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Coolsculpting - Abs and Flanks - AMAZING Results - Rejuvenate Austin

I went in on a Tuesday for my initial consultation with Melissa at Rejuvenate AustinShe was professional, friendly and we discussed what I felt were my problem areas. We decided to move forward with upper and lower abdomen and flanks. Day 1 - Friday, day of treatment Melissa had advised me to... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old, 2 C-sections- Tummy Hang - Boca Raton, FL

After my second c-section I was left with this 'ledge' or 'hang'- and it depressed me. Even at my heaviest, I have never had a hanging stomach. I gained quite a bit of weight with my two pregnancies and I was able to lose a lot quickly but my stomach had this hanging thing. I was convinced that... READ MORE

CoolSculpting @ Marina Plastic Surgery no results at all!

I paid 14,000 for coolsculpting on my back (bra bulge and flanks) and stomach (lower stomach). Cons: ZERO RESULTS; I WASTED $14,000.00; Pain & Discomfort for months; Marina Plastic Surgery refuses to reimburse a reasonable amount or offer another procedure. After 2 sessions (3 on some... READ MORE

Doing This for Me!!

I have been reading tons of reviews , even before scheduling my consolation. I wrote down any questions/concerns i had and got all of them answered example - How do i know if i qualify for the procedure to make a difference? She advised as long as there is pinchable fat i can get it. How many... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Lower Abdomen Inner Thighs

Read many reviews in here , mostly horror stores of nerve pain. I mentioned these concerns to the place where I had it done. when I got there she mentioned she was going to be using cool advantage plus. this is the new updated applicator. I was told they would be next to no pain after. i'm on... READ MORE

44 Years Old, No Kids, Active, Person of Color

I have been researching CS for awhile and finally decided to take the plunge. I have lost about 50 pounds and kept it off for 2 years. I have always been active, doing cross training for 7-8 years, but when my trainer closed his gym, I started to look for targeted toning of my abs primarily. I... READ MORE

Finally! I Took the Plunge - Buckhead, GA

If you are like me you have researched cool sculpting until you thought your head would implode ! Well, I finally found the courage and the people that I felt like understood along with credentials that I liked to do my CS. I met with Smyth and Robbie at Slim Studio and they were so nice and... READ MORE

Buyer's Remorse - Dr. Shel's Wellness Center & Aesthetics

Never again! On day one I was assessed for the appropriate treatment by a business manager rather than a legitimate health care professional! Since the treatment was advertised as a "lunch time" process with "little down time", I didn't question this. Long story short, the treatment was not... READ MORE

Horrible Itching and Scar After Failed CoolSculpting

Had CS two weeks ago. Or almost. Went through the procedure for 40 min in my outer tight and machine disconnected. Then Assistant plugged again for 10 more minutes and machine disconnected again. So we aborted the procedure and they "reimburse" the money. She did not perform any massage since... READ MORE

31 Years Old. Mother of Two. I Work out All the Time Andstill Could Not Lose Stubborn Fat - Hinsdale, IL

My motivation was for myself. I work very hard to Keep my body in good shape (eating right and working out), but let's face it- after having two kids your body is never the same. I thought about invasive procedures but was too scared to go under the knife. One day I saw an ad for Coolsculpting... READ MORE

Hot Mama Loves Her Results - Saint Louis, MO

Went in to Eternity Med Spa to get CoolSculpting done. I was a little nervous, but the staff was super sweet and listened to all my concerns. After walking me through the procedure, I went in to get my treatment. First they had me take before photos which wasn't fun, but I get why we had to do... READ MORE

Disappointing Results - Ashburn, VA

Not certain if it was due to the lack of experience by my "doctor" or just the procedure itself. I had Zeltiq on my upper belly in July, and did notice results in September, but the same exact problem "bulge" is back. And no, it is not because I gained weight; I actually have... READ MORE

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