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35 Year Old Male, 6'5 Coolsculpting of Abdomen and Flanks

I was always thin but gained weight my freshman year in college, 40 pounds, then I lost it all back and was thinner and in better shape than when I was in highschool. I was a 32 waist in highschool and am a 31 now. But the weight gain and subsequent loss had left me with muffin top fat deposits... READ MORE

Coolsculpting 5 Areas 2 Weeks Ago

Dear, I d like to share my progress. I see already reduction. I had it done on abdomen and love handles, also under the buttox on the thighs. I just got these ichy red marks my docter called these cold urticaria. When will these go away? I never had them before. When i touch my skin it leaves an... READ MORE

Lower Flanks Coolsculpting / 36 Yr Female

I couldn't get rid of my love handles no matter what I did. I lost 20 pounds with diet and exercise, but still my love handles were there! So I decided to give coolsculpting a try. It's been 2 months since the procedure and very happy with the results. I do lead a healthy lifestyle, I work out... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mother of Twins-120lbs. Lexington, KY

Did cool sculpting today. It's not the most comfortable procedure but all in all it's completely bearable. The first 5 minutes is weird but after that I watched Netflix. Not swollen, a little itchy. Took ibuprofen before procedure and I haven't taken anything since. I'll load my comparison... READ MORE

Extremely Painful but Totally Worth It

For me, coolsculpting works as wonder. I had my upper stomach done first and saw the result in only 6 weeks. So I decided to have another treatment on my love handle. But let me warm u, coolsculpting really hurts like hell!! After they removed the handle, my blood pressure drops intensely that I... READ MORE

Waiting - Toronto, ON

I have wanted to do liposuction on my abdomen, arms, and inner thighs for quite some time. I am in my 50's and my motivation to lose my additional weight through diet is waning as my metabolism does not work the same as when I was younger, and it feels torturous. Liposuction is expensive so,... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Upper and Lower Abdomen - Mount Kisco, NY

I went in on the 28th of april for a coolsculpting session on my stomach. We decided the best method would be using the coolmax in 4 areas on my belly. the applicator was positioned around my belly button in a diamond shape. Whatever you've read before about the CoolMax head is true. It's... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Tried Cool Sculpting - Latham, NY

Heard about cool sculpting decided I'd try it. Well I'm 13 days post procedure and I'm still numb and having that feeling of itchiness and electrical shocks. I'm still swollen also. When she first put the vacuum on my first leg it was painful but the 2nd leg was so much worse... READ MORE

Slim, Active 47 Year Old, 121 lbs, Looking for a Little Help - San Ramon, CA

A few years ago I got serious about my fitness - I work out 3-5 days a week, eat healthy 80% of the time but I just could not get my stomach flatter or my thighs better! I've done squats, crunches, step ups - I joined a gym, have a personal trainer and yet.... so I went to see a doctor about... READ MORE

5'2, 34, No Baby, 108 Lbs. Virginia Beach, VA

I had coolsculpting 4 days ago on my abdomen and inner thighs. I got a small pooch and saddle bag that never go away so I decided to try this. Right now, the outside is numb and some sort of painful, itchy feeling inside but I am currently using a Compression Garment so I could barely feel the... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - 34yrs, 4 Kids - Katy, TX

I had coolsculpting done on June 30. Three applicators, size 6.5. I am 34 years old, 5'4 at 118lb. After having 4 children my problem area has always been my abdomen. I decided to do coolsculpting since it was non-invasive. The procedure itself was a little uncomfortable but not a big deal. A... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - 44yo female 129lbs 5'5

I just had cool sculpting done 3 days ago. The initial 5-10 min were uncomfortable but tolerable. I had my abdomen and inner thighs done. It took about 3 hrs. I had it done on Thursday and went to yoga on Friday. I'm still numb and tender to the touch. It's starting to get a little itchy but... READ MORE

Coolsculpting- Abdomen and Love Handles - Des Moines, IA

I've been stalking this site for a while and finally decided to write my own review. I went to a local clinic where they were having a special. As a standard they want you to treat the same area twice. They said second procedure should be done about a month after the first. I decided to do... READ MORE

Ouch! High Pain Tolerance - Wasn't Expecting This.

I'm 38 and I've always hated my saddlebags. I can't wear skinny jeans. They make me look bigger than I am. My right side is bigger than my left, so I decided to do this cool sculpting on just that side first. I figured I'd see how the procedure worked and go back to do both sides again if it... READ MORE

CoolSculpting on High-hips Love Handles/flanks

I'm 5'4" and have always been curvy (that's why I got the BA, to balance out my hips!) - however - my hips have always bothered me, ever since college-age. I know I have "high hips" (or violin hips, or shelf hips... the few of us who have them have a lot of names for them) which means you can... READ MORE

Inner Thigh CoolSculpting

I had my first CoolSculpting treatment done on my inner thighs, and while I was nervous the experience turned out to be way better than expected. The first few minutes of having the device on me was pretty uncomfortable. After about 8 minutes I was 100% numb so it was fine! I had an hour of... READ MORE

49 Yr. Old with Stubborn Back Fat - Oakland, CA

I only did one treatment at a med spa, it consisted of 2 areas, left and right side of mid-back. They used the attachment that would also be used on the upper abs (not the huge ab attachment), so it gives you that "stick of butter" size coverage. The procedure took an hour on each side, so... READ MORE

41 and Tired of Buying Pants Large Enough to Fit my Thighs but Three Sizes Too Large for my Waist. Mount Pleasant, SC

I have struggled with my thighs since I was young. I played a lot of sports and developed thick and muscular thighs and calves. Once I stopped playing sports the muscle turned to flab. No matter what exercises I do, my thighs are the last place I lose weight. I had recently lost 25 lbs and... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting PAIN - Toronto, ON

I cannot believe the clinic I used for this procedure did not warn me of the pain that occurred post treatment. The pitch at the clinic using a very generic " pain tolerance differs in everyone". It almost seems like a legal loophole by using that statement because the pain felt after... READ MORE

51 Yrs Old, Athletic, Thin, Cool Sculpting to Abdomen. OUCH! - St. Louis, MO

Ok, so I paid for two treatment to my abdomen. I had fat below and above the belly button. The large applicator was placed longways on my abdomen for an hour each side. I had the first treatment 6 weeks ago and it really hurt for the first 7 min, then was somewhat tolerable. Halfway through,... READ MORE

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