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Mons Pubis Reduction - Hyannis, MA

I have spent my entire life hiding my puffy mons pubis and finally decided to try Coolsculpting. I was considering Lopo but wanted to try a non invasive procedure first. So I had it done today( photos to come). I was warned that it would be painful and I'm not going to kid you it was. The first... READ MORE

33 Year Old Mom of Two Coolscupting Sucess - West Orange, NJ

First off, let me say that I looked at every review possible on the Internet web and here. I was a little on the fence but decided to give it a try based on some positive reviews I had seen here in other parts of the country. I was able to quickly schedule my consultation with Dr. Lalla and... READ MORE

Had My First Cool Sculpt Today. Los Angeles, CA

After much research I decided to go ahead and get started with my first cool scuplting treatment. I did my left love handle area and this is how it went. First she applied a wet slippery pad onto the area after outlining where she was going to suction with a marker. Then she applied the device.... READ MORE

Four Weeks Post CoolSculpting, My Experience So Far - Los Angeles, CA

I've always had a layer of pudge on my tummy, which I didn't really mind pre-kiddos, but the crepe-ing and overall looseness of my skin makes the extra weight really unbearable for me to look at. So it had to go. I started a series of treatments with Motykie Med Spa in LA both to shrink down... READ MORE

Just Short of Miraculous!

Let me start by saying that I am pretty skeptical about this kind of stuff- especially when a twenty-something year old tells me that I can potentially lose nearly 1/2 my kangaroo pouch fat with just 1 1 hour treatment- and no diet or exercise required. We did 1 large on the lower center of my... READ MORE

Loss of Weight - Would Love to Freeze Extra Skin off my Arms - Santa Monica, CA

From the moment you walk in you are made to feel like a queen or king. This was my first time doing Coolscupting. My expectations were set accordingly and it wasn't comfortable, but it was not painful. Day 3 still no pain. The nurse was very accommodating and professional. I am a skeptic, my... READ MORE

71 Years Old, 4 Kids, Unwanted Weight in my Sides at the Waist and in my Abdomen. - Hurst, TX

I had CoolSculpting done to my waist and abdomen about a year ago. After four children, I had the usual unwanted weight in my sides at the waist and in my abdomen. Since I'm not overweight, I 'm a good candidate. I could not seem to lose the weight around my midsection. I think that the... READ MORE

Cannot Believe I Fell for This - Cedar Rapids, IA

I was excited to sculpt off some excess fat cells. I debated back and forth with myself and spending the money. My friend had the procedure done a year earlier. She did not have an opportunity to see results as she was diagnosed with breast cancer about a few short months later. I might as well... READ MORE

50 Years Old, Mother of Two. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq (Two Areas) - Santa Rosa, CA

I am 5.5 and only weighing in 114 lb and thin everywhere, but have a protruding abdomen that makes me look as thought I'm 4-5 months pregnant. I don't and shouldn't go on diets since I'm considered a little underweight. In the past, exercise did little to change this. After hearing and reading... READ MORE

48 Male , Stomach Area. Puerto Rico, PR

I went through the procedure and most painful recovery ever! I have had liposuctions in the past so I can compare) and I will never go through cool sculpting again, because it does not work!!! My stomach is worse from when I first went in. I feel like I have a rock in my stomach , which was the... READ MORE

Wanted Noninvasive

I will be very truthful with my experience, Im a RN and actually work 1 day a week at plastic surgeons office in the OR. If I wanted to I could have lipo or tummy tuck, I wanted non invasive. Im 5'5" 165 46y, I don't have saggy skin which surgery would be needed. Thats the one thing you need... READ MORE

Misrepresented Marketing of CoolSculpting Procedure - Contour Clinic, MN

It concerns me that there is such a strong misrepresentation for CoolSculpting and I want to share my experience and also my friend's experience with the procedure on our stomachs. When they state there is no downtime, that is false. The first and second day after the procedure, your skin is... READ MORE

Spring/Summer Body Tune Up! (Bra Fat and Inner Thigh/back of Thigh) - New York, NY

I had Coolsculpting to smooth out some trouble areas that have been difficult to reduce and isolate with normal exercise workouts and healthy eating. Trouble areas: love handles (bra fat area) a very long pinch 2" fat roll that was very noticeable with any shirt. Current circumference is... READ MORE

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