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34 Struggle with Belly Buldge

So today is one day after my first CoolSculpting appointment. I saw Kim at 8 West Clinic in Vancouver. I have battled my weight for the last 7-6 years due to unhappiness and self medicating (poisoning) with food and alcohol. I call my family 'lollipop people' because all of our weight goes to... READ MORE

CoolSculpting of Flabby Belly and Love Handles!

I am a 37 year old mother of a 1.5 year old. I am 5'1 and weight 140 pounds. I am getting 8 areas of coolsculpting treated on my upper & lower abdomen and front and back flanks. Using the cooladvantage newer applicators that only take 35 mins per treatment. Get 2 areas done at a time. I... READ MORE

Coolsculpting 28 Yo Female No Kids

I had my first of 2 coolsculpting treatments on March 4 and my second is on April 8. I have noticed a significant difference in just 4 weeks however I have also been eating healthier and working out more the past 2 weeks but not enough of a change for this difference. I was worried when I got... READ MORE

51,2 Years Post Hysterectomy Plus 25 Pound Weight Gain

I wanted to do this because I worked out with a trainer all summer long and my body has changed the way I carry my weight. I had hips but I would be known as sexy and not this bulging belly thing that is happening. The other two issues are I'm newly sober and put on about 15-20 that I needed but... READ MORE

39 Y/o Clean Eating and Very Active but Still Had Stubborn Areas

When I went to the consultation, the nurse was very helpful and she made me feel as comfortable as possible when standing in my under wear while someone is squeezing my fat. She told me that this isn't for weight loss and I was fine with that. I've never cared about the weight I was because I... READ MORE

Saddle Bags Run in my Family - Atlanta, GA

I am 40 years old I work out and eat relatively healthy. I have never been able to get rid of my saddlebags UNTIL I tried CoolSculpt (see pic) I am thrilled with my results. I visited Sculpted Contours Medical Aesthetics. The facility was luxurious and I received the royal treatment. The owner... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Lower End of Stomach - Des Moines, IA

I went to an event Dr. Robbins was having with a friend. They were doing consultations on the spot after the doctor spoke. I went with a friend and it was a fun, comfortable atmosphere. They said they were the most experienced so I thought I would see what they thought about my stomach area. I... READ MORE

41 and I Have a 3yr Old - Oklahoma City, OK

I could not get rid of the baby bulge. I love the results I am achieving. . I had no down time but I did have numbness for 3 weeks. Which I was told I would. It really motivates you to eat right and drinking all of water to keep flushing out all the fat. I also had my neck done. I was starting... READ MORE

Who Says You Look Your Best in High School - Atlanta, GA

After working out 4-5 days a week, eating as healthy as I could, I had just about given up. Yes, I had seen my body change but not like I wanted to- not until CoolSculpting. I always thought, "This little belly is all due to genetics. There is nothing I can do." Never did I think being wrong... READ MORE

The Rolls Royce of clinics!

I've had coolsculpting and skin boosters at Riverside. I'm absolutely over the moon with my coolsculpting. I had inner and outer thighs done.i would say it took about 5 months to see the final effect(so be patient!!) I would never have achieved slimmer thighs just by exercise/ healthy eating... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Slim with Some Tummy Fat - Saggy Tummy After Cool Sculpting

I had three sessions done a year ago. I had one large strip for lower ab and two small strip for upper ab. I was already pretty fit 110 lbs 5'5", but I have a little tummy fat that I wanted to get rid off. It was really painful to go through the procedure and the pain lasted for a few weeks.... READ MORE

Motivated by Coolsculpting! - Clifton Park, NY

I have struggled with a belly my entire life. No matter what, I've always had belly fat that just won't go away. Even when I was at my smallest (size 0-2) I still had what I felt was a "gut". Then I got to my heaviest weight and was so depressed I needed to do something. I decided to check out... READ MORE

26 Year Old, Couldn't Lose my Stomach Fat - Vancouver, BC

I'm a realtor who eats well, has never been overweight and just can't lose that fat on my stomach. I'm slim everywhere except on my stomach so my clothes don't fit properly and I hate wearing tight skirts and shirts. I decided to go for a cool sculpting treatment from a recommendation of a... READ MORE

37 Yo Bride-to-be with a Hyper 4 Yo Son. - Encinitas, CA

Last year, I planned my wedding. ???? I had 10 months to get my body in shape. I worked out, ate right and was losing my goal weight. But my stubborn tummy wasn't looking so toned. I was introduced to Coolsculpting by a good friend who recently went through the procedure. She loved her results... READ MORE

CoolSculpting to Target Stomach and Back Fat- Part 1 ( Before Results) - New York

I have been researching for a long time alternatives for liposuction and liposculpture. I have been working out and have noticed that my problem areas which is my back fat and a pouch over my belly button, were not going away. I wanted to make sure I went to the best, and I have found her. Her... READ MORE

Worth It if It Works - Las Vegas, NV

I am 25, 5' 7" 130LB (size 2). I have a healthy diet, even though I love my French Fries and I exercise about 3-5 times a week but I have always had stubborn belly fat that I was tired of looking at. I just got home from my first day of treatment. It is now 8pm and I had the procedure... READ MORE

It IS Uncomfortable and DEF EAT Something Before - Boca Raton, FL

Was informed of the procedure and was told it would not hurt. My concern was just a little bulge on my lower abdomen. No one told me it may hurt and no one told me taking the machine off and the massage afterwards was the worse part of the treat,net until the end when they had to take it off..... READ MORE

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