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44, Work out but Never Got Flat Stomach Back After Hysterectomy - Medford, NJ

Always had a flat stomach but after 2 major surgeries and ending w a hysterectomy - I could never get my stomach flat again. I also started crossfit 4 months prior and continue 5x week, and I also cut out drinking everything except water. I aim (and usually hit target) of 100oz of water a day.... READ MORE

36 Years Old 2 Kids

I'm a 36 year old mother of two. I had my daughter at the age of 17 and bounced right back 2 weeks after. Fourteen years later our son decided to come along. I had him right before turning 31 and I didn't bounce back at all after him. After developing better eating habits and regular exercise I... READ MORE

Amazing Results - Stubborn Tummy Fat Gone! - Vancouver, BC

Incredibly happy with the results - I went down a whole dress size! My stubborn fat around my midsection has been greatly reduced and I now have a flat stomach! It's a weird sensation and I felt it tug a bit in the beginning, but then went numb. I got minimal bruising, but it went away within a... READ MORE

42 and in a Great Shape! - Galloway, NJ

I wanted to get a more flat abdomen and was tired of wearing spanx...I had no time to go to the gym and my body was starting to change. After I turned 40 my metabolism started to slow down. The procedure was simple and comfortable it only took 4 hrs with breaks. 4 attachments were used; 2 on... READ MORE

Who Says You Look Your Best in High School - Atlanta, GA

After working out 4-5 days a week, eating as healthy as I could, I had just about given up. Yes, I had seen my body change but not like I wanted to- not until CoolSculpting. I always thought, "This little belly is all due to genetics. There is nothing I can do." Never did I think being wrong... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Progress-week 7 Days - Cranston, RI

Ok, so I lost about 30 pounds in the past year pretty evenly except for a pocket of fat on my lower abdomen when I went for my consultation, the nurse recommend I do my upper and lower just so the end result is even and flat after the three months. I had it done (4 sessions at once -two suction... READ MORE

38 Years Old Married +4 Kids. Beachwood, OH

I was 5 month after giving birth with my 4 kids... It's was a little hard to lose all the stomach . I use to have flat stomach ... So I really want my flats stomach back! I hard about the cool sculpting ( frizzing the fat ) sound great I don't like scarf on my body so I did my homwork and I want... READ MORE

Easy Breezy - Jackson, MS

5 weeks ago: Areas treated: Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, right and left 'love handles ', inner thighs- all treated in just a few hours. I'm 5'9", 165 lb female, 38 yrs old. I had liposuction in Calidornia about 5 years ago and extremely disappointed in the results. So I heard about... READ MORE

25 Years Old with a Lower Belly Pooch - Henderson, NV

I had cool sculpting done twice. I spent months with a trainer and watching what I eat and couldn't get rid of "the pooch". I tried cool sculpting and was pleased with the results. The first time I did the procedure I fainted and it hurt a bit. But after 3 weeks my tummy was so flat. I did the... READ MORE

47 Years Old, 1 Child (8 Lb), 5'8", 160 Lbs - Middletown, NY

I am a few weeks away from my first Coolsculpting appointment and I am very apprehensive. I am about to spend a great deal of money to get 6 areas treated and I am panicking that I made the wrong decision. Originally I wanted to get a tummy tuck, but the doctor I chose for a consultation no... READ MORE

College Reunion Coming Up--flatter Tummy

Great experience from start to finish, Slept through treatment No discomfort during treatment but was sore for a great days. I was advised to wear spandex several days. Went back to work same day with no problem. I can't wait to as my final final results and will update my review in... READ MORE

53 Years Old Desperate Need of Fat Reduction but Did Not Want Surgery.

Thus far, I have had my stomach and inner thighs done and I can see a difference after just one treatment in each area. I am scheduled for two treatments. My stomach is definitely flatter. It's a relatively pain free process with no down time. I have had the procedures done during my lunch... READ MORE

My abs are flat again!

My experience was fantastic. The team at DMH Aesthetics is so nice and professional. They were extremely accommodating and made me feel so comfortable. I had CoolSculpting done on 9 areas and am loving my results. My abs are flat again, and I lost at least 1-2 inches of fat around my abs. I also... READ MORE

40 Yrs; 2 Kids; Slim Physique

At the time of the procedure I was 5"2 & 115lbs with avery small lower belly bulge. The clinic recommended 1 -2 treatments and offered me a discount if I purchased 2. It sounded amazing so I got the two. The procedure itself was uncomfortable at times, a little painful, but very tolerable... READ MORE

Flat Belly

I visited ThinSculpting to find out more about CoolSculpting because I always wanted a flat belly, especially after having kids. I was hesitant about the procedure and how well it would work. The ladies patiently answered all my questions without any pressure. They were very friendly and... READ MORE

Hurts Like Hell!

I had 7 zones done on my stomach, on the same day. Was supposed not to hurt and have a beautiful flat belly after 3 months. What they did not say it that it takes more than one treatment to achieve it. It was so painful and what they said to take only Tylenol. Did not work. I was extremely... READ MORE

46 year old had coolscuplting...need to lose 20 pounds....but decided to go for it. Feedback please.

I am 20 pounds overweight and carry it ALL in my abdomen. I thought I would give coolsculpting a try. A kickstart perhaps. What I like is that the fat cells that freeze off will never be filled with fat again. I know I will not have a flat stomach; I am realistic. Just curious if anyone sees a... READ MORE

Kp Aesthetics saved me with CoolSculpting

I absolutely love my results with CoolSculpting! Kim did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier! My belly is flat as a surfboard and I know I owe that to Kp Aesthetics! Cant wait to treat more areas! READ MORE

Senior with complete flat stomach after 4 children.

I had coolsculpting on my stomach andhave never had a flat somache in decades. After 4 children my stomach was hanging, then i got this treatment and my stomach is completely flat. I love it. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. I will be doing more as this treatment does work. READ MORE

Coolscupting by Michelle at The Geldner Center Was Fabulous! - Chicago, IL

My Coolsculpting prodecure, performed by Michelle Phelps at The Geldner Center, exceeded my highest expectations! Michelle explained the procedure fully -- both the science behind it and what I would experience -- and made sure of my ease and comfort during the two treatments I had (Netflix is... READ MORE

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