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CoolSculpting in Calgary, AB

Had cool sculpting done in Calgary at Dr. Jeffrey Dawe's office and my results were fantastic. I am not overweight, but always had a patch of stubborn fat in my tummy that could never seem to go away no matter how much I worked out or changes to my diet. I had two treatments done in my front... READ MORE

34 Year Old with 2 Kids - Houston TX

I was wanting to remove stubborn excess fat in my lower abdomen from having 2 children back to back. Cool sculpting was the perfect solution for my busy schedule with work & family. It is quick, non-invasive & doesn't have recovery time that a surgery would! The procedure only takes 1 hour... READ MORE

25 Female, "Skinny Fat", Happy with Coolsculpting on Abdomen So Far! - Los Angeles, CA

For reference - I'm 25, 5' 4", 114 lbs (before and after), fairly active (i exercise about 4-5 days a week). I wanted to target my excess lower and upper abdomen fat. I had CoolSculpting on my upper and lower abdomen about 5 weeks ago. One small applicator was used on both of the areas for an... READ MORE

I'm a 52 Year Old Women with Excess Fat.

After 3 months I now have less fat. I'm very pleased with the results. I will go back for a couple more procedures. I would recommend this procedure. There is no down time I was back to work the next day. There is some discomfort but it's not bad. Each treatment takes an hour and two areas can... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Work out Regularly but Had Stubborn Abdominal Fat - Westminster, CO

I have worked out regularly for years and even competed at one point. I always had excess abdominal fat, it was the last place I would lose and first place I would gain it back. I worked out hard 6 days a week with a very clean strict diet but still had this problem area. I had four areas... READ MORE

Needed Help with Getting Rid of Belly and Love Handles - Carlsbad, CA

I had the CoolSculpting procedure to get rid of excess fat on my stomach and sides. I was nervous that the procedure wouldn't really work, or if it did that it wouldn't last, but I had saved and decided to go for it. I had a total of 6 areas treated around my stomach and sides. They said it... READ MORE

Stubborn Belly Fat Gone for Good!! - Walnut Creek, CA

I don't consider myself a fat person, but I absolutely have excess fat that I wish (or now wished) I could get rid of. After 10 years of spending hours on workouts, thousands on trainers, this diet and that- all telling me this way and that way are the best to get rid of my lower belly fat. ... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - Dana Point, CA

I had the excess fat from my belly and back side cool shaped. I was already thin because I lost a lot of weight. I did see a big different on my follow up visit on 60 days on my back side. It's suppose to show true results in 90 days so I will return again in July for the end result on my... READ MORE

It Really Works! - Avon, CT

I've never been one to believe that there was an affordable, painless (almost) way to lose excess fat. I believed it came as a result of a lot of hard work but after turning 40 and waking up one morning (it felt like it happened overnight!) with many extra inches around my waist, I decided to... READ MORE

Improve Firmness and Rid Excess Fat - Great Results from CoolSculpting - Newport Beach, CA

I opted for CoolSculpting to improve firmness and rid excess fat from my waist and stomach areas. READ MORE

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