, OK

I am 4'11 and currently weight 120 lbs. Four years ago I stepped on the scale at a pre-employment physical and almost had a heart attack. It said 176 lbs! At the time I was in a healthcare professional school and working full time so I used diet alone to lose my weight. After losing 53 lbs I... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - Mineola, NY

I think I see a difference- not sure this was worth $750 honestly. My tummy def feels flatter but after the procedure I had abdominal pain that lasted about 12 days. It was pretty severe. I had to get a lidocaine patch to help relieve the pain. I might do it again but I don't feel like the... READ MORE

Coolsculpting, 50, Upper/lower Abs and Flanks - Cincinnati, OH

It has been 1 week post CS. I had upper and lower abdomen as well as flanks treated. The areas with the most nerves (abdomen) had the most pain. While I've been taking Neurontin and using Lidocaine cream since day 3, the nerve pain has been very intense days 5, 6, and 7. I'm not sure how long... READ MORE

CoolScultpting 56 year old Male Lower Abdomen

So I'm going to update this every day with progress notes. The procedure itself is no big deal, I had 2 large areas done, 60 Minutes each, so my butt was hurting more than anything else. They gave not more but a sheet of paper about after-care, things to expect. Of course, there is no mention of... READ MORE

Coolsculpting for Advanced Practice Nurse to Abdomen and Flanks with Coolcore Applicator. Sacramento, CA

I'm 5'9" and 128 lbs. I've always had a tummy and its the primary place where I gain weight, especially after having 2 children. I chose CS over sculpsure because of its proven record over 5+ years. Sculpsure is just out over one year and proven results long term are yet to be seen. And yes,... READ MORE

Lower Abdomen and Flanks

I've always had a pouch that's been impossible to get rid of at my lower abdomen so I had 1 large treatment done to that area. I will admit I was in a good amount of pain for a week/week and a half. More than what they initially describe. I found that lidocane burn spray really helps. When I was... READ MORE

36yrs, 3kids, Tired of Belly Fat - Willow Grove, PA

Hello everyone, I had my procedure done on 4/12/2016. Let me tell you, after discovering this page a couple days before I had it done. I was terrified. heres a few tips. Put A&D ointment on ur skin before the procedure, use Icy Hot ( lidocaine) for pain to ease the burning and Gel ice pack. Go... READ MORE

Coolsculpting of a Poochy Lower Abdomen - San Francisco, CA

I decided to try Coolsculpting to see whether I could non-surgically reduce my abdomen. I was told I was an excellent candidate for lower ab fat reduction. Recovery days 5-12 were VERY painful. My advice to people going through delayed-onset pain is to not lay around the house. You really need... READ MORE

41 Yo Female---in Pain!! Atlanta, GA

I'm a 41 yo female with no kids. I work out vigorously 3-4x/week. I'm 5'6" and weigh 139 lbs. I'm good with my diet and stopped all dairy and chicken over the past two years. I decided on CoolSculpt because after a traumatic care accident where I broke my femur and had surgery for that, a... READ MORE

Pretty Happy So Far! - Denver, CO

I am 5'5 and 120lbs and naturally a petite figure. I eat moderately healthy and although I don't go to the gym often I am pretty active. I looked into coolsculpting because no matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of my belly pooch! Even when I was going to the gym multiple times a week... READ MORE

Abdomen Coolsculpting. Midlothian, VA

It's been 1 full week (03 and 04 Nov. 16) since I had my lower and upper abs procedure. The procedure itself was a success. It was the 3rd day when I began experiencing pain that felt like electrical shock and stabbing pain. There was also constant itching, by day 7 I was in constant pain that... READ MORE

My Thighs Look Amazing After 2.5 Months! Just Had Stomach Done. Vienna, VA

I had my thighs done in March. I'm sorry, I don't have pics yet, but will post eventually. The before, when I stood shoulder width, my thighs started touching about 8 inches above my knees. And I've been like this most of my life. I pretty much was doing the splits before they stopped touching.... READ MORE

Horrible Pain After Coolsculpting, Intense Horrific Pain

I didn't do enough research on this. It's been around for a while, and I like being an early adopter (I did laser hair removal in 2000), and its spring and I have a belly that needs to be removed....NOW! After seeing a clip on Dr Oz, and having lunch with a friend, we started talking about cool... READ MORE

Early 20's, Stubborn Inner and Outer Thigh Fat - Joliet, IL

I had the procedure performed a little over one week ago after being unable to get rid of the stubborn fat on my inner and outer thighs. I researched CoolSculpting extensively to determine whether it was a good fit for me or not and determined that I was the ideal candidate; someone with a... READ MORE

Just Did Coolsculpting Yesterday. Here are my Thoughts and Plan: Indianapolis, IN

Yesterday I received my first cool sculpting procedure on my lower abdomen using a large plate and suction. It was placed on for an hour. Initially, it was quite unpleasant. I won't say that it was unbearable, but certainly I could feel the suction and pulling on my stomach. The cold did not... READ MORE

Never Again and Why Would Anyone Subject Themselves to This?? - Newport Beach, CA

I had this done to my upper abdomen yesterday. Obviously it's too soon for results, but I don't care. I would NEVER have put myself through this discomfort had I known. Unreal. Nothing could be worth this. Not only the discomfort of the machine grabbing your skin and not being able to move,... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Abs Mild Discomfort Flanks - Nashville, TN

Severe pain in abs. Mild Discomfort on flanks. Free service post lipo for uneveness. See below for pain treatment. Hopefully the pain will be worth it. It was so bad couldn't do anything but keep clothing off the area and ice it still 10 days later. I am only 10 days post sculpt. I am 1 in... READ MORE

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