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Cool Sculpting -Fox Valley Plastic Surgey Appleton, WI

I had it done on my flanks yesterday. I read a lot of reviews so I kinda know what to expect but it still feels weird though. I didn't feel any pain, though the second time on each side, I felt the suction is harder than the first ones. She used cool curve, twice each side that took an hour each... READ MORE

BackFat Be Gone! - Marina Del Rey, CA

I went to see Rachael at the Marina Plastic Surgery Center in Marina Del Rey, CA based on her reviews. Its exactly what all the reviews says about how the treatment is like and won't elaborate too much on in. But in a nutshell, it's like a cold vacuum sucking on to your skin for an hour. I think... READ MORE

Avoid her if you want any type of after care

Horrible. Any doctor who says, "well, we don't always get the result we want" when a procedure makes you look worse than when you went in, should be avoided. I had Coolsculpting done on my stomach last year. My stomach was flabby at the time but could be flattened using Spanx. Now, I have a... READ MORE

My Reality

I have spent a lot of money on this CoolSculpting so I sure hope it will be positive results. Here is the skinny on my experience so far: I had my inner thighs (no pain, no side effects at all), my upper abs (swelling, some discomfort), my flanks (swelling but no pain at all) and finally, the... READ MORE

Four Weeks Later - Appleton, WI

I had four areas done: upper, lower and lateral abdominal area. Full disclosure: I am 60 years old, and a very fair redhead (in other words, I bruise easily). First two weeks were EXTREMELY uncomfortable; lots of swelling, lower abdomen hard and sore. Things have improved somewhat now that I'm... READ MORE

47 Year Old Dad - Burnaby, BC

I was really sceptical to the procedure at first, but my wife had gone for a few treatments. She had convinced me after the ladies told her they can treat my man boobs and my stomach. My man boobs had always been a huge issue for me and I feel really self-conscious about them. I couldn't do my... READ MORE

Lasting Negative Results... - Lake Oswego, OR

It's taken me a while to decide whether or not to make a review, but I've been so dissatisfied with my service that I felt the need to say something. I got one cool Sculpting treatment done on my lower abdomen. The nurse Ashton was very sweet, but new, and didn't listen to me what so ever, I... READ MORE

WARNING: Coolsculpting Does Not Work for Everyone - Lake Forest, IL

After menopause, my weight soared. Years of dieting bore no results, so I decided to Coolsculpting. Unfortunately, after two rounds both back and front, there is no visible difference. You cannot tell the which set of photos is "before" and which is "after." Worse, I used to wear a long line... READ MORE

48 Male , Stomach Area. Puerto Rico, PR

I went through the procedure and most painful recovery ever! I have had liposuctions in the past so I can compare) and I will never go through cool sculpting again, because it does not work!!! My stomach is worse from when I first went in. I feel like I have a rock in my stomach , which was the... READ MORE

Fantastic Staff! -Santa Barbara, CA

6 days post - procedure: The first few days were almost unbearable. I don't know how people go back to regular exercise. I have felt like a hard lump sits in my belly pooch, which was swollen basically up until today. The first few days I looked pregnant! Not ok! My belly still doesn't "ripple... READ MORE

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