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25, 5'5", 165 Lbs, Work out 4x/week, No Kids, Have Always Had a "Tummy"

I've always been the "chubby" kid despite being very physically active all my life. In periods where I didn't consistently work out for 6 months I would gain 20 lbs and one pant size, so I'm currently 165 lbs at size 10-12 depending on the brand. I was size 6 and 140 lbs about two years ago (but... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Appt Set :-)

I'll be having Coolsculpting done in a couple of days....I chose to start off with my lower flanks just to see my pain tolerance etc.. I have a very high pain threshold (2 very long labour natural births with no pain meds) but some say this pain lasts for days/weeks, I will provide my input on... READ MORE

Sick of Side Crunches... Bye Bye Stubborn Side Fat - Burlington, WI

I'm a young, active female who has stubborn side fat on my flanks. I've tried everything from side crunches, to diets, to crazy exercises that would make people stare at the gym, to cardio.. no matter what I did, they NEVER left. I heard a lot about Coolsculpting and thought I would give it a... READ MORE

Stubborn Tummy Bulge! - Seattle, WA

I had CoolSculpting done about a year ago on my lower belly. I had 2 treatments done. I am 5'2 and about 125 pounds. I have always carried a little extra weight in my tummy. Diet and exercise never really helped with getting rid of the extra bulge. The procedure was pretty painless - a little... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting on Lower Abdominals and Inner Thighs - Naples, FL

I am 27 years old , 5' 2.5" & 125lb. I did coolsculpting for the first time today because I have always had troubled areas on my inner thighs and lower abdominal that diet and exercise could not get rid of. Sorry I do not have any "before" pictures, I only have pictures about 3 hours after the... READ MORE

Updated: Less than Expected Results (5 months post)

Exercise multiple times per week but nagging fat in midsection and love handles / flanks. Had the lower abs done on February 14, 2014 and then love handles / flanks on March 10, 2014. Have seen some reduction in lower abs already, but still somewhat swollen. Felt good enough about the... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Love-handles & Abdomen - Cincinnati, OH

I don't typically write reviews, but since I've found others' reviews helpful so I want to return the favor. I'm about 15-20 lbs from my ideal weight and need help losing a few inches since healthy eating and exercise aren't doing it. I'm having love-handles & abdomen done. I've decided there's... READ MORE

Coolsculpting- Anxiously Awaiting the Results! - Portland, OR

After much debating, I decided to give coolsculpting a try. I had considered getting lipo but was concerned about the treatment... down time, invasiveness, etc... I've been working out my whole life and consider myself to be in good shape with exception of my tummy/ love handles. It had... READ MORE

46 Yr Old with 2 Kids

I am 46 yrs old and like most woman after having children had a pouch on lower stomach..I exercise regularly and it wouldn't get flatter..I got 2 large applicators at $1500ea..I did notice some results about 12 weeks after.The swelling and numbness lasted over 10 weeks.I was actually Fuller than... READ MORE

*Coolsculpting - Abdomen - 44 Year Old Female 5'3" 125lb -but Pouch Below Belly Button!

I wanted to simply give my review and I'll keep adding as the days go on. I did not know anyone who had done this before so I relied on this website :) I got the coolsclulpting, 2 small applicators diagonal across my adbdomen stopping a little above my belly button. I simply have a pouch from... READ MORE

Pain, Pain, Go Away!

So, I had a baby by C-section and despite my daily clean diet and consistent exercise, my C-section pouch wouldn't go away. I decided that I owed it to myself to get this done. I had pain ever since day 1 (day 1 being the day that I had the procedure done). The pain that I had then was similar... READ MORE

50 Year Old Mum of Three

Hello, I have tummy fat that has not improved with exercise and an improved diet. I have made consultation appointments with three different offices that provide Coolsculpting. Reading reviews here has been very helpful and I would welcome any feedback on the procedure and its success. Thank... READ MORE

Amazing Procedure

I had a few rounds of coolsculpting done at The Larrabee Center on Capitol Hill this past summer and I am so so glad I did. Even after working myself to the point of exhaustion at bootcamp 5-6 times per week, I still had a stubborn pooch of fat on my stomach and flanks that just would not go... READ MORE

Busy Professional Woman with 3 Kids.

CoolSculpting was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I work out everyday and eat a healthy diet. There were areas that, no matter what I tried, just wouldn't go away. CoolSculpting did the trick. It is easy, non-invasive and not painful. The experience at the office I got the... READ MORE

Coolsculpt for Saddlebags and Inner Thighs

I have been plagued with saddlebags no matter how thin I would get, still I would have this area that really bothered me so much because the saddlebags made me look wide. Runs in my family. Also had upper inner thighs done and am very happy with the results. More so with the saddlebags since... READ MORE

33 Yo, 4 Kids, Hat my Thighs - Frisco, TX

No matter how much I worked out, I could not get rid of my cellulite. Cool sculpting helped! It was very cold but wasn't painful. The staff made sure I was comfortable and gave me drinks and magazines while I was hooked up to the machine. I had no bruising after and did not need to take any pain... READ MORE

Bodybuilder Who Couldn't Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat! - Reston, VA

I do competitive bodybuilding and I couldn't seem to ever get rid of my stubborn belly fat no matter what I do, even with a very strict diet and exercise. So I tried CoolSculpting and I have never been happier with my results! I can now say that it makes my prep regiment SO much easier! Now I... READ MORE

I Am a 55 Year Old Woman - Trumbull, CT

I have always been someone that has worked out on a regular basis. As I aged my stomach became my problem area. Sit ups and crunches would not do the trick. Not wanting surgery I looked into this as an option. I had the procedure done twice over a six month period. I am so happy with the... READ MORE

46 Year Old Male - Fort Myers, FL

I am a 46 year old male in very good shape having been in sports and lifting since my high school days. No matter what I have done, or how clean my diet, I can not get rid of the tire around my stomach. I am lean everywhere but there. It isn't horrible, but given the effort I put in, I was... READ MORE

34 Year Old Chick from LA - Redondo Beach, CA

I eat a VERY low calorie diet (Medifast) and go to a pretty hard core gym four times a week (Equinox) and I still have the pooch in my lower tummy. In Southern California where (unfortunately) your weight means so much about your worth as a person, I succumbed to the pressure to go to the next... READ MORE

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