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Coolsculpting Armpit Fat

After 37 years of staring at the unsightly armpit fat that squishes out of my bra and every tanktop ever, I decided to freeze these suckers off once and for all! Or at least I hope so. I had Coolsculpting done last week by a doctor in Mexico when visiting a friend. The doctor was lovely, with... READ MORE

CoolSculpting @ Marina Plastic Surgery no results at all!

I paid 14,000 for coolsculpting on my back (bra bulge and flanks) and stomach (lower stomach). Cons: ZERO RESULTS; I WASTED $14,000.00; Pain & Discomfort for months; Marina Plastic Surgery refuses to reimburse a reasonable amount or offer another procedure. After 2 sessions (3 on some... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Bra Roll

I had my first coolsculpting treatment on my bra roll. The facility I went to offered both sides to be done at the same time so the total treatment time was one hour (instead of two). The area was swollen and red for a few days. After about 3-4 weeks I noticed the fatty areas treated were... READ MORE

Just Had Cool Sculpt Bra Area

I had the Cool Sculpt procedure earlier today. I was nervous based on so many varying reviews all over the Internet. Truth is it was fairly painless and simple. I'm sure everyone has different tolerance levels, but once suction started all went numb. It's been 2.5 hours and I'm yet to feel any... READ MORE

So Far, So Good

I had my Coolsculpting done on Saturday, 10/1. After reading all of the reviews, I was very afraid of the pain I might experience. Surprisingly, on my stomach area I had very little pain, so I wondered what all the reviews were about. Then I had a section of my back done and it did hurt... READ MORE

38 Y Old.. Coolsculpting on Bra Fat and Love Handles - Salt Lake City, UT

So today is the day of the procedure. I am 30 min in, and it so far hasn't really hurt at all.. The initial suck in process was surprising but no pain when the freezing part started. I was told I will need pain pills tonight but I'll see...I weigh 130 pounds and I am 5-4.. I just have a very... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Bra Bulge and Arms - Toorak, AU

Hi there. I'm not sure if anyone will find this helpful, but I thought I'd post anyway. I had my bra bulge and arms coolsculpted about 6.5 weeks ago. I didn't think I could see much of a difference but I took some pics today and it's pretty noticeable already. I'm hoping for even better results... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover in Progress. - Suzanne Bruce and Associates

So far I am loving my results. I've had my first round on my lower abdomen, flanks and bra fat. I am now doing my second round for my 30-day retreat. Mommy makeover in progress! Once I was latched on to the machine the cold lasted about 10 minutes before the numbing take effect. The first ten... READ MORE

33 Year Old, Big Difference on my Stomach and Huge Difference on my Back - Cheyenne, WY

I have had multiple friends do Coolsculpting, most are quite happy. I finally decided to give it a try. I have always struggled with my bra area and stomach. The facility I went to reccomended I treat 4 areas on my stomach and 2 on my back fat. I can definitley feel the volume reduction in... READ MORE

53 Years Old Female , Stubborn Bra Fat That I Hated - Westfield, MA

Bella Medspa by Dr Craig Schacher 53 Court Street Westfield, Ma 01085 Non surgical, no down time, no pain, no needles. Dr Craig Schacher and staff are amazing. So professional, kind and very thorough. I felt comfortable and was treated with kindness and respect At all times. I am so happy... READ MORE

22 Yr Old, No Kids, Healthy Diet and Exercise 4 Times a Week

I've been trying to lose this extra body fat for the past 2 years and although the scale has gone down, the fat in my tummie won't seem to go away. Also, the handles on the bra strap on my middle back. So I got my lower tummie, upper tummie, and middle back done yesterday. Before Measurements:... READ MORE

27 Minor Stomach Pooch & Stubborn Bra Bulge - Boston, MA

Let me start off by saying when I first went to have coolsculpting done I was 27, 5'2 and 120lbs. I had a stubborn small pooch on my belly that refused to change shape and always struggled with a minor bra fat bulge. I am a fanatic about working out and eating healthy. I had my full stomach and... READ MORE

Great Experience with CoolSculpting - Fort Mill, SC

Awesome experience! No pain, no downtime, and great results. I have struggled with bra rolls for quite some glad I decided to give CoolSculpting a try. After my first treatment, could see really good results...even better after the 2nd. Fat is not completely gone (this was fully... READ MORE

Hollywood Body CoolSculpting - Centennial, CO

I will soon be doing my back bra area because I was so happy with my results. Staff here are friendly and awesome. First day you feel numbness but after a few days it goes away. I liked that I went back to work right after my procedure. Great experience through everything with Hollywood Body Laser. READ MORE

Amazing Results! - Casper, WY

I'm a crossfitter for the last 3 years. Worked hard to trim & transform my body. Could not get rid of that muffin top & bra fat. Had several coolsculpt treatments. Cannot believe the results! Worked out a couple hours after my first treatment with no problems. I swelled some & bruised some but... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Georgia

Coolsculpting helped me get rid of the stubborn fat on my abdomen, love handles, and bra fat. I would definitely recommend Coolsculpting. The procedure itself was a little uncomfortable when the applicator was put on and the massage after the applicator was removed. I returned to my normal... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Review. 36 Y/o with One Child. Active 5-6 Days a Week. 5'2 135lbs

Just had this procedure done 9/22/2015 and 6 days later I'm still in pain. I have a high tolerance for pain but this procedure is definitely not painless as they described. I'm not taking any medicine for pain but I've been using ice packs and they help a lot. I've been going to gym since day... READ MORE

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