inflammation + CoolSculpting

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35-44 Yr Old Mother, 5'4" 134 Lbs, Fairly Athletic - Yreka, CA

After much research, and lots of "Yes I'm going to, no I'm not going to", I did! Had my procedure Apr 8th, 4 in a diamond around my belly button, 1 on lower abd, 1 on each flank for a total of 7. I arrived at 7:30am for consent, pictures, and measuring/sharpie markings. Each application took... READ MORE

50+ and desesperate! Coolsculpting to undo lipo mess?

Not sure what to think YET! Don't expect me to post pictures, they aren't pretty. You see, I'm 50+/menopause 2 years now. For YEARS I was fit and trim, then aging and sagging happened. Active Senior that looks like a Senior. I am NOT a hot mama jama and I watch what I eat and do. Fit bit... READ MORE

Major Inflammation Increase Still Three Months After Procedure - Chicago, IL

I had cool sculpting on my belly three months ago. I have had extreme difficulty recovering as I have inflammation that has spread throughout my body with numbness and swelling in my feet and hand joints. I have never had any trouble before this procedure. The doctors here will all tell you... READ MORE

48 Year Old Female, Cool Sculpting in 12 Places One Day! - United Kingdom

I am day 3 post procedure. I had cool sculpting on 12 spots. 6 on flanks, two on upper abs. And 2 of the large applicator on lower abs, which were counted (and charged) as 2 each. It was a long day, I was at the clinic from 9 am to nearly 7 pm. I 5'6" 155lb with lots of loose fat located... READ MORE

Lower Belly Pooch, Won't Go Away! Elk Grove, CA

I got my procedure done with a large applicator on my lower abdomen with the same impression as all people on this site - no down time, no side effects, etc. And have gone through the same pains many people have been feeling. Day 0, 1, and 2 I had numbness and no pain/issues whatsoever. Day 3 I... READ MORE

37 Yrs Old with + Advice About Coolsculpt - Golden, CO

I have always been thin and athletic all my life even after childbirth. 3 yrs ago I started putting on weight related to vascular problems in my legs, got depressed, and made things worse by drinking 2-6 alcoholic beverage/night which made my weight issues worse despite still going to the gym my... READ MORE

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