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Coolsculpting on Lower Abdomen- Surprised by Lack of Downtime for Me

I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen (two smaller areas). The procedure itself was easy- no pain and only mild discomfort at beginning. The massage after wasn't fun, but nearly as bad as I was expecting. I was prepared for pain, and purchased an ice wraptor and extra ice packs, assuming... READ MORE

Easy Breezy - Jackson, MS

5 weeks ago: Areas treated: Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, right and left 'love handles ', inner thighs- all treated in just a few hours. I'm 5'9", 165 lb female, 38 yrs old. I had liposuction in Calidornia about 5 years ago and extremely disappointed in the results. So I heard about... READ MORE

First Day of Cool Sculpting

Hello! Today with my first appointment having Coolsculpting to my lower abs. The experience was easy peas. Amber, my technician, was very comforting and professional. The first 5 minutes of the treatment was slightly uncomfortable due to the vacuum pulling in all of my fat but after that I... READ MORE

Great Results with No Intervention or Discomfort

Dr. Clairborne assessed my entire physique and made suggestions based on my feedback to her questions, only recommending what I wanted most. The procedure was easy and reasonably fast considering what is happening! Great value, but now that this is offered many places, you want to choose a... READ MORE

27 Fit and Athletic, but with Lower Stomach and Love Handles. Salt Lake City, UT

The procedure it self was pretty easy and fast, No matter what I do, or how much I work out and diet, I could never get ride of my lower stomach or love handles, Coolsculpting got rid of them! I am in love with my results! the only part that sucked was the massage after the treatment was over,... READ MORE

Bikini Ready. Dallas, TX

I had CoolSculpting done and my results were fantastic. I did my abdomen and flanks and looking forward to doing other body parts. I thought the procedure was easy and for the most part very comfortable. I will for sure suggest this to my friends and family members. I am looking forward to... READ MORE

Coolsculpting with Dr Ibrahimi. Love the Results!! - Stamford, CT

I was pleased and amazed at the difference Coolsculpting made to my abdomen. No more muffin- top! The procedure was easy and painless and it only took about an hour. There was no discomfort afterwards and I began to see results within a few weeks. I intend to have more done and have... READ MORE

Easy - Pennsylvania

I had coolsculpting done 2 weeks ago. I was on this site and read many reviews and had mixed emotions as to what to expect. I had my inner thighs and upper abdomen done, all with the small applicator. Yes, there is a strange feeling with the initial suction but it is NOT painful in any way. ... READ MORE

Lots of Pain... but Lots of Gain - Salem, OR

I got my love handles done a month ago and the procedure was as everyone described. There was some pain for the first five minutes and then just an uncomfortable feeling the rest of the hour. I did bruise pretty badly afterwards and was very swollen for five days. The assistant told me she had... READ MORE

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