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Stubborn Arm Fat Needs to GO! 5'3"/115 lbs

For as long as I can remember, I felt my arms were always disproportionate to the rest of my body. And no matter how thin I got (I got down to 102 lbs with extreme dieting and exercise), if I left my arms up the fat was still hanging there. I had been considering lipo for the longest time, but I... READ MORE

25, 5'5", 165 Lbs, Work out 4x/week, No Kids, Have Always Had a "Tummy"

I've always been the "chubby" kid despite being very physically active all my life. In periods where I didn't consistently work out for 6 months I would gain 20 lbs and one pant size, so I'm currently 165 lbs at size 10-12 depending on the brand. I was size 6 and 140 lbs about two years ago (but... READ MORE

Fat Freeze with Cavitation - Windsor, UK

I was going to have lipo done but after meeting the surgeon wasn't sure it would be right for me because he sai it would make cellulite on the upper par to my belly visible. I decided to take a noninvasive route and try fat freezing and cavitation after finding a package deal. I had my first... READ MORE

CoolSculpting of Outer Thigh

40 year old woman here. At my lowest adult weight of 112 or my current highest weight 176, I have had a fat bulge under my butt on the right leg. It is a fat saddle bag area and I hate it. So I went for coolsculpting. The doctor took pictures from all angles. Then they put a foam border around... READ MORE

Saddle Bags, Inner Thigh, and Lower Stomach - Auburn, AL

I had cool sculpting on my saddlebags March 7. That treatment was easy, didn't hurt at all, and results started showing 6weeks later. It seems to have helped with the cellulite in the area as well. April 21 I went back and had my inner thigh fat pockets done. That treatment was easy as well!! I... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Flatter Belly - Sterling Heights, MI

I had coolsculpting done on my belly about 4 years ago, I liked the results of it helping me to flatten my stomach, along with going to the gym and staying active, but it was time for my upper area of my belly to get flat. I choose coolsculpting because there is really no down time, however... READ MORE

33 Yo, 4 Kids, Hat my Thighs - Frisco, TX

No matter how much I worked out, I could not get rid of my cellulite. Cool sculpting helped! It was very cold but wasn't painful. The staff made sure I was comfortable and gave me drinks and magazines while I was hooked up to the machine. I had no bruising after and did not need to take any pain... READ MORE

Questions About Cool Sculpting!!! - Clackamas, OR

Hello there! I am looking for advise for this procedure i'm interested in having done. Im 24, 5'10" and weight 175 lbs. I am looking to get my flanks, abdoman, and inner/outer thighs done. i have battled with my weight since high school. I used to be in great shape and as soon as i graduated (... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mum of One - United Kingdom

I had Coolsculpt about 18 months ago and it has left my skin sagging. I had radio frequency as they said would sort any problems with loose skin, it did not work. I lost no fat and the sagging is due to the quite brutal suction. I had inner thighs and arms done with the worse being on inner... READ MORE

65 Yr Old Always Had Disproportionate Stomach - Broomfield, CO

Wanted to be done w belly fat. Struggled whole life w area. Procedure not comfortable but not unbearable. All went well. U comfortable for weeks. Numb felt hard & bloated. Told wait three months for overall results. Had lower & upper an done. My upper started feeling bigger & more bloated told... READ MORE

CoolSculpting - Can't Recommend This. Left with Lumps & Dents. Summerville, SC

I researched CoolSculpting and really had high hopes. I'm a fit 5'3" that was simply looking for some slightly thinner thighs. I had the flat applicator on both outer thighs and the suction device on both inner thighs. I am almost a full 4 months post procedure and I can tell you that I have... READ MORE

59 Yr Old Getting Targeted Areas Reduced by Cool-sculpting - San Francisco, CA

I had the wonderful experience to come in for cool sculpting. For a 59 yr old that works out daily, I had 2 areas that were difficult to target. I have to say the office manager, Amy and her staff, besides the expertise of Dr Scott Mosser are fabulous. This type of procedure does work and I... READ MORE

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