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Coolsculpting Bra Roll

I had my first coolsculpting treatment on my bra roll. The facility I went to offered both sides to be done at the same time so the total treatment time was one hour (instead of two). The area was swollen and red for a few days. After about 3-4 weeks I noticed the fatty areas treated were... READ MORE

Fit 48 year old with a hereditary double chin

My weak neckline has bothered me most of my life. I am a steady weight size 10 but even when I was younger and much skinnier my chin fat was always there. I was not interested in lipo as I did not want anything invasive. I checked into kybella but I could not get past the bullfrog look I would... READ MORE

I Wanted a Tummy Tuck! But I Didn't Need It Thanks to CoolSculpting! - Delray Beach, FL

After 4 children, I wanted a Tummy tuck. A health professional, Lori Harrington, recommend I get CoolSculpting instead. She recommened Leigh Lipp, RN as a true artist that understood how carefully the procedure needed to be done to look right. I had the procedure done August, 2016. I was in and... READ MORE

scam procedure of sculpting

There is no any visible improvement after 12 weeks at all. I have disputed this cool sculpting applications to my abdomen with the Columbus Aesthetics center and requested to stop payments of the Care Credit Synchrony bank. I have been promised that resault will be visible after 8 - 12 weeks,... READ MORE

59 f, bmi 25 - The Woodlands, TX

To say it is a 5% reduction after 4 large applicators is generous. Procedures were not bad, but the following 2 weeks very painful and swollen. I suspect the very small improvement is due more to an increase in exercise starting in week 3 than the cool sculpting. I've shown the pics to 3... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - San Francisco, CA

I found Pacific Plastic Surgery to do my first "foray" into body improvement. After a great consultation, I began my cool sculpting procedure 2 months ago and have just finished my 2nd round. Besides being amazed with my results, I had two "rockstarts" that were with me from start to finish,... READ MORE

45 Years Years Old with 2 Children. Fort Lauderdale, FL

First of all this is the most amazingly decorated and architecturally designed office I have ever seen anywhere . Everyone is super attentive bubbly and happy from the moment you walk into the second that you leave . No one does better cosmetic work then Dr. Soro and Dr. Aguilera and this... READ MORE

36 Woman. Naperville, IL

I'm thin to begin with but had a couple areas that I wanted to improve. It was lower belly and totally worth it!! Glad I did it. I noticed a big difference, it's a lot flatter. It was pretty painless and just felt a little sore for 2-3 days or so. I work out and eat right mostly but these areas... READ MORE

Much Needed Fat Reduction on Thighs. Manhattan, NY

After losing weight I noticed that I still could not get rid of fat on my unwanted thighs. I tried exercising but was having no luck so I scheduled an appointment with Linda at Fountain MedSpa to learn more about Coolsculpting. After talking with Linda I liked what I heard and they had positive... READ MORE

Going Back Again! Greenwich, CT

I received a Coolsculpting treatment 2 months ago on my neck. For years I had what my daughter called a "turkey neck". Then I saw a commercial for a non-invasive way to reduce fat there, so I made an appointment. I went to have the treatment at the Greenwich Medical Spa in Greenwich, CT. It... READ MORE

Thrilled with Stomach!!!! Greenwich, CT

I am a female in my mid 20s. I've always had large love handles that have made me uncomfortable in most clothing. A few month ago I was at my dermatologist at Greenwich Dermatology and one of the nurses had told me about CoolSculpting. So I decided to try it. I got treated on my hips twice on... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Review---So Pleased with the Results. Beverly Hills, CA

I have always had a tummy pooch in my lower stomach area and have not been able to wear form fitting dresses. I am slender, but that area has bothered me forever. I had a consultation with Dr. Chiu to discuss CoolSculpting and he found me to be an ideal candidate for the procedure. He fully... READ MORE

Just Had That Tummy Pooch I Could Never Get Rid Of. - Tucson, AZ

I am not positive of the actual date of my procedure. Dr. Orlick's office was having a special on their Cool Sculpting procedure so I went in for a consultation. They thought I could get a great result, seems I had just the right amount of fat in the right spots! I just wanted them gone! I went... READ MORE

I Would Do It Again - Birmingham, MI

I have always had a tummy bulge, even as a teenager. I am 52, 5' 4", 138 pounds with an athletic build. I did my belly - lower and just above belly button area and my sides in the back just below my waist line. I see a really nice difference with one treatment on my belly; the back side is... READ MORE

Happy with Results - Stockton, CA

I am 61 and exercise regularly. 5'6 and 130 lbs. I had these fat pockets on my flanks that seem to be getting worse with age- so I decided to try cool sculpting. I know it is suppose to take 2 to 3 months to see results. But I am seeing improvements in 3 weeks. Using a tape measure there is... READ MORE

75% Satisfied - Utah

I was treated on September 2nd for my mid/lower abdomen. The treatment itself was easy breezy and even after my treatment I didn't really have any complications. I felt numb for about 3 weeks and felt really weird when I would run or go down stairs. It felt like I had some good old... READ MORE

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