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Currently Getting Cool Sculpting As We Speak!!

I am currently getting Cool Sculpting after stalking the procedure for years! I finally decided to pull the trigger after I learned about the new devices that take less time and may not give the horrible nerve pain. The first few minutes weren't that bad..I was counting the minutes until I went... READ MORE

CoolSculpting of Flabby Belly and Love Handles!

I am a 37 year old mother of a 1.5 year old. I am 5'1 and weight 140 pounds. I am getting 8 areas of coolsculpting treated on my upper & lower abdomen and front and back flanks. Using the cooladvantage newer applicators that only take 35 mins per treatment. Get 2 areas done at a time. I... READ MORE

Coolsculpting NOT Worth It

I am an active 40 y/o woman, no kids. I am 5'4" and weighed 142lbs when I had my procedure done. Even at my smallest weight, I've always had a flabby tummy. I did not expect to have a perfectly flat abdomen after coolsculpting and started getting more strict with my diet and increased exercise... READ MORE

CoolSculpting gone wrong

This procedure ruined my mid-section. I felt I had stubborn belly fat going into the procedure but I now have actual lumps that are painful and flab on my hips. I realize all plastic surgery comes with no guarantees- skip this one ladies- it's worse than when I started. READ MORE

51 Year Old Male Getting Flabby..... - Bethlehem, PA

After doing some research on-line (maybe not enough?) I decided to go for an evaluation (2-19) to see if I qualified for CoolSculpting. The first place I went to checked me over, and after getting a second opinion from the nurse who actually does the procedure, said I did not have enough fat to... READ MORE

46 with Flabby Tummy, Not Overweight. Birmingham, AL

A month ago I went for a consult for SmartLipo at a prominent plastic surgeons office and was told my skin was bad and would be hanging after the process and that I really needed a full tummy tuck. Seeing as I really only have about 3 inches of fat in the center of my tummy, I just couldn't... READ MORE

35yo, 190, 44" Waist Coolsculpting - Portland, OR

May 2, 2014 - All of the reviews here for coolsculpting are from what i deem as "already thin" people. I am 5'7", 190lbs and i wear a size 16 jeans. I'm a big girl. I went into my doctor to discuss liposuction and he recommended coolsculpting. Apparently I have really strong abs underneath all... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - THIGHS - 34 Year Old, Fit, 5'7, 133lbs _ Did not work - New York, NY

Hey there. Had cool sculpting done on January 9th. on INNER and OUTER thighs. Went back two weeks later for back of thighs. Avid "worker outer". 5'7, BMI of 21 or 22. I lift heavy, follow Paleo diet. I can see my ab muscles on most days, but my THIGHS UGGGGH, THEY just are flabby. There... READ MORE

41 Years, Getting Rid of Extra Layers on Arms, Abs, Thighs. Portland, OR

I looked into Sono Bello and LipoLift. Went to Waldorf Center, and got the advice that I had more extra skin than fat on my abdomen, with lipo, I would probably end up with more skin. Suggested the non-invasive coolsculpt. The cost is less, and literally - I am 1 hour out and back at work... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Arms - Nashville, TN

Had pretty good experience lost about 1/2 from each arm. In early May went back and had second treatment, lost about another half inch from each already. I noticed results each time at three weeks mark. Not much after that. So while arms are still flabby and Ned toning, they are one inch... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, Not Worth It - Boulder, CO

I have always had a slightly flabby stomach No matter how fat or thin I have been. I was aware that this is not a solution to weight loss, but it was a good alternative to a tummy tuck, which my doctor told me I would eventually need after childbirth anyway. I had two sections treated on my... READ MORE

43 Yr Old Woman with Very Flabby Arms. - Centennial, CO

So being born with flabby arms I have always hated the way they look in sleeveless shirts. I finally decided to do something about them. I wasn't sure if it would work bit after a month I'm seeing results. So glad I did it and very fortunate to know the staff at Hollywood Laser. They definitely... READ MORE

Love my Results! - Cincinnati, OH

I decided to try CoolSculpting after hitting a plateau in my weight loss journey and struggling with those "flabby" or "doughy" areas. After calling around to various offices, I came to a decision to use Mangat-Holzapfel Plastic Surgery Group and had a great experience with having this procedure... READ MORE

Excess Flab on Lower Arm - Rockford, IL

I was tired of my son playing with the flab hanging from my arm and decided to try the CoolSculpting. During the hour long procedure, the sensation was a little odd and I was unable to move my arms but it was bearable. When the machine was removed, that's when I felt the real pain. Luckily... READ MORE

30 Something with Back Fat That Wouldnt Quit - Westwood, CA

I attended the "cool event" at LA Laser Center in Westwood, and there was a live demo of someone doing Coolsculpting. It looked simple and it totally made sense.I decided to sign up for 4 treatments, as I wanted to lose some extra back flab and the speaker said that that area was a great place... READ MORE

58 and Tired of the Flabby Tummy - Mississauga, ON

So I am 10 lbs heavier than I want to be, but the tummy has always been there. I'm just tired of it and just want a smaller tummy. I've had 3 c-sections, an appendectomy and a hysterectomy, so scarred and a mess. I exercise regularly, but nothing changes in that area. Went for the "lunch and... READ MORE

12 areas!

I'm going in tomorrow and next day for 12 treatments!! Anybody hear of, or have experience with that? I'm 46, on the recovery side of the menapause hill and have had 3 kiddos (2 in my mid 30s). I'm 5'3" and weigh 128-135 and until about 6 months ago when I changed jobs, was able to work out 5... READ MORE

7 CoolSculpting Treatments = Only Negative Results - Gahanna, OH

I'm a 31 year old male who works a desk job and was starting to pack on more flab in the abdominal area than usual so I thought I'd give CoolSculpting a try. I went to the Ann Therese clinic and they prescribed me 10 treatments for $5k. This was a good deal considering they were charging $1k per... READ MORE

The CoolSculpting Really Worked for Me - Newport Beach, CA

I have a flabby stomach and no matter how much weight I have lost it still is flabby. I did my first treatment 5 months ago. It was uncomfortable but bearable. I paid 1200 for two treatments and my stomach is alot less fat. I was amazed that this really worked and I am going back for another... READ MORE

Best Thing Ever - Canada

It was really worth the money. I had a bit of belly flab to get rid of and 4 weeks after the procedure I noticed a big difference. I look like I worked out and have abbs. I would recommend this to people who are not overweight but have a small amout of isolated fat to get rid of. I... READ MORE

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