ibuprofen + CoolSculpting

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29 Year Old After Substantial Weight Loss - Tulsa, OK

I am 4'11 and currently weight 120 lbs. Four years ago I stepped on the scale at a pre-employment physical and almost had a heart attack. It said 176 lbs! At the time I was in a healthcare professional school and working full time so I used diet alone to lose my weight. After losing 53 lbs I... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting for Arms

Arm lipo done back in 11.2014 done by Dr. Moise Salama in Miami Florida , did nothing for me instead left me with uneven results and saggy skin. I consulted Dr. armando Soto in orlando florida couple of weeks ago for revision for arm lipo and instead he recommended to do few sessions of Cool... READ MORE

Hate my Outer Thights Since I Was an Adolescent. Argentina, AR

As all woman i have always hate a part of my body... for me was the outer thights ... even when i was very skinni they still there. I excercise my body taking classes of spinnig... walking 40 min a day and other things.... and discover what! The fat in the outer thights still there... that is... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mother of Twins-120lbs. Lexington, KY

Did cool sculpting today. It's not the most comfortable procedure but all in all it's completely bearable. The first 5 minutes is weird but after that I watched Netflix. Not swollen, a little itchy. Took ibuprofen before procedure and I haven't taken anything since. I'll load my comparison... READ MORE

34yrs Old with Baby Pouch - West Bloomfield, MI

I had a cool sculpting procedure on my lower abdominal five days ago and is in very intense pain. I've taken Ibuprofen however, it only lasts for about 30 minutes. My doctor's office doesn't opening until in the morning. Any other suggestions for the pain? And how many days pain will last... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Procedure More Painful Than I Thought It Was Going to Be! Illinois, IL

So I've done my research and had mixed feelings on how the procedure would actually feel. Because I was told, no surgery, no anesthesia, no downtime, I'm thinking, I can deal with the fact that a few people said it was a little painful. I have a very high pain tolerance, so I figured if anything... READ MORE

54 and Tired of Love Handles! Appleton, WI

I kind of got talked into this by a friend who wanted CoolSculpting. My daughter is getting married in early June and diet and exercise alone were not getting me where I wanted to be! We went in for a consultation, and at first I was leaning towards Laser Liposuction. (I am 5'4" and 148 lb., so... READ MORE

Just Turned 50 and Needed a Touch Up. - Jacksonville, FL

I had a tummy tuck 16 years ago and now after gaining about 10-12 lbs. the gain was in my upper stomach area and no matter what I seemed to do this would not go away. So after reading many reviews I decided to go for it. Day 1- A little nervous as I wasn't quite sure what to expect on the... READ MORE

35-44 Yr Old Mother, 5'4" 134 Lbs, Fairly Athletic - Yreka, CA

After much research, and lots of "Yes I'm going to, no I'm not going to", I did! Had my procedure Apr 8th, 4 in a diamond around my belly button, 1 on lower abd, 1 on each flank for a total of 7. I arrived at 7:30am for consent, pictures, and measuring/sharpie markings. Each application took... READ MORE

47 Yr Old Mom..Day 1 - Anchorage, AK

After careful research by reading several reviews, as well as my thorough consult, I decided to try the CoolSculpting procedure. It was somewhat uncomfortable when they put the applicators on and I then waited comfortably after going numb while the procedure did its thing. I had a total of four... READ MORE

CoolSculpt on Inner Thighs on 31 Year Old-1 Week Post with No Discomfort or Pain

I'm 1 week post treatment on my inner thighs. I've lost a good bit of weight this year but still having an issue with my thighs rubbing together which is very painful as I walk everywhere in the city. I had the treatment at a dermatologist's office-I've seen it offered at medspas and other not... READ MORE

Ouch! High Pain Tolerance - Wasn't Expecting This.

I'm 38 and I've always hated my saddlebags. I can't wear skinny jeans. They make me look bigger than I am. My right side is bigger than my left, so I decided to do this cool sculpting on just that side first. I figured I'd see how the procedure worked and go back to do both sides again if it... READ MORE

Hoping the Pain is Worth It - Bethlehem, PA

I had my first cool sculping treatment yesterday for my upper abs, lower abs, and love handles. I'm not a fan of cold so I assumed the applicator would be the worst part. Honestly, the suction was a little uncomfortable but not bad. I had my left flank and right lower ab done first. When the... READ MORE

One Week Post Lower Ab Procedure. More Painful Than I Thought It Would Be. - Sioux City, IA

Had my lower ab procedure done on 8/1/2016. Five days post started getting sharp stabbing pain in lower ab. Worse, for some reason, after eating. On the sixth day post, (Saturday) I stayed in bed taking Ibuprofen. Now nine days post, still intermittent sharp stabbing pains and soreness to... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Louisville, KY

I had coolsculpting done yesterday afternoon. I am so excited to see what happens to my body in the next month. Okay, so I have to be honest. I read hundreds of reviews before getting this procedure done and I really didn't consider that the "no downtime" claim doesn't exactly indicate "no pain"... READ MORE

Amazing... Best Ever... DO IT! - Denver, CO

After doing my research (and wasting money on Zerona) I decided to give CoolSculpting a try. I had consultations at several offices and chose Colorado Skin & Vein because the Laura (their nurse) is phenomenal (I had her do Botox and Voluma as well, again recommended but that's a whole... READ MORE

52 Yr Old Female, who did cool sculpt Philadelphia, PA

Went to Ideal Image to have coolsculpt done 4 days ago. Very nice staff as well as the nurse who did the procedure. The nurse told me I have good fat around my abdomen and waist And wasn't a good candidate for under my bra straps back fat because the fat was under my muscle it works with fat on... READ MORE

Day 5 and the Pain is Pretty Bad - Newburgh, NY

Ok- so I too was not prepared for the pain after this procedure. I had the flat pad applied to my upper abdomen and had absolutely NO problems with the procedure at all, nor with the healing process until day before yesterday. Started feeling sharp pains as others have described and overall... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting. Las Vegas, NV

I had cool sculpting done on my lower abdomen about a week ago. The first few days I felt no pain. It was very numb and tender. By the fourth day I then started to feel little shock waves hit me through out the day. The pain seemed to be getting worse. Last night which would mark a week was... READ MORE

The Pain is Terrible - Seattle, WA

I cannot review the results, as it was recently done (I intend on updating later). During the procedure, the esthetician said the pain would go away after about 8-10 minutes. It was so bad, I was in tears...but I just paid 900 dollars. I had to finish it. I am now 5 days after and the pain is so... READ MORE

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