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Female, 25, No Kids, Stubborn Lower Abdomen Fat - Port Coquitlam, BC

I am having my procedure done this afternoon and will update after and as I heal. CoolSculpting is exactly what I have been waiting for. I was overweight for most of my childhood, but started working out and losing weight as I entered my early teens. My weight fluctuated as I struggled to... READ MORE

35 Year Old Male, 6'5 Coolsculpting of Abdomen and Flanks

I was always thin but gained weight my freshman year in college, 40 pounds, then I lost it all back and was thinner and in better shape than when I was in highschool. I was a 32 waist in highschool and am a 31 now. But the weight gain and subsequent loss had left me with muffin top fat deposits... READ MORE

Has Anyone Had These Kinds of SEVERE BRUISING AND BLOOD HEMATOMAS ????? - Greenfield, WI

My whole life i wanted to get my pre baby years tummy and other body issues fixed.... ideal image not only told me what a great candidate i was for cool sculpting procedures but they also said i would be amazed at what i would see after the 3 months out .... we i guess i agree as i was and am... READ MORE

I see abs! (plus, one minor but noteable complication)- Miami, FL

Hi everyone. I had my procedure done three days ago. I'm inspired by a lot of the posts on here so I've decided to document my experience. I hope that my results are as great as some of the ones I've already seen on this website. I first had a consultation with a certified Coolsculting... READ MORE

50 Year Old Marfan Actor Needs Tummy and Lower Chest Reworked - Layton, UT

As a 50 year old, heart patient, marfan actor, my body was no longer responding to diet and exercise like it used to. Having had 7 hernia surgeries, my tummy was over extended, and my lower chest was taking on a breast like appearance. The non-invasive procedure of "cool sculpting" allowed me... READ MORE

Weekly pic update - Two Small Applicators on Abdomen - Bakersfield, CA

Earlier this month I had my consultation for Coolsculpting, something that just recently came to my town. The medical lady at the day spa used a measuring tool (it is like a stencil, shaped like the applicators) to recommend the applicator and approach based on my goal and needs. I have had... READ MORE

I Almost Ruled This Out, but So Glad I Had It Done! - Encino, CA

The reason why I ruled this procedure out 6 months ago was b/c of the horror stories of neuralgia (nerve pain) for up to 3 weeks following. I am so glad that I re-considered and talked to a couple more Doctors about it. I was put off by a different Doc b/c of feeling rushed and having to deal... READ MORE

Mill Creek Skin and Laser CoolSculpt - Seattle, WA

Consult: I am a medical aesthetician from the Seattle area and first heard about CoolSculpt when I was in school a few years back. Over the past two years I have lost about 70#s. The only area I am unhappy with is my tummy. I was delighted to find a clinic in my area that offered the procedure... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Painful After Day 4 - Cayman Islands

I have done my love handles and my lower abdomen on the 7th of November 2012. After a lot of research and a few visits to my doctor, I decided to do it and because of the high cost, I put a group together to get a discount. I hate pain and one of the reasons that made me do it, it's because... READ MORE

Bit the Bullet and Just Praying I Get Results - East Syracuse, NY

After attending an open house and having a consultation I had my upper and lower abs done on 6/23/12 and BOTH with the large device. I am wide and chose to try and suck more of my side in using it since the tech was amazed that I don't have any love handles. Alittle background on me...I'm 40,... READ MORE

Coolsculpting in Japan - Tokyo, JP

Here is my experience. I am 30 years old and have two children. My youngest is 11 months old. With this last pregnancy I did not bounce back like I did with my first. I am not overweight however I am rockin a serious pot belly. I am 5'7 and weight 139 lbs. I was considering getting lipo however... READ MORE

58 Yr Old Sick and Tired of Love Handles

I had six applications done on back and sides on 7/6/17 and six applications done on my front on 7/7/17. First day I was at the spa 4 1/2 hours. Each applicator stayed on for 35 minutes. Initial freezing was uncomfortable but bearable, after about ten minutes my skin became numb and I felt... READ MORE

You Will Not Regret Coolsculpting

Love my coolsculpting results!!! The procedure was Painless and quick. I wish I would have done it sooner. I was told exactly what to expect as well as the healing process. My results are exactly what I had in mind and I am very pleased with the whole process overall. If it's something you are... READ MORE

CoolSculpting on High-hips Love Handles/flanks

I'm 5'4" and have always been curvy (that's why I got the BA, to balance out my hips!) - however - my hips have always bothered me, ever since college-age. I know I have "high hips" (or violin hips, or shelf hips... the few of us who have them have a lot of names for them) which means you can... READ MORE

28y/o lower abdomen/love handles.

After a year of researching, I finally had the coolsculpting procedure done today. Obviously I haven't seen any results yet, and I fully intend to post updates, however my experience was much easier than many women's on this site, and I thought I would give a rundown of my exp. today, to help... READ MORE

Pain is Not Worth Enduring

Ironically, I did my research and bought I knew all there was to know about cool sculpting. I was told I would get good results. I have to wait 12 weeks to see them and its only been a week, but this past week has been agony. Like most the comments on PAIN AND COOL SCULPTING, I only searched... READ MORE

34 Year Old Post 3 Kids C Section - Auburn, AL

I've always been athletic but had trouble around mid abdomen and lower area where scar was from csection. Rosemary was wonderful and thorough in all questions asked. This is a great procedure to do with no downtime in healing! The only downside is you have to be patient with results as they can... READ MORE

In Shape but a Few Trouble Spots - Detroit, MI

I am really good shape, around 21% bodyfat. I workout with a trainer and I have optimized my diet as much as possible. Unfortunately I just have a bit of fat on my lower abdomen and my inner thighs that I find to be annoying. I obviously don't need liposuction and I did not want an invasive... READ MORE

50 Year Old Post-tummy Tuck - Hunt Valley, MD

I had a tummy tuck in March of 2015. By November, I was healed and happy with my tummy tuck results except that a bit of the fat seemed to have traveled to my flanks. I decided to try coolsculptin on those very isolated areas. I had two treatments on month apart. I am happy with the results.... READ MORE

Day 5 and the Pain is Pretty Bad - Newburgh, NY

Ok- so I too was not prepared for the pain after this procedure. I had the flat pad applied to my upper abdomen and had absolutely NO problems with the procedure at all, nor with the healing process until day before yesterday. Started feeling sharp pains as others have described and overall... READ MORE

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