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Coolsculpting NOT Worth It

I am an active 40 y/o woman, no kids. I am 5'4" and weighed 142lbs when I had my procedure done. Even at my smallest weight, I've always had a flabby tummy. I did not expect to have a perfectly flat abdomen after coolsculpting and started getting more strict with my diet and increased exercise... READ MORE

CoolSculpting @ Marina Plastic Surgery no results at all!

I paid 14,000 for coolsculpting on my back (bra bulge and flanks) and stomach (lower stomach). Cons: ZERO RESULTS; I WASTED $14,000.00; Pain & Discomfort for months; Marina Plastic Surgery refuses to reimburse a reasonable amount or offer another procedure. After 2 sessions (3 on some... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Lower Abdomen- Surprised by Lack of Downtime for Me

I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen (two smaller areas). The procedure itself was easy- no pain and only mild discomfort at beginning. The massage after wasn't fun, but nearly as bad as I was expecting. I was prepared for pain, and purchased an ice wraptor and extra ice packs, assuming... READ MORE

Awesomely amazing

After one Cool Sculpting Applicator I look great! Six weeks later I am totally satisfied with my results! The results and service have exceeded my expectations! After lots of personal research on Cool Sculpting and Dr. Brauer, I decided to go for it and I am thrilled that I did. I have had 2... READ MORE

Mother of 2, 47 Stomach and Inner Thighs

I had my appointment 5 days ago. I had my abdomen done and my inner thighs. All in one appointment. I had one thigh done at the same time as 1 lower ab side done. I wouldn't say the treatment is painful but you do feel the suction when it starts. I was there for 4 hours which can get pretty... READ MORE

65 Yo Female. Wanted to Reduce the Belly, Abdominal Fatty Appearance

Wanted to do a non-invasive procedure to get rid of my belly fat. This procedure seem to fit my requirements and the fee was very reasonable. The procedure was not painful although there were some moments of post op discomfort All was managed quite effectively and the results were really... READ MORE

Numbness - Vernon Hills, IL

I hope this hard and numb sensation inside my stomach goes away soon. I was not expected. I came to your side to see other reviews and seems that my experience is not isolated. I will post again in 4 weeks I have a lot of hope this procedure works. I was debating between a lypo or this and a... READ MORE

NEVER Thought This Would Work and It Was the BEST Thing I Ever Did! - Atlanta, GA

As a 47 year old woman I had given up hope that I would ever have a flat stomach. I had 10 lb children and although I was a personal trainer I could never get rid of the "pooch". I did not have high expectations of this procedure but boy was I wrong! I lost 2 pant sizes and haven't felt this... READ MORE

36 Year Old Mom to an Infant and a 9 Year Old - Chelsea, NY

As the Mom to a newborn at the age of 36, I found my weight gain and my post-baby body a disappointment to say the least. Rebecca of Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic quickly settled my fears and made me confident in her ability to get me on track to the appearance I previously knew and loved. Rebecca... READ MORE

46 Yr Old with 2 Kids

I am 46 yrs old and like most woman after having children had a pouch on lower stomach..I exercise regularly and it wouldn't get flatter..I got 2 large applicators at $1500ea..I did notice some results about 12 weeks after.The swelling and numbness lasted over 10 weeks.I was actually Fuller than... READ MORE

48-Year-Old Professional Man Who Works on Television and Needed to Lose my Love Handles

When I first heard about CoolSculpting, I was skeptical. Could this procedure really freeze away stubborn body fat non-invasively, and without any downtime? Well, when I tried CoolSculpting myself at the Connecticut Skin Institute (CSI), my skepticism vanished -- along with the excess fat... READ MORE

Flanks and Saddlebags

I've had issues with saddlebags for what feels like forever. I'm not overweight, but those spots wouldn't go away. I had avoided CoolSculpting for a long time, thinking if I would spend a lot of money, I would spend it on lipo. Plus, a 30% reduction didn't sound like enough of a change to make... READ MORE

67 an Have Excess Fat - Little Rock, AR

Great staff, very informative, gave realistic expectations. Very happy with procedure. People very professional, friendly, and nice. Answered all my questions. Easy to get to. Emailed office about procedure prior to treatment, had immediately response. Staff very knowledgeable about procedure... READ MORE

I Wouldn't Go Anywhere but Bodify for CoolSculpting - Phoenix, AZ

After much research and due diligence I found CoolSculpting was the solution for me. I'm 60+ years old, active and eat well. However I still had pockets of fat on my body that frustrated me. I was attracted to CoolSculpting because it was non-invasive, FDA cleared and effective - according to... READ MORE

My Experience with Dr Hessler - Palo Alto, CA

Dr Hessler is really amazing. She gave me very realistic expectations and I am really happy with the results. I have gone back repetitively and had more work done. The doctor was very clear when she explained what sections will profit most from coolsculpting and where I could just do a mild work... READ MORE

Excellent Across The Board - New York, NY

Dr. Rapaport and his entire staff at 905 5th Avenue are awesome. A+ across the board for being knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I was able to talk to the doctor and express my wants. He was able to give me suggestions that made sense. I was given realistic expectations and timing for... READ MORE

Thrilled with Results! Ready for my Bikini! - Santa Barbara, CA

After having three babies and three c-sections in three years, I worked hard with diet and exercise to get my body back into shape. I got down to my ideal weight, but still was unhappy with my "muffin-top". I decided to see Dr. Lowenstein to get more information on CoolSculpting. Dr. Lowenstein... READ MORE

Good Advice After Reading Reviews - Oshkosh, WI

I had my treatment this morning and it went better than expected. After many years of a 'muffin top' I was reading up on the coolsculpting. Pretty accurate with what I had read vs. what I had experienced. The technician went over the precedure and at first had me sit up for the procedure... READ MORE

No Problem w/CoolSculpting - Rochester, NY

I have my tummy done yesterday. I almost canceled because of the reviews on here. I had no problem, fell asleep and had no pain taking the device off. I am slightly swollen and a bit numb. Because of the reviews, I took a compression garment with me and have had no problems. Every once in a... READ MORE

Extremely Painful! - Chicago, IL

OMG!! There is a lot of false advertising going on about the "painless" Coolscuplting procedure. I'm on day 5 and could not be in any more pain. I had lipo done 2 years ago and didn't have near as much pain as I'm going thru now. On top of feeling like someone is stabbing... READ MORE

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