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Saddlebags Suck - Saint Louis, MO

Years ago had Velasmooth I think and it left me uneven. I am very fit aside from this area, body fat percentage is normally 10 to 15 percent. Had just the big side done to try to even. They said wait 12 full weeks and then we will decide what if any other treatments are needed on both or... READ MORE

27, Having a Rough Year, Time to Do Something - New York, NY

I'm 27, almost 28. I used to weigh 200 lbs probably pushing 50% body fat. In my last two years of college I lost 45 lbs, got to 27% body fat. Until some serious health issues kicked in. It took almost 10 years from my first flare to be diagnosed with endometriosis. (You can see my belly scars... READ MORE

TOTAL Scam and Waist of Time and Money - Severna Park, MD

I'm male, 6ft, 200 and 10% bodyfat (or less). I've always been able to see a six pack but have had a bit of fat around my belly button as most guys do. Being able to slightly reduce fat in this location would allow me to see my lower abdominal muscle. I decided to give Cool Sculpting a try... READ MORE

In Shape but a Few Trouble Spots - Detroit, MI

I am really good shape, around 21% bodyfat. I workout with a trainer and I have optimized my diet as much as possible. Unfortunately I just have a bit of fat on my lower abdomen and my inner thighs that I find to be annoying. I obviously don't need liposuction and I did not want an invasive... READ MORE

45, 83 Kg, Lower Ab and Flank 12% BF - Singapore

Ive been working consistently at getting into great shape for the past 2 years. (always been fit and active) but just havent been able to budge the lower ab fat pouch below my navel or the side flank fat pouches, despite getting down into the 10-12% BF range ( based on the gym body comp machine.... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money - San Diego, CA

I am a fit person 5 ' 3" 120 Lbs 20 -22% body fat. I go to the gym and jog. I went to a local cosmetic surgeon for Zeltiq. I was told they could get rid of some problem areas but after 3 months there was hardly any change. I complained but as of this writing they have done nothing. If I... READ MORE

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