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Extremely Painful but Totally Worth It

For me, coolsculpting works as wonder. I had my upper stomach done first and saw the result in only 6 weeks. So I decided to have another treatment on my love handle. But let me warm u, coolsculpting really hurts like hell!! After they removed the handle, my blood pressure drops intensely that I... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Abdomen Area 40 Years Old 105 Lbs. Los Angeles, CA

I have read so much about this procedure in the past few years. I decided to give it a try after hearing from a friend who had just tried it and got good results. So this week when i had a little bit of free time from work, i called Cool Med Spa which i found on yelp. I learned that it costed... READ MORE

44 Years Old Flabby Tummy- 2 C-sections - Frisco, TX

I'm 44 and let myself in the last year. I normally exercise to stay somewhat tone but last year did basically nothing. I have had 2 csections and have a pouch of fat that hangs over that scar. I have been working out 3-5 times a week now for the last 6 weeks. I decided to do Cool Sculpting to... READ MORE

44 - Not Overweight but with a Bit of a Tummy ! - Manchester, GB

I decided to have coolsculpting on my lower abdomen after boot camp and countless other fitness classes failed to help me get rid of the fat on my stomach - I had the procedure on tues 12th jan so I'm in to my 6th day . I must admit that when the applicator first went on I wondered what the hell... READ MORE

23 Yr Old Lower Abdomen with Large Applicator - Camden Wyoming, DE

I got coolsculpting done one dec 22nd. Now it was very painful. I was about to tell the nurse to get it off. I got very dizzy. And got thirsty right away. After 10 min. I got better. So I layed there for 50 more minutes. It was a little painful when the nurse took off the applicator and when she... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Tummy...ouch - Newport Beach, CA

At 47, I am not really overweight, I am 5'8" and weigh 133. (I could benefit from losing about 8 pounds I think). But I've gotten soft and pudgy around the abdomen, love handles and some back fat. I decided to try coolsculpting in Newport Beach, Ca with a plan to do the abdomen (large... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Lost 50#, Small Amount of Fat on Lower Abdomen

I was that this was totally painless....for me IT WAS NOT!!! During the first few minutes of the procedure I felt like I was holding my breath and was getting anxious from the intense suction. This part was bearable.....the massage after WAS AWFUL. I started sweating & felt dizzy and... READ MORE

Partly to Motivate Myself to Get Back into Gear! - Tampa, FL

5'2" 128lbs Moderately active with walking, stairmaster, weight lifting through machines, yoga. 41, 2 kids, metabolism slowed considerably at age 38, as I had been 118lbs from age 35-38, but added a good bit in the last couple of years. Drink at least 1 glass of wine daily, which likely the... READ MORE

Worth It if It Works - Las Vegas, NV

I am 25, 5' 7" 130LB (size 2). I have a healthy diet, even though I love my French Fries and I exercise about 3-5 times a week but I have always had stubborn belly fat that I was tired of looking at. I just got home from my first day of treatment. It is now 8pm and I had the procedure... READ MORE

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