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Bulges, Be Gone!

Sooooo, I had coolsculpting done two days ago. and I'm going to try to keep an ongoing update here for everybody to check out. The area's I had treated were the chin, back of the arms, lower abdomen and inner thighs. I'll update with pictures and progress soon. I am still sore and have some... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Mini on Chin/neck Area - 52 year old - Burnaby, BC

I’ve always had a recessive chin but I had been a slim person my whole life so it was never an issue. I learned to stick my chin out in photos but always hated the sneaky candids people would take of me. This issue has become worse over the years as I’ve gained weight with menopause and my ... READ MORE

Recovering from Coolsculpting = Abs

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to get my abs CoolSculpted. I have been blessed with having a thin frame my whole life, but at the big 4-O mark my metabolism started to slow down. Add to that I sit at a desk 40 hours a week and get very little exercise and at 48 fat had begun to deposit in... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Mini on Chin - Delray Beach, FL

I had the chin cool mini for an hour. Gives you an ice cream brain freeze headache that lasted for hours after. Weird feeling but not painful. I am not heavy (size 4) but I have always had fat deposits in strange places. I decided to get this for myself for the holidays. It wasn't cheap but I... READ MORE

72 Hours out - Texas

I am a 46 year old female in good health and generally physically fit. I had a few areas of stubborn fat ( inner thighs, bra line and under the chin) due to age. I went in for a consult and my procedure was scheduled the next week. It's only been a few days so I can't give a "result review"... READ MORE

Needing to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat. Richmond Hill, ON

I work out and watch my diet but just can't get rid of stubborn fat. After months of research and even consulting with a plastic surgeon, I've decided on coolsculpting. Upper abdomen done today. So far no real discomfort. Stomach is distended but that was expected after reading 100s of... READ MORE

47 Year Old Mother Feeling Beautiful Because of Ethos Spa - Summit, NJ

I recently had cool sculpting done I franks and upper abdomen. The office talk before and after photos I couldn't believe my eyes six weeks after my photos were taken. My flanks work on upper abdomen was gone and I felt beautiful. I decided to have work done on my lower abdomen the results are... READ MORE

33 Years Old. Coolsculpting to Reduce Chin and Inner Thighs - Mount Kisco, NY

My chin was a place that always thickens with weight gain, and lately it was becoming harder and harder to make disappear. Every time I looked in the mirror I would grab the fat and manipulate it so that I could see what my face would look like without it. In addition, I've always had a strong... READ MORE

23 Year Old CoolSculpting Chin, NJ - West Orange, NJ

I went to Dr. Sanjay Lalla's office in west orange to get cool sculpting on my chin. The price was perfect ($500 per treatment) and Gina the nurse practitioner was very nice and personable over the phone. The procedure was only 40 minutes and the consultation only took a minute. Gina said I only... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting of Chin - Cleveland, OH

I loved my chin when I first had it done and I still love it now! It has been a little over a year since I had the procedure and it still looks great! Dr. Jason Leedy who is a Plastic Surgeon did the procedure and explained step by step how it would feel, he made me feel very comfortable. The... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting , LIPO, implant replacement- Auburn, AL

I have been back and forth about a few procedures over the last few years. I have breast implants that need replacing and I have belly fat and thigh fat I just can't get rid of. I would also like to get rid of my extra chin. So I purchases 8 treatments, one each for the inside and outside of my... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Was my Right Choice - McLean, VA

I highly recommend Dr. Burton Sundin. He has always been patient, attentive and precise in all procedures I've done with him. I've had Coolsculpting on my belly, love handles, chin and back. After two months, you start seeing the results. In my case, two sessions for each area was enough. The... READ MORE

Coolsculpt - Maryland, MD

I started cool sculpt to reduce some of fattier areas, realizing that all fat would not be removed but would provide a different silhouette. Kimberly Lang at Maryland Laser Skin and Vein Institute did a great job and the procedure produced the results I was looking for. The mini-cool sculpt for... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Changed my Life. Saint Clair Shores, MI

I was first introduced to Coolsculpting approx 3 years ago. When I heard about the procedure I was super hesitant and really didnt believe it would work, but I decided to try it anyways. I was treated about in the lower abdominal area first at the office of Dr Brian Young called Body... READ MORE

No More Muffin Top! - Delta, BC

I had been dieting and killing myself at the gym but not seeing any results. I was fed up with all my hard work not paying off. I heard about CoolSculpting from a friend and decided to look into it. Although it's kinda pricey I decided to save up and go for it! I went to Delta Laser where I was... READ MORE

Great Experience with CoolSculpting - Fort Mill, SC

Awesome experience! No pain, no downtime, and great results. I have struggled with bra rolls for quite some glad I decided to give CoolSculpting a try. After my first treatment, could see really good results...even better after the 2nd. Fat is not completely gone (this was fully... READ MORE

59 Years Old, Saggy Chin - Longview, Texas

Dawn did two procedures on my neck at Aesthetica Med Spa in Longview, Texas. She is so sweet & gently guided me through the process. It only took an hour & was painless. I am extremely pleased with the results. I will be going back for more treatments on my abdomen. The treatment has motivated... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Under Chin Not Enough Coverage. Philadelphia, PA

Over the past year I've had double applications on every area CoolSculpting can go. It does reduce fat volume, but cannot be applied just anywhere you have fat. That's the case with the new chin applicator. It is a small square that can only go directly in the center throat under the chin. It... READ MORE

55 YrOld with an AverageSize Figure inGood Physical ShapeSeeking toRemove theHard to ToneAreas of the Back&Flank. Scottsdale, AZ

After carefully looking in to the cool sculpting technique, I choose Dr. Desvigne in Scottsdale because of his stupendous reputation, detailed approach, and kind bed-side manner. I have seen some of his work and believe me, I plan to have him do my neck, chin and forehead once I complete my... READ MORE

I Have a Concer About Coolsculpting That I Hope Somebody Can Answer. Edmonton, AB

I was told that the areas treated will never be bulgy or fat again. It's best to do it in all areas of your body that gains fat. For example I notice every time I gained weight, it's always in my arms and tummy. I was told to do both other wise when I gain weight it will all go to my arms (fats)... READ MORE

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