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33 Y/o Male. Trying to Get Rid of Love Handles - New York City, NY

Always had trouble with the love handles. I guess it genetic. I figured why not be more efficient and try coolsculpting in conjunction with diet and exercise. The procedure was not real uncomfortable to a little bit of pins and needles sensation but goes numb after 2 minutes. I had upper... READ MORE

28 Years Old Woman, with Genetic Tendency for Abdominal Fat - Germany, DE

Hi you all! I am a 28 years old woman, and last week I did my first coolsculpting treatment on my lower abdomen. Two years ago I moved to Germany for work reasons and (shame on me) got 10 kg that have been really hard to get rid off. Unfortunately I was never a sporty person but always kept a... READ MORE

42 Male - Submental Fat/Chin CoolMini Procedure - Mason, OH

Hi - I had my first treatment for submental fat under my chin. The procedure lasted 45 minutes. They wipe the area down with alcohol first, then sketch out the area for the applicator to be placed on. The worst part of the treatment is sitting still for 45 minutes; if there is any... READ MORE

52 Year Old Grandma

I've always struggled with my double chin - a genetic gift from my dad's family. I received my first treatment in January with a follow-up treatment a month later. The treatment itself was so easy and totally painless. After the applicator was on, I actually went to sleep for the hour-long... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Mother of One - Calgary, AB

I have been working very hard to stay fit but I could not get rid of my double chin because it is genetic. The staff here was awesome they checked me out to see if I was a good candidate for this treatment and I was parent puk The stuff year was awesome they checked me out to see if I was a good... READ MORE

44 Years Old, 3 Kids, Stubborn Inner Thigh Fat - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I have small areas that I can't get rid of no matter how much I work out or how much weight I lose. I believe it's genetics.. My mother has it and my daughter. It was so comfortable, I was totally relaxed during my procedure. The after-massage felt so weird but was back to normal in minutes. I... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old with a Pooch.....thanks Mom - Newport Beach, CA

Thanks to genetics I have a pooch that will not go away. I looked into CS several times and finally decided to do it! I talked to a few offices in the Newport Beach area and the prices ranged, for the large application, from $600-$1200. I encourage everyone to call several places. I think these... READ MORE

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