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26 Years Old, No Kids, Frequent Goer to Gym

I finally decided to do cool sculpting. I have pretty flabby arms, and also jiggly fat on my back and stomach (both upper and lower). Currently I weigh 137lb and I'm 5'6. I used to weigh over 175lb 4 years ago but lost alot of weight through diet and exercise. My arm did not get smaller despite... READ MORE

72 Hours out - Texas

I am a 46 year old female in good health and generally physically fit. I had a few areas of stubborn fat ( inner thighs, bra line and under the chin) due to age. I went in for a consult and my procedure was scheduled the next week. It's only been a few days so I can't give a "result review"... READ MORE

39 Y/o Clean Eating and Very Active but Still Had Stubborn Areas

When I went to the consultation, the nurse was very helpful and she made me feel as comfortable as possible when standing in my under wear while someone is squeezing my fat. She told me that this isn't for weight loss and I was fine with that. I've never cared about the weight I was because I... READ MORE

Coolsculpting of the Abdomen, Flanks, Back and Bra Area

I haven't done the procedure but i chose this procedure because i didnt want an invasive sugery. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope to God it works, because it's a quite expensive and I trust no one wants to waste that kinda money, but I'll be posting pictures soon....................... READ MORE

Needing to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat. Richmond Hill, ON

I work out and watch my diet but just can't get rid of stubborn fat. After months of research and even consulting with a plastic surgeon, I've decided on coolsculpting. Upper abdomen done today. So far no real discomfort. Stomach is distended but that was expected after reading 100s of... READ MORE

Needed a Push in my Weight Loss Journey. Atlanta, GA

After loosing some weight and hitting a plateau, I did a lot of research and decided that I wanted to improve my appearance more without surgery. I didn't want to go into anything drastic or where I had to take a lot of time off work. So I chose CoolSculpting. I had the procedure done 3 days... READ MORE

Preparing for 12 Small Treatments (Abdomen, Flank, Bra) over 3 Days. Blacksburg, VA

I went for my consult at New River Aesthetic yesterday. They were thorough in describing the process and did warn me that the late onset pain was more common than people think, but only described it as a "weird, itchy pain that can be managed with neurotin". I paid for my sessions upfront before... READ MORE

21 Year Old, 1 Child. Merrillville, IN

I'm 21 years old, I was always pretty small(110-115lbs) &having gained so much weight during pregnancy it left me with a bigger stomach that is not going away&has wider waist. I'm currently 1 day "post op" and still a little numb but more or less sore. I've had two applications on the lower... READ MORE

54 Year Old Wanted to Look Great for my Daughters Wedding. Calabasas, CA

I had about 6 months to look my best for my daughter’s wedding. I really hated my bra area and the rolls it made on my back. I went on a diet, but it didn’t seem to help with that area on my back. I had CoolSculpting done on the bulges around my bra. The fat rolls were sucked inside a lar... READ MORE

46 Year Old Has Coolsculpting with Amazing Results!!!! - Largo, FL

I had my Coolsculpting treatments at PureLife Medispa in Largo, Florida. I treated my abdomen, love handles, and bra fat. I am so excited about my results!!! From my Consultation with the staff and Dr. Fitz to my treatment with Elizabeth, it was first class service. The spa is so beautiful and I... READ MORE

Paradoxical Hyperplasia, Common Than They Say. New York City, NY

Last year, I was a size 4 but had a little bulge on my lower abs that would not go away for years despite diet and exercise. Otherwise, I had a flat and tiny upper ab area and a little soft tissue on my upper flanks under my bra line. My local cosmetic office said I was a good candidate for... READ MORE

44 Year Old Dealing with Bra Line/flanks - Portland, OR

I have had mixed emotions about cool sculpting. I contacted a plastic surgeon and sent him a picture of what I wanted done. I did have lipo in 2010 and my back roll was not like I wanted so I wanted to address it after sending my picture to him he explained that having a 2 nod round of lipo... READ MORE

The Big Day! -Madison, WI

Today, March 20th. I've been anticipating this now for 3 weeks. A little apprehensive after reading some of you bloggers here, but had to find out for myself. I had 3 treatment areas. Abdomen, Love Handles and Back. The abdomen was considered one treatment, both love handles - one treatment and... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting - Long Island

Bra Line CoolSculpting - I had both of my "bra lines" done. Haven't read too many reviews on that area so far - I see a lot of flanks, muffin tops and belly - so was nervous about doing this area. I had lipo done on it in March -- and the results weren't 100% what I was expecting. My doctors... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Investment

My review will be spread out more than typical treatments as I need to approach this for personal scheduling reasons over a 4-week period for the initial 6 treatments, 2 at a time. My treatment area is the back flanks and bra line. I was told that I would need 6 areas and was a good candidate... READ MORE

39yo, 2 Kids, Belly Pooch

I've been wrestling with my pooch for a while. I'm 5'3" and f,u that's between 135 and 140. I eat mostly low carb - but have had to change my diet for health reasons. I'm Headed in tomorrow at 9:00 to hopefully rid this pooch once and for all. Will also see about thighs and bra strap area. I... READ MORE

49 Yr. Old with Stubborn Back Fat - Oakland, CA

I only did one treatment at a med spa, it consisted of 2 areas, left and right side of mid-back. They used the attachment that would also be used on the upper abs (not the huge ab attachment), so it gives you that "stick of butter" size coverage. The procedure took an hour on each side, so... READ MORE

Patricia Rivas is Extremely Honest!!!! Boonton, NJ

I was so hesitant to do the coolsculting, especially because of the cost. Pati at ALORA SPA assured me that my procedure was going to turn out great, which it DID. Coolsculting and Pati's expertise really exceeded my expectations about the entire process. I did my abs,inner thighs,bra fat and... READ MORE

Fainted After Doing One Little Area! Bellmore, NY

I was scheduled today 5/7 to have 6 areas done, two next to each other on the love handle/back fat and one on each area that's considered bra fat. I'm a 31 yr old mother of three. I'm 5"5 and 130lbs. I am healthy and work out a few times a week but can't get rid of my love handle area. They... READ MORE

CoolSculpting. Plainsboro, NJ

I had the CoolSculpting done on my arms, stomach area, inner thigh, and around my bra area. Dr. Hazen , Regina, and the staff are incredibly friendly, caring, and very professional. I am so glad I decided to do this procedure. The results are fantastic and well worth it! It has boosted my... READ MORE

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