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36 Years Old 2 Kids

I'm a 36 year old mother of two. I had my daughter at the age of 17 and bounced right back 2 weeks after. Fourteen years later our son decided to come along. I had him right before turning 31 and I didn't bounce back at all after him. After developing better eating habits and regular exercise I... READ MORE

Amazing Results - Stubborn Tummy Fat Gone! - Vancouver, BC

Incredibly happy with the results - I went down a whole dress size! My stubborn fat around my midsection has been greatly reduced and I now have a flat stomach! It's a weird sensation and I felt it tug a bit in the beginning, but then went numb. I got minimal bruising, but it went away within a... READ MORE

42 and in a Great Shape! - Galloway, NJ

I wanted to get a more flat abdomen and was tired of wearing spanx...I had no time to go to the gym and my body was starting to change. After I turned 40 my metabolism started to slow down. The procedure was simple and comfortable it only took 4 hrs with breaks. 4 attachments were used; 2 on... READ MORE

Who Says You Look Your Best in High School - Atlanta, GA

After working out 4-5 days a week, eating as healthy as I could, I had just about given up. Yes, I had seen my body change but not like I wanted to- not until CoolSculpting. I always thought, "This little belly is all due to genetics. There is nothing I can do." Never did I think being wrong... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Progress-week 7 Days - Cranston, RI

Ok, so I lost about 30 pounds in the past year pretty evenly except for a pocket of fat on my lower abdomen when I went for my consultation, the nurse recommend I do my upper and lower just so the end result is even and flat after the three months. I had it done (4 sessions at once -two suction... READ MORE

38 Years Old Married +4 Kids. Beachwood, OH

I was 5 month after giving birth with my 4 kids... It's was a little hard to lose all the stomach . I use to have flat stomach ... So I really want my flats stomach back! I hard about the cool sculpting ( frizzing the fat ) sound great I don't like scarf on my body so I did my homwork and I want... READ MORE

Easy Breezy - Jackson, MS

5 weeks ago: Areas treated: Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, right and left 'love handles ', inner thighs- all treated in just a few hours. I'm 5'9", 165 lb female, 38 yrs old. I had liposuction in Calidornia about 5 years ago and extremely disappointed in the results. So I heard about... READ MORE

25 Years Old with a Lower Belly Pooch - Henderson, NV

I had cool sculpting done twice. I spent months with a trainer and watching what I eat and couldn't get rid of "the pooch". I tried cool sculpting and was pleased with the results. The first time I did the procedure I fainted and it hurt a bit. But after 3 weeks my tummy was so flat. I did the... READ MORE

47 Years Old, 1 Child (8 Lb), 5'8", 160 Lbs - Middletown, NY

I am a few weeks away from my first Coolsculpting appointment and I am very apprehensive. I am about to spend a great deal of money to get 6 areas treated and I am panicking that I made the wrong decision. Originally I wanted to get a tummy tuck, but the doctor I chose for a consultation no... READ MORE

Kp Aesthetics saved me with CoolSculpting

I absolutely love my results with CoolSculpting! Kim did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier! My belly is flat as a surfboard and I know I owe that to Kp Aesthetics! Cant wait to treat more areas! READ MORE

Senior with complete flat stomach after 4 children.

I had coolsculpting on my stomach andhave never had a flat somache in decades. After 4 children my stomach was hanging, then i got this treatment and my stomach is completely flat. I love it. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. I will be doing more as this treatment does work. READ MORE

Coolscupting by Michelle at The Geldner Center Was Fabulous! - Chicago, IL

My Coolsculpting prodecure, performed by Michelle Phelps at The Geldner Center, exceeded my highest expectations! Michelle explained the procedure fully -- both the science behind it and what I would experience -- and made sure of my ease and comfort during the two treatments I had (Netflix is... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Workd - Marina Del Rey, CA

I went to Marina Plastic Surgery for my procedure. Everyone will have a different experience because we have different bodies and varying pain tolerance. They were great and allowed me to test the machine using the large or small applicator. I knew the small applicator would be less painful for... READ MORE

Coolsculpting CoolSmooth

I'm an in-shape 48 yo with a little bit of a wine-tire. I just couldn't get rid of it (exercise/run 6 days/wk). Regular Coolsculpt wasn't an option. I am really excited about the results. It has been only 6 weeks but a significant flatness to my abdomen. I highly recommend it for that stubborn spot. READ MORE

32 Years Old with a Little Extra Around the Hips

It was a good and interesting procedure. I had a diamond shape around my belly bottom done, so the lower and upper abdomen. The pooch) The initial 5 minutes of an area was a bit comcomfotabke but I wouldn't say it was terrible. And then it just felt like a 5lb weight sitting on you for an hour.... READ MORE

Good Bye Muffin Top - Dallas, TX

I had 2 lower abdominal coolsculpting procedures done with amazing results. Procedure itself slightly uncomfortable during but otherwise great and there was no down time. Took about 6 weeks to see results and I love it. I got awesome results with first treatment and more defined look on second.... READ MORE

Always Poochie - Portland, OR

I sought out cool sculpting to target my lower abdomen. Even as a young child I have had a "pooch" in my lower abdomen area. It didn't matter how much weight I lost or how many sit-ups or ab workouts I did it was there. I envied those with flat tummies. I had 4 areas treated (2 areas in my... READ MORE

Needed Help with Getting Rid of Belly and Love Handles - Carlsbad, CA

I had the CoolSculpting procedure to get rid of excess fat on my stomach and sides. I was nervous that the procedure wouldn't really work, or if it did that it wouldn't last, but I had saved and decided to go for it. I had a total of 6 areas treated around my stomach and sides. They said it... READ MORE

43 Year Old Momma Who Always Wanted a Flat Belly! - Flower Mound, TX

I've worked out most of my life and never been able to achieve a fully flat belly so I thought I'd try CoolSculpting. I saw the before and after pictures on others and was quite hopeful. After almost 5 weeks after the procedure I saw my stomach finally starting to look I've been hoping for all... READ MORE

I Love my Results Already! - Roswell, GA

I recieved coolsculpting before the holidays and Im already loving my results! I used two applicators to my trouble areas on my stomach that wouldnt go away with eating clean and excercise, my stomach is now flatter and I am able to fit better into my clothing. I am loving my results so much I... READ MORE

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