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Coolsculpting 28 Yo Female No Kids

I had my first of 2 coolsculpting treatments on March 4 and my second is on April 8. I have noticed a significant difference in just 4 weeks however I have also been eating healthier and working out more the past 2 weeks but not enough of a change for this difference. I was worried when I got... READ MORE

57 years old trying to get rid of "meno-pooch"

57 years old, mother of 2. I was always blessed with a flat stomach, even after having my 2 kids. Then menopause happened. I gained 7 - 10 pounds, but no matter how much I diet or exercise, I can't lose this spare tire. I thought about it for a year and finally decided to do something about... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids - Arlington, VA

Hi there - I had cool sculpting done in 2 sections on my stomach last Monday. The procedure was painless for me. I had some discomfort for the first five minutes (slight cramping) then the area went numb. I currently feel a little bloated and the area is slightly numb but not painful. I'll... READ MORE

Recovering from Coolsculpting = Abs

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to get my abs CoolSculpted. I have been blessed with having a thin frame my whole life, but at the big 4-O mark my metabolism started to slow down. Add to that I sit at a desk 40 hours a week and get very little exercise and at 48 fat had begun to deposit in... READ MORE

Two C Sections| One Coolsculpting Session, Going for Second Session in 2 Days - Las Vegas, NV

Coolsculpting is a very cool procedure and I think I'm seeing real results. It's only been about 4 weeks since my session so time will only tell but I have gotten many compliments from others that I'm slimming out so I guess I must be! Only reason I'm saying I "think" I see results is because my... READ MORE

40 Years, This Was my Bday Gift...HGC TOO - Jacksonville, FL

So, I went in to actually have lipo. Was talked into coolsculpt. I Had it done on Thursday. 3 sections, large on lower and 2 small on upper abs. I am so bloated!!! Pretty decent pain. I also am one the HGC diet. I'm 11 days in and doing 3 weeks. I thought the double process would help. I... READ MORE

Currently Having It Done in Thailand

I felt bloated and fat and as a long time sufferer of polycyst I was giving up hope , I went on my holiday to Thailand and I was shopping around for a dental procedure . The surgery here is very good by the way and I fell upon a sure that does cool sculpting . I felt only a slight bit of... READ MORE

My Coolsculpting Experience - Tampa, FL

Hello, well after reading everyone's reviews on cool sculpting, that I'm so grateful for all yawls info, of course I wanted to post mine, to hopefully help others! Im 41 and have 3 adult daughters now, I've had my mommy pouch forever, so when I learned about this and it being non-invasive I... READ MORE

Disastrous Results - Montreal, QC

I'm 53 years old but in great shape. Have been an exercise addict for decades but in the last few years, a slight bulge on my lower abs started to bother me. I decided to try this wonderful, non-invasive procedure to correct my one minor imperfection. The procedure consisted of three different... READ MORE

25 Years Old with a Lower Belly Pooch - Henderson, NV

I had cool sculpting done twice. I spent months with a trainer and watching what I eat and couldn't get rid of "the pooch". I tried cool sculpting and was pleased with the results. The first time I did the procedure I fainted and it hurt a bit. But after 3 weeks my tummy was so flat. I did the... READ MORE

48-Year-Old Professional Man Who Works on Television and Needed to Lose my Love Handles

When I first heard about CoolSculpting, I was skeptical. Could this procedure really freeze away stubborn body fat non-invasively, and without any downtime? Well, when I tried CoolSculpting myself at the Connecticut Skin Institute (CSI), my skepticism vanished -- along with the excess fat... READ MORE

Gained and gaining weight and flab since last pregnancy

I'm 34 female, mom of 2, 155lbs 5'4. Exercise has been a constant in my life for over a decade. Always have had healthy diet and recently have gone to higher protein lower carb diet. Have gained 25# since becoming pregnant 6 years ago while maintaining healthy diet and exercise. WTF. 1 week... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Inner Thighs-30 Year Old Avid Fitness Enthusiast. Atlanta, GA

Im 5'3" 125#. I'm pretty fit everywhere-except for a few areas which I feel I have "pockets" of fat that never seem to go away no matter how intense my training is. I have a clean, healthy diet, I limit my amount of processed foods & do cardio/weights 5-6 days a week. Had several... READ MORE

Needed a Little Kick Start - Roswell, GA

I wanted to lose my belly bloat. This is an area that diet alone couldn't alleviate. I've had 6 treatments to my lower abdomen at Aesthetic Specialty Centre in Roswell, GA. Medical Aesthetician, Michael Lynch thoroughly explained each procedure and the results I could expect. He was... READ MORE

34 Y.o Black Female Needed Some Assistance to Get Ruin of Stubborn Midsection. Yonkers, NY

So today is day 4 after the procedure and my stomach is still bloated, numb and painful in the treated area. I also suffer from the casual impulse sensation at times. Hopefully the side effects decrease after a week and even better after the two week...question how many days should you wait... READ MORE

65 Yr Old Always Had Disproportionate Stomach - Broomfield, CO

Wanted to be done w belly fat. Struggled whole life w area. Procedure not comfortable but not unbearable. All went well. U comfortable for weeks. Numb felt hard & bloated. Told wait three months for overall results. Had lower & upper an done. My upper started feeling bigger & more bloated told... READ MORE

CoolSculpting...A WASTE of Money?!? - Miami, FL

Was my CoolSculpting procedure a waste of money? I had the procedure done exactly "20" days ago (large applicator on my abdomen and small applicators on my flanks) and I haven't seen any results at all. As a matter of fact, I still have the bloated/swollen look! It seems like I only have the... READ MORE

Heed my Warning! - Vancouver, WA

I had my stomach done almost 1 week ago. Nothing prepared me for this. The consultation, online reviews, radio ads, the picture in the ad of the lady kicking back reading a magazine with a smile on her face during the procedue, etc. everything made it sound like a walk in the park. They said no... READ MORE

Adios, Stubbon Belly!! - Saint Louis, MO

Varsity soccer, Varsity track and 4 years Army post high school, I was always very fit. After I served my term, I found myself in a desk job and quickly gained 60 lbs within the year. I went from 135/145 being a 'healthy' weight for me when fit to my breaking point at 190 and wearing double... READ MORE

46 Years Old, 2 Kids, Upper and Lower Abdomen- Newport Beach, CA

First of all let me say I'm 5'4 and I weigh 120 pounds so most people would probably describe me as slim. Prior to having my two children I confidently would expose my stomach at any given chance. I never had the super flat stomach but it was a good stomach. After two kids I was left with a... READ MORE

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