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41 Yr Old Tried Cool Sculpting - Latham, NY

Heard about cool sculpting decided I'd try it. Well I'm 13 days post procedure and I'm still numb and having that feeling of itchiness and electrical shocks. I'm still swollen also. When she first put the vacuum on my first leg it was painful but the 2nd leg was so much worse... READ MORE

Devastated It Didn't Work. - Reinbeck, IA

I wish I had done more research before having the procedures. I am about 15lbs overweight . My legs are ALWAYS larger than a person my weight. My biggest issue is inside the knee and of course at top of inside thigh. The first procedure she used a small sucking device. She assured me that... READ MORE

No longe hate my Legs and Muffin top thanks to Sandee Ochs Look Great MD- King Of Prussia, PA

I work out, generally eat good but have not been successful slimming my love handles, muffin top or outer thighs which has always bothered me!!! People thought I was crazy but it really bothered me. When I heard about cool sculpting I thought it was either too good to be true or I could never... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting to Correct Asymmetry

I went for a consultation for Cool Sculpting. I had a hip replacement more than ten years ago and one leg is skinnier and less muscular than the other. Candace provided her thoughts about treating just the one thigh. She was very considerate and thoughtful. I have always appreciated my time... READ MORE

Not Worth the Price or Pain for the Results - Fullerton, CA

I got the procedure done over 4 months ago as a jump start to my weight loss. Since then (as a result of a strict diet, not the procedure) I have lost 22 lbs. In total, I lost one inch off of my natural waist, and one inch off around my belly button. At the weight that I am, it's negligible, and... READ MORE

Saddle Bags, Inner Thigh, and Lower Stomach - Auburn, AL

I had cool sculpting on my saddlebags March 7. That treatment was easy, didn't hurt at all, and results started showing 6weeks later. It seems to have helped with the cellulite in the area as well. April 21 I went back and had my inner thigh fat pockets done. That treatment was easy as well!! I... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Changed my Life. Saint Clair Shores, MI

I was first introduced to Coolsculpting approx 3 years ago. When I heard about the procedure I was super hesitant and really didnt believe it would work, but I decided to try it anyways. I was treated about in the lower abdominal area first at the office of Dr Brian Young called Body... READ MORE

Seeing is Believing...Charlotte, NC

I'm a 41 yo female and I've always been very fit but I've always hated that my legs rubbed together. Because of my active lifestyle I was excited about CoolSculpting because it was non-invasive. Initially I was a little sore and I did bruise a little but I was able to walk my dogs right after... READ MORE

Stuborn Inner Thigh Fat - Independence, OH

First let me say that I am so happy with my cool sculpting results. I am a healthy person that enjoys working out and staying fit, however no matter how hard I tried I could not get my inner thigh to shape up. I read about coolsculping in New Beauty magazine and it sounded too good to be true. I... READ MORE

I Love my Legs! - Covington, LA

After a bunch of my friends did CoolSculpting and had great results, I did my own research and decided to try it. I have always hated my thighs and struggled with toning them - nothing helped get rid of the excess bulge on my outer thigh. After the procedure I notice a definite difference- my... READ MORE

31 Year Old with Big Legs - Little Rock, AR

I have always had big legs, ALWAYS! I had CoolSculpting on my inner thighs at Dr. Yee's a few years ago and loved the results. I gained weight last year, and then lost most of it. Everything pretty much got back to normal except... You guessed it, my LEGS! Now, bigger than ever, I decided I... READ MORE

Inner Thigh Solution for Me! - Calgary, AB

Even though I am a runner and have stron legs, I still had stubborn fat on my inner thighs. I went for a consult at Renie and I was a candidate for Coolsculpting. I'm already starting to see results with my inner thigh treatment I had in February and I'm very pleased! I see the reduction in... READ MORE

37 Year Old White Female - New York, NY

I've been going to the gym for years and consider myself to be pretty athletic however there's just these areas of my thighs that no matter what I did with diet and exercise I could not get rid of I decided to do the cool sculpting on my outer thighs and within three weeks I started to notice a... READ MORE

Stubborn Inner Thigh Chubbs - San Francisco, CA

Have been researching Coolsculpting for quite some time. I decided to pull the trigger and try just one area. IF it works, I will consider doing outer thighs and abs. IF it doesn't work, I might try lipo next year. So, figured why not. Had the session a few days ago. They did one leg at a... READ MORE

I Workout. I Eat Right (Most of the Time). I Drink Lots of Water. But There Are Two Areas That Will NOT Budge! - Little Rock

Since these two areas (back of leg and inner thigh) have been problem areas for a long time I was ready to give CoolSculpting a try. It was a good decision. I feel that Dr. Kris Shewmake and his staff at the Skin Retreat are professional, comfortable, and very helpful. It has been 2 months... READ MORE

Procedure Was Well Worth Having It Done - Little Rock, AR

The girls at Dr Shewmates and the skin retreat are great. I've had coolsculpting and will do more areas painless tummy flat ready to do thighs and upper legs fit nicely in clothes now it took an hour and I was on a bed of pillows vert comfortable watching TV The staff at the skin retreat are... READ MORE

Wanted Inner Thighs Treated, Was Told They Can't Do That Area and Made Me Treat Back of Legs - Edmonton, AB

Soooo I went in to dr lyckas office did the consult (which btw is frickin expensive wow) 250-300 just to have a consult. It went well and I booked my apt weeks to a month later. When I went in there for my apt the lady surprised me with saying they can't treat between the legs and have to aim... READ MORE

Inner Thigh CoolSculpting to Hit Problem Area - New York, NY

CoolSculpting seemed to me to have no downside – the science behind it seemed flawless and reviews always described it as essentially free of side effects. It also seems to fit well with my body; I'm fit but can never seem to shake my nagging problem area (inner thighs!). I've never gotten o... READ MORE

I Have a Concer About Coolsculpting That I Hope Somebody Can Answer. Edmonton, AB

I was told that the areas treated will never be bulgy or fat again. It's best to do it in all areas of your body that gains fat. For example I notice every time I gained weight, it's always in my arms and tummy. I was told to do both other wise when I gain weight it will all go to my arms (fats)... READ MORE

Terrible Experience - 36 Year Old Mom Who Wanted a Flatter Post-baby Tummy. Results Yet to Be Seen. - Shelby, MI

I'm scared as hell right now. The 2 hour procedure on my abdomen today hurt the entire time and I was in absolute agony for over a half hour after it was done. I just hope I do not experience the stabbing nerve pain for days and days that I keep reading about. I feel duped because the medical... READ MORE

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